Air duct cleaning

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Air ducts are the elements of an air conditioning or air-conditioning system, through which the treated air is distributed or recirculated between the air-conditioning unit and the air-conditioned spaces, or, in a ventilation system, the foul air is extracted from a room or fresh air is blown in from outside. In order to fulfill this mission in a practical way, the ducts must be dimensioned within certain pre-established limitations, relating to available space, speed, sound level, pressure losses, heat losses or gains and leaks.

The air ducts can be rectangular or circular. Any type of material used in the construction of ducts must have the property of not propagating fire, not releasing toxic gases in the event of fire and, in addition, be able to mechanically resist the stresses produced by its weight, the manipulations to which it is subjected and the vibrations and erosion due to the passage of air through its interior.

Why should you use air ducts?

The ducts are the best option whenever we have to acclimatize more than one room, and this is due to several reasons. The first thing that comes to mind for all of us is the economic savings of not having to buy more than one machine, and the fact that the ducts do not have an expiration date. Then, the time and space it would take us to install more than one device.

No less important is the saving of energy, since greater energy efficiency derives from working with a single external unit, large capacity, instead of several of lower power, which allows us to regulate the temperature and air flow in each room or area of the enclosure. Aesthetically, the ducts allow us to place the main appliances outdoors, and move the air, through them, from one room to another, through air ducts that are placed in false ceilings. With this, inside the rooms we only place a grille, which also makes it possible to reduce noise to very low levels.

American Loss Consultant will guide through the process of choosing which air duct is right for you, reach us to book a meeting and get professional counseling.

Air ducts cleaning

If we have an air conditioning system by ducts in our house or pace, it is necessary that we do a correct maintenance. We must bear in mind that we can carry out the maintenance of the air conditioning through ducts ourselves, but there are also other aspects that must be taken into account. For a professional cleaning of your air ducts, an specialist company like American Loss Consultant should perform a deep cleaning at least once per year.

American Loss Consultant provides a complete service of sanitization of air conditioning systems, either as a corrective measure after the service of evaluation and diagnosis of indoor environmental quality or individually in response to requests from our customers.

The objective is to clean and remove dirt from microorganisms, dust, fungi and residues that accumulate inside the ducts and in the ventilation and air conditioning equipment without causing damage to the structure of the system. The cleaning of ducts is a key element in terms of diseases related to SBS (Sick Building Syndrome) but is also necessary to solve blockages in extractions and low yields in the overall system.

The elimination of possible microorganisms and their prevention is one of the main objectives of the air conditioning cleaning service. The poor quality of indoor air is a serious problem, and we have the best equipment in the sector and a group of professional experts in cleaning ventilation ducts to help you solve it.

Steps for cleaning

At American Loss Consultant, we are professionals in the cleaning and disinfection of air conditioning ducts, cleaning and sanitization of air conditioning systems. With an experienced team of qualified personnel, we will perform the following actions for cleaning:

Interior inspection of ducts

The technical inspections of air-conditioning or ventilation ducts are carried out by means of a specialized robot. This unit consists of a small controlled vehicle with a double chamber and an integrated high-definition display. This inspection allows to certify the internal hygienic state of the conduit as well as to locate possible leaks or outbreaks of plagues.

Cleaning of ducts by brushing system

The process consists on cleaning ducts with mechanical brushes adapted to the shape and size of the ducts, accompanied by the force of suction. The brushing action is always exerted in the opposite direction to the direction of the air of the aspirator, in order to drag the largest number of particles towards it. Cleaning of ducts by brushing is carried out both in air conditioning systems and in dust collection or extraction ducts that are susceptible to clogging.

Cleaning of ducts by compressed air system

The compressed air cleaning method allows porous ducts such as fiber ducts to be treated without damaging the structure. The blowing equipment consists of an intelligent hose with a chamber that is driven by the action of the air in the duct. This equipment will be connected to a high-performance compressor.

Cleaning of diffusers and grilles

In this process, physicochemical and microbiological contaminants are eliminated through disassembly, application of detergent-disinfectant, brushing, rinsing, drying and installation.

Cleaning and disinfection of air treatment units

Equipment such as air conditioners, fan-coils, variable boxes or similar will be decontaminated by directly accessing their components and proceeding to a cleaning by pressurized water systems, application of degreasers and authorized detergents.

Why should you clean your air ducts system?

There are many reasons for you to let an expert clean your air ducts, some of those reasons are:

  • For the convenience of customers and employees.
  • To reduce absenteeism.
  • For greater environmental comfort.
  • For longer equipment life.
  • To increase the performance of the system.
  • To save energy costs.
  • To increase hygiene and thus prevent the growth of aerobes and fungi.
  • To remove dirt and reduce microbial contamination in the air.
  • To comply with current standards.
  • For the indoor air quality certificate.

Do not let amateurs take care of your air ducts cleaning in your house, building, office or property. Contact professional experts able to handle your requirements and identify your needs.

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