When taking about restoration services, we may think about cleaning and repairing…but there are other events that require not just cleaning but caring services due to the emotional reaction from victims…and those are trauma and crime scene restoration. If unfortunately you are experiencing a murder, suicide or fatal accident in your family, of course you must be sorrowful and shocked: to face the loss of a beloved one, to see physical evidence, or blood is a deeply hard circumstance. In those moments you need urgently a helping and understandable hand to hold you along, and we can be that hand, American Loss Consultant.

To demand a compassionate as well as an efficient restoration service for death, trauma or crime scenes is normal. But to take care about all different details the trauma demands is not easy at all. For this hard time, American Loss Consultant can provide you the most qualified set of companies that using best safety practices, will remove all traces of biohazardous materials such as blood, body fluids, tissue, contaminated materials or any other hazardous items. But in this bitter drink, you need not only cleaning services: you also need support. We understand your moments and we will accompany you.

If you are coping biohazard damage, it is mandatory to hire professionals that clean the scene. And there are vital reasons to do so:

  • Blood as well as body fluids are dangerous for everyone’s health at home. People can get infections so a comprehensive cleaning procedure must be conducted. Never try to clean by yourself.
  • Blood and other body fluids spread easily and are absorbed by materials like drywall, concrete, asphalt, carpets, grout, studs or floor joists. To avoid contamination is necessary to clean really soon.
  • Biohazard cleaning and disposal of wasters must be carried out only by professionals certified by the American Bio Recovery Association (ABRA).
  • Presence of crime scenes, blood or other biological wastes is really shocking emotionally and psychologically to the family. Avoid them to be exposed to this picture for long.
  • Meanwhile biohazard wastes remains at home, your property value will decrease. Nobody wants to buy a home where a crime event happened.

How Biohazard Restorations must be conducted.

After crimes, death or every other incident that involves blood or human fluids, a deep cleaning procedure following strict sanitary rules must be conducted. In American Loss Consultant we know how delicate a biohazard damage is and in consequence, restoration. Our allied Biohazard Restoration Services will commit the mission of sanitize and return your home to ideal conditions. Biohazard restoration process must include:

  • A complete and detailed inspection. Blood and other fluids sometimes are not easy to detect. Whereas some blood might remain on surfaces, other might seem vanished, but blood remains there. Professionals in biohazard restoration know this and using specialized equipments and training they will make a deep inspection to detect all traces of blood, fluids, tissue or bone matter. The removal of all of them is crucial for you and your family safety.
  • Environment setting. Once technicians have detected all biohazard waste, they will set the environment to remove all biohazard materials and restore your home to safety. Certified personnel will enter to the scene wearing protective gears like suit, gloves, filtered respirators and chemical-spill boots. They will bring biohazard waste containers (heavy duty bags and sealed, hard plastic containers). Cleaning supplies (brushes, sponges, or mops) are also required.
  • Removal of damaged material. Fabrics and absorbent or porous materials are easily damped with blood. In first moment, the saturated area and unaffected areas are separated. Area or material contaminated by blood spatter or biological fluids must be dismantling, removing and disposing. The disposal must be done at a licensed biohazard facility and following appropriated procedure. Unaffected remains must be disposed as non-regulated waste debris at a local dump.
  • Flooring and carpeting cleaning. Each floor requires a precise cleaning procedure. The levels of absorption of blood differ from one flooring to another. Carpets as well as concrete absorb blood beyond the surface level. So in cleaning this type of flooring, it is necessary to work in layers because damages occasionally are extended to subfloor, so at the beginning, blood and fluids on layer one are removed. Then, a test must be done on layer two to verify the presence or not of blood; this test is conducted applying a solution to determine the presence of blood or other body fluid on the layer; if there is a positive reaction, the layer is removed and the process of layers removal continues until a negative result is achieved.
  • Use of alternative procedures to remove blood or fluids. Different processes must be activated for removing body fluids: vacuuming to extract matter; then this biological material goes to a chemical treatment tank that disinfects and stores wastes. Enzyme solvent spread to kill bacteria and viruses as well as liquefy dried blood.
  • Odor removal procedure. Body fluids expel sickening smells. As part of restoration procedure, odor removal must be performed. For this step, it is required to install specialized equipment. One of that equipment is an ozone machine. Ozone machines are ultimate equipments for removing biohazard odors; to fight odor in air ducts, foggers can be used; they thick a cleaning chemical and those chemicals can reach tight places like air ducts.

Finally, when happening biohazard damages, it is obligatory that the restoration company issues you of a certificate of completion. This certificate guarantees the property was professionally cleaned and is absolutely free of any biological biohazard. This certificate is a valid document in case of the sale of your home.

Endure Biohazard Damages but Assisted by Professionals

Every crime or dead scene is really cruel and by any circumstance you should get involved in it. Besides emotional shock produced at seeing crime picture, are the biological possible damages you might suffer. In violent death, for instance, bodily fluids must be collected and they possible spread diseases; in suicides where the person cut wrists or neck, blood like a sea will be spread around; in any circumstance, you must not be in contact with fluids. Being exposed to bloodborne pathogens can result into infections and if fluids were not professionally removed, they remain over surfaces for months or years, affecting your health.

When biohazard waste comes from “decomp”, you might not face blood, but a worst portrait will be in front of you…the body will swell, insects will move in, organs will digest themselves and skin will dissolve. This is similar to a horror movie and nobody well trained will cope this moment with sanity. Odor is really unbearable; maggots can be around the area. If you enter to a place with a sickening smell, you rather avoid getting in and call emergency services. As soon as you call them, contact us at American Loss Consultant.

Damages coming from violence at home left behind not only biological waste, but also other damages related to the investigation process. When a homicide is perpetrated at your home, police officers or other law forces will conduct proper investigations and some damages will occur. The use of fingerprint dust and other chemicals start the so called cross-contamination and it invades every room of your home.

For all those damages, an adequate professional assistance is the best choice. American Loss Consultant counts with the most complete agenda for biohazard restoration services. If unfortunately you are experiencing any incident at home that involves biohazard waste, we will get for you, all you need to enjoy a good place to live.