If you are tired of having a dull old bathroom, you can experience the pleasure of having a luxurious comfortable bathroom by making a bathroom remodel. Shower, bathtub, sink, tiles…there is a vast array of possibilities for changes in your bathroom. From walls to floors, from ceilings to accessories, you have a lot to think about. Asking the professional assistance for remodeling will assure the best results. American Loss Consultant can lead you to find the best companions during your project. We can find for you the best remodeling contractor then you will have a total success.

Now you will have lot to think about. Before hiring your contractor, we can provide some information about bathroom remodeling ideas.


There are two concepts you might be concern about bathroom flooring, and they are safety and cleaning. It is important to choose a nonslip floor for your bathroom, especially in the shower; tiles with textures, matte finishes, or sand-containing glazes are good choices; some customers tend to prefer small tiles with grout lines rather than larger tiles. In cleaning, porous tiles will always be harder to keep clean and easy to get stained; prefer porcelain or glazed tiles if you don’t want cleaning becomes a major issue.


Choosing a sink will depend on your needs. People usually tend to choose what is “trendy”, sacrificing many times the real comfort. You can choose a pedestal sink, everybody’s favorite shape and it is ideal for small bathrooms. Or a vessel sink, which bowl can be placed on the counter, having as a negative aspect, the difficulties to keep it clean. The most versatile sink is the vanity with sink, because it is very comfortable to use and it has enough space to storage items; the bad part? You need space to open doors. Expert advice will help you if you have any doubts about the perfect sink for you.


Select a toilet that flushes enough! You can find in the market models that are effective with just one push; or you can get a water-sense-rated toilet; and do not forget the high-efficiency models that use just the right amount of gallons to work. All you need is just take a look and analyze what you want.


You have had for long a sink full of products or a cabinet over the sink without enough space and it is time you set a countertop. They can be made of natural stone, resin base or laminate.

Natural stone are ideal for careful homeowners who are always behind cleaning issues. They are so beautiful and resistant, especially those made of granite. But this type of countertops has its cons: they must be regularly sealed; those made of porous stones like marble and limestone stain by time when not wipe up immediately after use.

Resin-based are good for innovative styles with non-usual shapes or dimensions. They can be made in one piece with the sink so sealing is not needed. The not so good aspect deals only with appearance: it is not as beautiful as natural stone.

Laminate countertops are the less expensive choice. They are easy to find in any home center; they are resistant to stains and scratches and there are many styles and colors. The bad aspect is the delamination process they can show and the tacky appearance.

Hot water

Run out of hot water is a big concern for everyone at home, particularly during shower time. To calculate the amount of hot water you might use at home is advisable before buying the water heater. The U.S. Department of Energy provides the following information for an approximation in water consumption:

Showering: 12 gallons per person

Bathing: 9 gallons per person

Shampooing hair: 4 gallons a person

Washing hands and face: 4 gallons a person

Shaving: 2 gallons a person


Niches instead of shower shelves

Space and comfort must prevail in your bathroom. Nowadays niches are top in bathroom decoration, displacing the traditional shelves. You do not have to hit yourself with the shower organizers if you choose a niche for your shower; make an extra one to a size suitable for the kids at home. Also, niches give a neat elegant style to your shower.

Mirror mirror

At installing the mirror, pay attention to the place to set it; ideally it must be at eye level with adequate light over it or on the sides. Ceiling light is not enough if you want to have a clear view of yourself.

Height for accessories

Where to install towel bars or robe hooks is a prior decision because you can organize and calculate the overall effective space in your bathroom. No rules are said in relation to this term; the place of them is determined more by functionality than fixed standards.

Other aspects to take into account

Electrical fixtures at bathroom

If you like to dry your hair in the bathroom, to keep an eye to the wires is important. Replacing outlets and wires for a type resistant to 20-amp is advisable. Be sure the contractors install enough outlets for the electrical appliances family use, like for electric toothbrushes or razors, hair-straightening irons and hair dryers.

Average cost of bathroom remodel

Once you have decided to remodel your bathroom, you have to take into account that this enterprise will demand from you time, effort, patience and MONEY. Pricing of bathroom remodel will depend mainly on different factors:

  • Style you want for your bathroom (some styles, like the ones using stones, are most expensive than those with laminate, for example)
  • Quality of items (top rated faucets, fixtures, sink and more)
  • Size of bathroom (small bathroom remodel will be always less expensive because they have less square footage so fewer material are required)
  • Major changes (like converting a half bath into a full bath)

According to experts in our professional portfolio, remodel bathroom costs* could be as follow:

Total bathroom remodel: $10,313

Install bathtub: $2,600

Install cabinets: $4,700

Install countertops: $2,800

Install flooring: $2,500

Install shower: $3,000

Install sink: $1,400

Install toilet: $340

*amounts are average and lower or higher sums can be spent

Probably you will not need to install all those items new. The option of adding only some of the pieces is always there. Projects like bathtub installation or remodeling as well as shower installation have less expensive options (you can see our section “Tub and Shower Liner Installation”). As a general advice American Loss Consultant suggests you to discuss with your contractor every big decision, especially dealing with your budget.

Checklist for bathroom remodeling

Although you count with professional service of expert remodeling contractors, it is good to take some measures before starting the remodeling project of your bathroom:

Get informed about bathroom remodeling and provide your contractor examples of what you expect. Together, you and the contractor can find the ideal bathroom for you.

Check the space you have to be sure about the size of fixtures before you get them.

Be aware of the location of water shutoff valves to prevent floods at the moment fixtures are taken out.

Set a backup bathroom if it is necessary.

Make a plan to donate or dispose old fixtures.

Hire professional’s bathroom contractors to commit the mission.

We have to make emphasis in the last hint because bathroom remodeling requires a big pocket and the tendency of “saving” money might lead you to hire the wrong people. Do not risk yourself and consult American Loss Consultant at the time of remodeling. The people you can contact via us have approved a delicate screening process that offers a good prospect for remodeling.