The intrusion to your property or damages caused by them provokes fear and horror. To know that intruders got into your spot taking away your belongings and maybe damage your personal integrity is not really easy to overcome. Burglary and theft always involve damages caused by methods to irrupt inside your property as well as the missing items themselves. Those crimes entail material damages, psychological damages and require involving the police in the procedure. But you can be accompanied through all the process, legal and of restoration by American Loss Consultant.

In relation to damages left by burglary and theft, you have to be very cautious about every action you have to take; probably you have not experience dealing with those facts and that is the right moment to call for the assistance of a firm that can support you, advise you and accompany you constantly since the beginning to the end of the process and help you to take the best decisions. We count with partners highly qualified in legal aspects, legal advising, restoration and emotional recovery if it necessary you follow them. Satisfaction from our clients gives credit to our words. Don’t be alone facing burglary and theft damages.


Burglary and Theft Description

Burglary and theft terms are usually confused because they are kind of similar. Differences are determined by specifics actions taken in each situation.  Burglary is the intention of commit the crime while theft is the action itself. Depending on the state, penalties may differ. For legal aspects, to declare there was burglary, it is necessary the occurrence of breaking and entering. When we say breaking, it can be actual or just the action of forcing a door; if a person use threats or fraud to enter a location, or he/she has permission to enter a room but not to other one, these are “breakings”.

The term does not refer to “break” as physical damage but to be inside a place without permission or using tricks. Entering on its side, involves either physical entry by a person or the insertion of an instrument to remove property. If a tool was inserted in the property but anyone entered, that is nor burglary…or if someone entered but he/she did not breaking, it is not burglary. Yes, it is a little bit complicated. But you don’t need to be stress about it. American Loss Consultant can get for you the best advisors for this.  

Theft on its side goes beyond just get into somebody’s property. Theft is the fact of taking another person’s property or services without that person’s permission or consent with the intent to deprive the rightful owner of it. No matter the means, the strong intention is to take your belongings. Besides the term “theft” other names used to refer to this offense are stealing, thieving or filching. To be victim of theft is one of the main fear people might experience.


Wrong Attitudes that make you an easy victim for burglary or theft

Sometimes we tend to trust in everybody and we do not take minimal precautions measures to avoid being victim from burglary or theft. We commit some mistakes that make us easy to be caught by burglars or thieves. Think about if you have ever done any of the following things:

  • Leave doors or windows unlocked. Burglars or thief usually enter inside your home through an unlocked door or window. According to statistics, 65% of the time, in those homes that was victim of burglary or theft, doors or windows were unlocked or open.
  • Have easy to break doors, bad quality door frames or broken windows. If you have one or all these conditions are home, let me tell you they are ideal for bad guys to enter your home. They usually make a research in neighborhoods and study which homes are more vulnerable.
  • Publish on social networks when your home is alone. To publish that you are on vacations, your outer activities or specify your location in social networks, provide burglars and thieves with enough information about you. Be discrete.
  • Open the door to unknown people. Not everybody is bad…but not everybody is good. If you do not know well a person, the person looks suspicious or seems nervous, avoid opening him/her the door. If it is possible, talk to the person through the window.
  • Carry house keys on a key ring bearing your home address. Do not think an honest person will find them and return them to you. Instead think that a burglar or thief will have your home keys.
  • Leave your house keys with your car in a commercial parking lot or with an attendant. You do not know if they can be taken or being copied.
  • Leave extra keys in a “secret place”. It is a kind of rule that everybody left an extra key under the front mat or in the plant pot next to the door. Or the other option is that somebody might see you keeping your extra door in the so called secret place.  
  • Let unknown people alone in your living room. We usually tend to leave delivery people alone in our living room. They can get into the rest of your home and take your belongings or harm you. Be a little more distrustful.

Try to avoid those conducts to ensure a safer home.


Advices to have a safer Home and free of Burglars or thieves

Specialized studies show that a burglar or thief needs less than five minutes to get into your home. If it takes more than that time, he/she will quit and try to find another place easier to get in. so taking this into your mind, analyze your home as if you were a burglar and thief. Is it easy to get into your home? Does your home have vulnerable points? If the answer is yes, then take the following measures to protect your home.

  • Install security devices. Try to delay as much as possible any irruption in your home. Padlocks, locks in door and windows, grates, bars and bolds increase the time to get into your home. Of course, be sure all security devices work properly.
  • Install a burglar Alarm. They are designed to alert you when someone enters to your home without your consent. Burglar alarms have the peculiarity of having a unique set of features associated with it. Depending on your needs, you can select the best for your home characteristics.
  • Invest on Security Cameras. To install cameras at entry points but hard to reach is a good option. Burglars and thieves will know that they are being watched.
  • Ponder privacy vs security. Perhaps you do not like to be observed by your neighbors and you have high fences, bush or creepers to avoid people from outside see you. But that landscape might be useful for burglars or thieves, because nobody will see them from outside, or they can hide in the bushes.  
  • Light your home surroundings. Light will make burglars or thieves be out of the shadows. Install exterior lights and motion detectors so  they will not have the chance to hide themselves.
  • Keep valuable items out of easy sight. If you have silver or gold collection, paintings or expensive appliances in places that can be seen from outside, consider moving them to other place in the house.

Steps to solve Burglar or Thief Damages

If you have been victim of burglar or thief, then you have to solve many issues: you have to make police reports, repair broken doors, replace losses or start a claim at your insurance company. In any of the previous circumstances, to have professional help is ideal. At American Loss Consultant, we have a complete set of options for professional help. Through the years, we have seen how hard is for victims to think clear about all the necessary procedures after the crime incident. Do not run the path alone if you can count with the best assistance in the market.

When you encounter that bad moment, you are nervous and afraid. Part of our professional assistance is to be kind and supportive about your loss. We can guide you in a kindly way because you are our main concern. At the very first moment you contact us, you will be informed about best practice. There are some basic steps that are indispensable being a victim of burglar or theft. Step number one, if you already have not made it, is to call the police to report the incident. Call 911 and wait till the police arrive. Let them do their job. Police reports are crucial if you want to start a claim. So cooperate with them.

A second step must be to call insurance company and to report the incident. You might be requested by them to go and answer some questions. Do not go alone. Prefer attend the meeting with a public adjuster. We can contact the best public adjusters so you can be well assisted. Take with you police report and a list of the lost items (in case of theft) or a list of damages (if theft was not committed but burglary). Public adjusters will accompany you and advise you during all claim process till the end.

Third step will be hiring a locksmith or a restoration company to fix damages at home. It is possible you have to replace locks, broken windows, broken glasses or any other damaged items at home. At American Loss Consultant, we have a list of honest, serious and skillful people that can fix all damages left by criminals. This will be also a good moment for you to invest in security systems. You might require professionals to install you those systems in order you get a complete work: to replace damaged items and to secure your home.


Try to be cautious about your home safety. If you already lived a burglary or theft incident, do not risk yourself or your family to have another one. You can count on us, American Loss Consultant for a qualified assistance any time, at damage and in ulterior prevention procedures. We will not leave you alone.

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