Commercial Fire Restoration

When we talk about incidents, the ones caused by fire usually are one of the most damaging, this because the fire uses the oxygen in the air to spread, in this way it can do it fast and destroy almost any kind of material, from fabrics to glass or even some metals, that is the reason why it is a huge loss when a fire happens in a store, o commercial building, all the merchandise become ashes and in addition there is also the damage caused by the Fire Department. That is why when a situation like that happens the best option to call is American Loss Consultant, we can provide you a number of experts that can protect, assist and help in restoration of damages no matter how small or big is the building, we always focus on find the best options for you.

In commercial buildings the risk of a fire is high because of defective electrics such as loose wires, or faulty equipment that can overheat or cause sparks; also the lack of cleaning can build up grease and dust which can be risk of fire most of all in poor ventilated areas; Having combustible materials and human errors are other causes of fire; and the most common cause is arson which makes a large percentage of fires caused on business premises and can cause a huge consequences to a company. In American Loss Consultant we are aware the risks of fire a business has, and that is why we have the best options for you no matter the cause of fire; we will find the best expert for your situation.

What are the 10 most flammable items in a business place?

  1. Aerosol cans are one of the most flammable everyday items due to the propane or butane used as a propellant. The can could explode if overheated or exposed to sunlight, so keeping any aerosol cans in your workplace in a secure, ventilated area is the best.
  2. Drain cleaners and disinfectants all contain chemicals that can be combustible if not stored correctly. If you have cleaning products stored on your premises, never allow these liquids to come into contact with an ignition source, and be sure to store them the right way up with lids screwed on, in a locked ventilated cupboard.
  3. All cooking oils are extremely flammable when they reach a certain temperature, and if in contact with a spark of fire, can be very dangerous. Whether you have a small kitchen for employees to use, or own a property with large kitchens, food cooking in oil should be supervised at all times, with the proper fire equipment in place for emergencies.
  4. Gasoline causes an average of 8,000 house fires every year, due to improper storage. If you have gasoline on your premises, make sure it is stored at ground level and away from any heat sources.
  5. Heaters. When an item is used to warm things around it up, it has the serious risk of overheating and causing a fire. To keep heaters from harm’s way, make sure they are cleaned and serviced regularly.
  6. Moth balls are small balls of chemical pesticide and deodorant used to deter mold, moths, and rodents. Consisting primarily of naphthalene, moth balls are deemed as extremely flammable.
  7. A damaged power cord can spark and cause a fire to spread within seconds. All electronic equipment should be serviced and maintained regularly.
  8. Paper and dry waste. One of the biggest causes of fire to spread is the improper storage of dry, combustible waste such as paper and cardboard. Many offices and busy workplaces have an abundance of these dry goods that are not stored correctly.
  9. Soft furnishings such as sofas are more common in offices where a more relaxed atmosphere is favored. The fabrics that upholster this furniture is often flammable, which in the event of a fire can burn rapidly and pose a risk to anyone nearby.
  10. Styrofoam. Polystyrene is classified as a ‘B3’ product, meaning highly flammable. It is prohibited from being used as insulation, or in any exposed installations in building construction, but is popularly used as packaging protection. If you have styrofoam in the workplace, make sure it is stored and disposed of in the proper and safe way.

How can you have your business place safe?

American Loss Consultant can find you the best solutions to have your place safe from fire. The experts that we will find would provide you all the prevention methods and secure you business before an incident could happen.

A way that you have to prevent incidents before hand is having a check list with all the possible situations that are a risk to the business place, among these questions are:

  • Is there an appropriate fire detection and alarm system installed?
  • Are there adequate numbers of alarms per floor/section of the building?
  • Are regular tests carried out to ensure the smoke alarms are in working order?
  • Do you have a clear procedure in place for contacting fire services in the event of your alarms being triggered?
  • Are fire alarm systems frequently maintained?
  • Are the appropriate fire extinguishers for your workplace installed in relevant areas throughout the building?
  • Are staff trained on how to use fire safety equipment in the event of a fire?
  • Do you have emergency lighting installed, using a generator separate to the mains power in the case of a power failure?
  • Are fire doors kept closed at all times, and free from obstruction?
  • Are evacuation plans clearly posted for all employees and visitors to see?
  • Are regular fire drills scheduled to test the smoke alarms and your fire safety plan?
  • Are all staff aware of these drills, and informed on the correct evacuation route?
  • Have you nominated fire safety wardens for these drills?
  • Do you have a register to ensure all staff and visitors are identified as safely out of the building?
  • Are all escape doors clearly marked, and left clear at all times?
  • Is your electrical system regularly maintained for any signs of faults, damage or wear and tear?
  • Are there restrictions in place on the number of appliances plugged into one socket?
  • Have all combustible materials or flammable liquids been removed from the same area as electrical items?
  • Are combustible materials (paper, wood, cardboard etc), stored off-site in a locked container until they can be appropriately disposed of?
  • Have you provided an appropriately ventilated locked cabinet to store any flammable liquids?
  • Are sufficient evacuation routes provided to ensure everyone can exit the building safely in the event of a fire, including disabled access?
  • Have you informed all staff of the procedures to follow in the event of a fire, and where the fire assembly point is located outside?
  • Have you provided fire safety training to nominated responsible employees, including how to evacuate the building safely, and handling of fire safety equipment?


If most of these questions are answer in a negative form, you should consider the fact that your business is in danger of a fire, and what would be the best solution? Have American Loss Consultant as your company in charge to handle these kinds of situations, because we are not only worried about your business but also your life and your employees; you can trust we will help you in the best way we can, Trust in American Loss Consultant.