Door hardware installation

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A door is a piece of furniture that makes an opening in a building, room or vehicle. There are different types of door created with a sort type of material such as wood or metal according to its purpose. Wood doors are commonly found in houses, door rooms, bathrooms, etc. Doors can have devices such as knockers or doorbells to let people know that someone is outside or to announce their presence. There are many kinds of doors. The most common type is the single-leaf door with its variations as the double-leaf door or double door and French windows.

Some doors have locking mechanisms to prevent unwanted people enter to a certain area. Doors also offer you more privacy by separating areas and preventing undesired attention from outsiders.

Door hardware is a metal mechanism that is incorporated into doors to prevent them from being opened without the key and thus protect your home. Door locks have been around for many centuries and they had changed throughout the time. In Ancient Egypt, locksmiths created a wooden pin that fit horizontally behind the door. On the other hand, the romans took away the wooden pin and started using iron locks which offered more protection.

Types of door hardware

Door hardware are important when it comes to our security, however, most people do not know which door hardware is the best option for them.

The understand which door hardware should be used, it is essential to know that there are two main types of door locks. The most common are mechanical hardware, which are frequently found at houses and offices. They have cylinders with keys that have points or teeth. When the person inserts the key in the eye of the lock and rotates it, the necessary fit is produced to unlock the door. But also, there are electronic locks. In this case, it’s necessary to activate an electromagnet by entering a code or a magnetic card. These locks are frequent in hotels rooms and in the doors that are in a sector restricted to the general public.

Which door hardware is better for me?

The choice of one or the other depends on the element that is intended to be kept closed, it is not the same to protect the treasure door of a bank as the drawer of a domestic closet. Aspects to take into account when deciding which type of lockset best suits your needs. If you are prone to misplace keys very often you should take into account the electronic lockset. They provide a better security because it is easier to control who can enter. It uses a numeric keypad, touch screen or keychain remote. You can also find biometric locks that read your thumbprint.

Although digital door locks offer you a better security, keyed locks often are cheaper than high-tech electronic locks and they are more traditional and fit well with the design of a home. Take into account that it does not necessarily means that you are unprotected, a traditional lock properly installed will fulfill with its functions.

If you do not know which door hardware installation is right for you, reach American Loss Consultant for a meeting and assessment.

How to install door hardware

Installing a mechanical door hardware can be an easy task and doesn’t require any fancy tools or a huge amount of money. With  American Loss Consultant you will get professional assistance for every installation you may need.

To properly protect your home, it is essential to know some basic information when shopping for a door hardware:

  • Make sure the door hardware that you chose fits well in your door thickness. The standard inches for interior doors is different than standard inches for exterior doors.
  • Be aware that the diameter of the hole in the door works properly with the door hardware required bore hole size.
  • Make sure that the door hardware is correct according to your needs. Entry hardwares are for exterior doors, privacy hardwares are used on doors for bathrooms and bedrooms. Passage hardware are commonly used on closets or family room doors.

While installing a traditional door hardware is quite simple, installing an electronic lock is a little bit more complicated. As mentioned before, these type of lock uses an electromagnet system and represents greater security at the entrance of buildings and houses.

Digital locks can be programmed to allow access to building employees as cleaning  staff, security and so on. They have some characteristics that we should know:

  • They are keyless: you won’t need a key to enter a place
  • Battery operated: they don’t need power electricity to keep working
  • They are wireless: no complicated connections are needed.
  • They are quick to install: you may have your door hardware installed in minutes.
  • Can store data: they will give you information on who enter and when

What do I need to install my electric security lock?

The first thing you should consider is to keep it away from the dust as well as oils should not be applied. It is important to recognize the different parts that compose an electric lock as well as the materials to be used for the installation of this type of locks such as, pliers, screwdriver, welding machine, safety glasses, electrical transformer and wiring.

Keep in mind that your electronic lock must have some instructions, in which there must be a template, that template must be used to guide you to place in the right place the pieces you need to assemble. Remember, after all the process, open and close the door in order to verify that your electric lock is working correctly.

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As you might notice, the secret to get a  good installation is to perfectly follow the instructions of the manufacturer. This is why you should take special care to verify that you really have the best installation personnel by your side. To keep your property safe, contact American Loss Consultant. American Loss Consultant is a professional and efficient company willing to help you build the home of your dreams.

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