CleanCut Tub conversion

At the moment of remodeling your bathroom, you can find incredible affordable options that will transform it nicely. If you want practicality, or elegance, or changing needs in your family has pushed you to a new vision about your bathroom, professional advice will lead you along the way of transformation. American Loss Consultant has all the tools to guide you in that way. And if you want a change in your tub and you have heard about CleanCut tub conversion, we can give you a hand with our pros advices.

What is CleanCut tub conversion

CleanCut tub conversion is a product developed with the main purpose of converting your traditional bathtub in a more comfortable easy to access tub; the Clean Cut allows you to go into the bathtub in a safer mode without the hassles of lifting your feet. Besides convenience, the conversion offers practicality, because the product can be installed in a matter of just few hours. Opposite to other remodeling process, this one is not messy at all. And as an extra benefit, its cost is really affordable for any pocket, comparing usual restoration tasks.

What are the benefits of the CleanCut Tub Conversion.

The main difficulty everyone has experience at least once in his life when using a bathtub is the difficulty at the moment of entering or leaving it. The height of bathtubs forces users to lift the feet, becoming unbalanced and starting a risky situation. But the conversion through clean cut tub provides benefits at home mainly in safety. And they are:

Reduction of the risk of slipping and falling : When you enter or leave the tub, you must lift up your feet. Then it is pretty sure you have the chance of slipping and falling. With the clean cut tub there is no need of lifting feet anymore.

Facilitate access to the bathtub to caregivers :  The clean cut tub entrance makes easier the entrance and accommodation of bathers and caregivers.

Extend the independence of elderly people at bath time:  Seniors do not have the same flexibility and balance skills to enter or leaving a traditional tub. The CleanCut tub allows them to enter easily without needing extra help.

Saving money in a walk-in bathtub:  Walk-in bathtub and CleanCut tub have just the same functionality and benefits; but the CleanCut tub conversion is less expensive for long.

CleanCut tub certified installation

Every remodeling work can have a successful result if it is in charge of professionals. American Loss Consultant can provide you with a list full of professionals that approved our severe screening process. With one of our expert allies, you will get:

Quick installation

Options for CleanCut tub installation (open step or with a door)

Reversible installation (the cutout can be reinstalled and the tub will be refinished to look like new as desired)

For a really pro work, call American Loss Consultant. Free estimate. Attention 24/7