Additions and Remodeling to your Home

Changes are always good, especially if they include a nice touch to your property. A suitable option for changes is additions or remodeling. An addition or remodeling is an extension or modification made to an existing house. This may include the construction of a second floor, an attic, an expansion of the foundations, an interior remodeling among others. Either for an addition or modification, building permits granted by the state are needed.

In general, no permits are required to paint the house or replace its roof since structural changes are not made, but it is still recommended to consult the state offices about the current permits and exceptions.

Why and When Remodeling

When you love your house, your neighborhood, the school district, and the commutes to work but the spaces of your home are no longer enough, building an addition in your home or even a remodeling of the whole house may be the answer. There are few things that equal the satisfaction of living in a house that really combines and meets the specific needs and tastes of its owners. An excellent addition or remodeling for the house will not only add the functionality that is sought, but it can also have a great impact on the beauty and attractiveness of the house and add resale value.

Aspects to Consider when Remodeling

Certainly, projects either for remodeling or addition, involve construction requirement which can be stressful and messy, but they totally worth it. These projects give you the opportunity to transform your home so it really fits your needs, lifestyle and your budget.


When building, you cannot simply add a new building to a house and call it an addition. The addition requires a remodel, even if you are adding a totally independent room, this room must be harmonized with your surroundings and you must connect the structure and its utilities to the house.

Tasks during remodeling

Once you have decided to perform either an addition or remodeling, you should start by making a list of things you do not like about your house or what bothers you, what you need or why spaces are no longer enough. It will leave nothing out and when you contact American Loss Consultant, you will have a clear idea of ​​what you want and they can help you, or you can just write down what you want and ask the specialists for guidance so they can develop the ideas and projects you want.

Remodeling improve your property

You might want to perform a remodeling when the spaces of the house become monotonous, obsolete or simply require a new air, natural light and new lines of architecture. Replacing doors or windows can bring beauty, elegance, and comfort to the home while providing that new air you are looking for. You can also remodel a space by adding crown moldings, stone walls, ceramic mosaics, boards and slats, pallet tables, floating shelves, and many others ornaments. Remodeling goes beyond just painting, remodeling relies on giving free rein to the imagination and create new and pleasant spaces from existing sites.

On the other hand, expanding your home with additions is also something that American Loss Consultant can help you achieve. We listen to your needs and make it possible, either an addition to the master bedroom, the master bathroom or a larger kitchen or the family room you always dreamed.

Usual Areas that People Like to Remodel Most

When talking about changes and remodeling at home, there are some places most families or even interior designers keep in mind when remodeling or adding additions to your home. Those areas are:

The kitchen

Despite being an important part of the house, the kitchen is usually boring. Four walls that enclose the kitchen instruments and general view is not very appealing, however, this view can be changed with the installation of new cabinets, moreover, painting the existing cabinets immediately give a fresh air to the kitchen. New tiles, granite countertops or stone, and a new lighting are details that will take your kitchen from the 70s right into the present but if that is not enough, a beverage center with wine cooler can take the kitchen to the next top level.

The bathroom

Bathrooms are also a fundamental part of the house, especially to have a good rest after a long day of work, a bathroom can be a pleasant place to be and an ideal place to disconnect from technology and relax in the bathtub among warm water and bubbles. The remodeling or expansion of your master bathroom with a new bath and tile shower will be a comforting experience after the stress of the day, but does not end here, the bathroom must harmonize with the main room. You might want to add a fireplace, details in marble to provide an elegant touch or details in stone to give a more rustic look. Everything will depend on what you want or need. Give yourself a special treatment and add radiant heated floors or towel warmers with the help of American Loss Consultant.

The family rooms

Family rooms also need to be remodeled or even expanded when the family eventually starts to grow, give it a cozy look with a new gas fireplace with fitted wardrobes, this will be perfect for entertaining and for warm evenings at home with the family.

The outdoor spaces

Outdoor spaces are also part of the house and should be extensions of interior spaces and their amenities, outdoor kitchens, grills, cabinets, furniture, fireplaces with hammocks will allow you to fully enjoy the outdoor spaces while relaxing in family during the weekend and enjoy the peace and tranquility that nature provides. And remember that outdoor spaces can be both perfect places for entertainment and pleasant places for a quiet moment, take a nap or sit and enjoy the sunset.

The most important thing is that you are comfortable at your home throughout the renovation process. That is why American Loss Consultant recommends you to hire only experts that will take measures to keep out dust and dirt of the work area, attaining not to bother or interrupt your usual activities, in taking care of all aspects of the construction for you.

Our Final Advice

Each component of the remodeling and additions process requires specific tasks, depending on their scope. Some of these tasks include periodic reviews and preventive and corrective maintenance. To make a good inspection and maintenance of a remodeling and addition process, professional workers American Loss Consultant advice is able to efficiently and professionally handle tools designed for such ends.

If you search for remodeling and additions construction services online, you will find a wide range of websites that offer to help you with remodeling and additions home services. The main difference with other companies and what makes us stand out among the crowd is that we, at American Loss Consultant, count in our portfolio with the best set of companies made up of trained experts. Qualified and reliable professionals will ensure a fast and effective service.

American Loss Consultant is easy to contact. We are perfectly identifiable and easy to locate with several communication channels. We promise fluid communication through the project. If you have any question or complaint, we will give you an immediate solution.

In American Loss Consultant, you do not pay for a budget, contact us and you will get a free inspection and estimate.


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