Screening Process

American Loss-Consultant’s Screening Process

American Loss Consultant follows strict criteria to screen service professional businesses when they apply for being part of our team.


We verify that every service professional businesses own any trade licensing in the state to perform the services for which we match them to our clients.

Sex Offender Search

We know that client’s safety is crucial so we verify in official websites if the owner or manager of the company has been involved or considered as sex offender.

Legal Search for Civil Judgments

Reputation and honesty are indispensable to be our partner. We search in high trustable sources owner/manager of each business for any legal judgment like bankruptcy filings, liens, or state-level civil legal process during a period of a year before the service professional’s application for being American Loss Consultant partners.

State Business Filings

Legal status is always verified. When services are offered by corporations or limited liability companies, we verify the official register in the state the business is placed.

Identity Verification (Social Security Number)

Identity of the owner/manager of each business must be confirmed by American Loss Consultant team. That procedure is made checking the social security number of the legal representative of the business.

Criminal Records Search

It is important for us that every professional associated has a proven reputation. We conduct a deep research inside National Criminal Database (NCD) to trace any relevant criminal convictions associated to the owner/manager of the business during last three years before the date of the application for being part of American Loss Consultant partners.

Corporate Accounts

In some cases, professional services are provided by employees, franchisees, or independent contractors of larger national or corporate accounts. If this is your situation, you should be matched to the Corporate Account firm.

If you are interested in being part of our exclusive team, write us for further details or make an appointment with one of our legal representatives.

Advices for Clients and Customers

American Loss Consultant executes a careful selection process to every technician, franchise or company in our staff, because quality, responsibility and safety are important for us. Even though you are the only one responsible of the final decision about which provider you hire. In consequence, we recommend to every client to follow these instructions before workers start the job:

  • In the first contact with the provider of the service, ask the name/names of the technicians you will receive at home and at the time he/they reach your place, ask for the proper identification of the person to verify. Also ask for professional’s licenses to check if they are current and in compliance with local requirements.
  • Ask for customer references about people you are hiring. Experience of clients is always useful.
  • Get a contract before starting any work. Read carefully what is stated and be sure everything in it is what you are asking for.
  • Never pay for an entire project upfront. Ask about arrangement for payments.
  • Keep records of everything. Take pictures before, during and after the execution of the project. Ask a copy of licensees, contracts, invoices, and proof of payments and record any information related to the project.