Deck painting

Decks are an ultimate area in the outdoor living. They can be the place to relax, share with friends or enjoying the weekend barbecue. So nobody wants to have a dull deck. If you are thinking about renovating your deck, just give us a call to the experts. American Loss Consultant is a firm expert on home advisor renovation that can provide you with plenty and useful information about the best experts in the area that will transform your deck in the dreamed deck.

Why deck painting

Painting is always a good option to transform your home, particularly your outdoor spaces. And if decking has been your choice for renovation, you can have multiple options provided just from painting your deck.

Maybe you want to print personality to your deck using patters like stripes or checkes…there are multiple options and using the expert guidance of American Loss Consultant advised experts, you can bring a new look to your deck.

Aspects to consider at deck painting: Primer and Paint

After deciding to give a fresh look to your deck, there are some details you must care about to get the ideal result. One of those details is the materials: you have to watch out the primer and paints for your deck.

Primer will guarantee that the investment in painting will be worthy and long lasting. Primer must be applied over all surfaces of the deck. Primers will prevent your deck might be affected by mildew; also, primer will prevent the paints peel or chip.

Paint on its side, can be oil-based or acrylic, or solid color stains; each of them is good, having particular positive aspects.

Oil-based paints dry slowly, which is important at the time of application because it is easier to work with slow dry painting and if there is any mistake during the process, it can be solved immediately.

Acrylic paints offers as a good point its low level of VOCs and they are easy to clean so if there would be any mess, it could be easily solved.

Solid color stains can be considered quite similar to paints and they resist high foot traffic. They have some limitations but they are one of the options you might have at the time of transforming your deck.

Deck painting procedure

As experts in home advising, American Loss Consultant has some important indications that will be useful for you, as a customer, to expect from your deck painter. Take a look at the regular procedure for deck painting:


Before starting any painting procedure, remove outdoor furniture, planters or tools. And cleaning…The good adhesion of paints will depend mostly of before preparation. And cleaning the surface to be painted is the step number one. A deep wash will remove dust and dirt. And it will reveal any damage the surface might have. We recommend 48 hours to let the surface dry completely after deep washing.


Painting is a good moment to fix any damage at your deck. An experience professional will search any popped nail and fix it; if he finds any screw heads in the wrong place, it will be done. If the expert would find any crack, it will be mended. Everything must be fixed before painting procedure.

Removing old paints

Part of a good surface preparation consists of removal old paints or stain. For this step, a stain and sealer remover is used and the surface will be prepared to receive the new products, ensuring a fine finish. With the removal, the use of sanding the ridges makes the perfect match. After sanding, dust must be carefully removed for good adhesion of following products, like primer and paints.


After protecting the surrounding areas with a suitable plastic cover, painting will start. It is advisable that paint is not applied in direct sunlight. Early time in the morning or later in the afternoon when deck is in the shade is preferable. One or two coats of exterior stain is applied and let it dry overnight.

Deck must be painted from top to bottom, one section at a time. In case there is a wood ceiling or awning on your deck, paint this first. Second, the posts and railings will be painted. And finally paint the bottom of the deck.

The edges or corners will be paint first, using a paint brush. Then paint is applied with a paint roller. The final touch will be done using a paint brush while the paint still wet, moving the paint brush from side to side.

Knowing your deck: The five more fashionable types of decks

Experts in decoration and home improvement have listed the top five basic types of decks.

  1. Pressure-Treated Lumber

This type of material is the number 1 sold today. The main reasons? It is really affordable to any pocket, it is easy to get, and easy to install. As other positive aspects, it is chemically treated against rot, fungus and wood bugs. The not so good aspect is the natural tendency of being cracked, split and warped. This type of material requires regular maintenance to prolong its life. An annual washing and the application of stain or wood preservative every two or years will be perfect.

Redwood and Cedar

Many experts consider redwood and red cedar as the ideal material for decks. They are really naturally beautiful, eco-friendly and naturally resistant to rot, decay and insects. If your deck was made of any of the two material, you just need a yearly deep wash plus a coating every three to four years. To protect wood from the weather, you should apply a clear water-repellent wood preservative and to preserve the color, apply stain.

Tropical hardwood

Exotic woods called tropical like cumaru, red tauari, massaranduba, ipe and Philippine mahogany are extremely hard, sturdy and naturally strong to rots and insects. But the hardness of those woods makes really tough its installation which is an aspect to consider before installing it. If you already have a deck in tropical wood, it means that you invested a meaningful amount of money on it. Then you have to be very careful to preserve it. As an advice, most tropical hardwoods accept only oil-penetrating stains, such as Messmer’s UV Plus Finish. Additionally you should apply a UV-blocking clear wood preservative every two to four years.


With plastic lumber, composite is the most sold material for decks nowadays. Composite is made of wood fibers and recycled plastic, which make them a highly weather resistant material that will not warp, rot or split. If by any chance you own a deck made of composite, then you have the benefit of a low maintenance deck that does not demand refinishing or staining works. You only must care about mildew.


Aluminum is considered an ideal material for decking, in fact it offer countless benefits: it never rot, rust, warp, splinter, crack or check. If you worry about mildew, well mold will never be a concern if you have this kind of deck. Other benefit, the coating of this material is very resistant. Aluminum never catches fire like wood ones. In weather issues, it is resistant to cold weather and stays fresher during hot days; and in environmental facts, it is suitable of being recycled. Painting? Just as you desired, with exterior painting that you prefer.

And to avoid cumbersome issues hiring inexpert hands, contact us, the people of American Loss Consultant. We have the most comprehensive set of certified companies that will make for you the perfect deck painting. Free estimate, best advice.

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