Any restoration task you start involves having the idea of a wonderful nice place. Your inner desire is to get everything perfect and this includes every part of your house, especially bathroom. Shower, bathtub, sink, tiles…there are many details and installations in your bathroom. The walls, floors, ceilings or accessories include a really delicate work that must be conducted ideally by expert hands; you have a lot to think about. Hiring only top quality professional assistance assures the best results. American Loss Consultant can lead you to find the best companions during your project. We can find for you the best contractor to have a total success.

Bathroom installation issues

Inside your bathroom you have too many details to work on. At hiring a proper accredited contractor continuously assessed you can be ensure to have a bathroom installation with a minimum disruption. As home advisors, American Loss Consultant can offer you a comprehensive list with the highest rated companies that will install the bathroom of your dreams. Just to initiate the journey of bathroom installation, we provide you some information that can be useful at the time you talk to your contractor about bathroom installation.

Pipe installation

If your project is adding a new bathroom, the first is to add the plumbing pipes. A good water supply is obviously necessary in the bathroom and they must be installed before anything else; they are usually set behind the walls or under the floor, according to the plans considered ideal for experts.

Electrical fixtures

Every family has the attraction of using electrical appliances in the bathroom: electric toothbrushes or razors, hair-straightening irons and hair dryers. To have a proper electrical installation in your bathroom is quite important. Outlets and wires must be type resistant to 20-amp. Be sure the contractors will install enough outlets for the electrical appliances family use.


Sink selection vary on space and preferences. You can choose a pedestal sink, a vessel sink, which bowl can be placed on the counter, or the most versatile sink, the vanity with sink. Talk to your contractor; he will help you to take the best decision.


To select a toilet that flushes enough must be your main objective! Nowadays you can find in the market models that are effective with just one push; or you can get a water-sense-rated toilet; and do not forget the high-efficiency models that use just the right amount of gallons to work. All you need is just take a look and analyze what you want.


The shower is considered the focal point of every bathroom. It is the place where you relax…and sing along! Showers in the market offers multiple options like spa-like showers, fixed or hand handle. Your preferences and budget are aspects to consider at selecting one for you.


Part of a comfortable bathroom includes the installation of a good bathtub. Lying down in the tub is a completely refreshing and relaxing experience so a bathtub is a must for many homeowners.


They impact tremendously in the general look of your bathroom. Finishes range from brass or chrome to stainless steel and brushed nickel.



In the bathroom there are two aspects crucial in flooring, and they are safety and cleaning. It is important to choose a nonslip floor for your bathroom, especially in the shower; tiles with textures, matte finishes, or sand-containing glazes are good choices; some customers tend to prefer small tiles with grout lines rather than larger tiles. In cleaning, porous tiles will always be harder to keep clean and easy to get stained; prefer porcelain or glazed tiles if you don’t want cleaning becomes a major issue.


Organizing your new bathroom is one of your tasks. Nobody wants to see a crowded sink or a jumbled toilet top. Setting a countertop gives order and elegance to your bathroom. They can be made of natural stone; they are really beautiful and resistant, especially those made of granite. Resin-based which are good for innovative styles with non-usual shapes or dimensions. Or Laminate countertops which are the less expensive choice, easy to find in any home center and resistant to stains and scratches.

Water heater

To have hot water for showering or using the bathtub is a big concern for everyone at home. At the moment of buying the water heater, think about the amount of hot water you and other family members use. The U.S. Department of Energy provides the following information for an approximation in water consumption:

Showering: 12 gallons per person

Bathing: 9 gallons per person

Shampooing hair: 4 gallons a person

Washing hands and face: 4 gallons a person

Shaving: 2 gallons a person


Niches instead of shower shelves

Space and comfort must prevail in your bathroom. Nowadays niches are top in bathroom decoration, displacing the traditional shelves. You do not have to hit yourself with the shower organizers if you choose a niche for your shower; make an extra one to a size suitable for the kids at home. Also, niches give a neat elegant style to your shower.


At installing the mirror, pay attention to the place to set it; ideally it must be at eye level with adequate light over it or on the sides. Ceiling light is not enough if you want to have a clear view of yourself.

Steps in bathroom installation

When you hire true expert for bathroom installation, you can be sure about you will get the job finished more quickly, cheaper and with finest finishing. Even though we only recommend contractors after approving our screening procedure, we always advise customer to be aware about the works done at home. And one way to be alert about it, it is by knowing the typical procedure of a bathroom installation.

  1. The bathroom must be empty before starting any installation. Protectors are set where they are required; water is turned off and central heating system is drained. Tiles are removed.
  2. Fix electricity. Check out all the cables required for bathroom installation. If you want a warm bathroom, a switched fused spur is fitted to power the electric underfloor heating and the box to accommodate the thermostat must be fixed. Holes for accommodate cables must be drilled: electricity for spotlights, outlets and extractor fans needs to be set since the beginning.
  3. Wall preparation. After electricity aspects are set, walls must be covered with water resistant plasterboard. Walls where shower will be located must be covered not with plasterboard but using bonding plaster.
  4. Plumbing setting.

At this stage supply pipework and waste pipework must be installed. Pipework to carry hot and cold water to the thermostatic mixer shower, bath filler, basin mixer tap or to toilet must be installed. Cooper or plastic pipes are set under the floorboards. Pipes to supply shower and bath will be set above the floor boards under the bath, to facilitate future maintenance.

  1. Wall tiling. Before installing the tiles, it is necessary to tank the walls around shower and bath so water cannot penetrate into the walls, avoiding it enters behind the tiles. If you are planning to tile, then plastering is not necessary.
  2. Floor tiling. This step vary depending if you have underfloor heating cable or not in your bathroom. If you have one, proofs must be conducted before tiling. At tiling, they must be grout as a final task.
  3. Final touching. Final electrical and plumbing fixtures are set, as well as the accessories installation.

Bathroom installation cost

The cost of your bathroom installation as we have said before depends mainly on your preferences, space and pocket. Here you have some estimates of each item cost so you can have a bird’s eye budget approximation.

New plumbing pipe installation: $1,000

Shower installation: $2,997 (finest can reach to $10,000). Some additions may increase the costs:

Shower tiling: $300 – $3,000

Shower insert: $50 – $500

Shower pan: $200 – $700

Shower stall door: $190 – $480

Frameless shower doors: $900 – $1,300

Shower heads: $25 – $250

Bathtub installation: $2,800

Toilet installation cost: $600 (prices depends on the model

Sink installation: from $250 – to $500

Faucet installation cost: between $174 to $250

Flooring installation: depends on the type of floor

Vinyl $3.00/sf

Laminate: $4.00/sf

Bamboo: $7.30/sf

Tile: $7.50/sf

Hardwood: $8.00/sf

Countertop installation cost: from $2,000 to $5,000

Other bathroom elements installation cost:

Mirror: $120

Track lighting: $500

Bathroom fan: $200

Jacuzzi: $5,000

American Loss Consultant is committed to your service and information. All these prices are referential and can vary depending on the contractor you hire.

For more information about all the services and companies you may hire for bathroom installation, call us. We are here for you 24/7