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As a homeowner, it is not advisable to underestimate the seriousness of a draining system problem. A clogged or slow-moving drain might seem like a small problem with no major impact on your life; however, it can quickly become a much bigger issue. Slow draining indicate a variety of problems, including an starting clog, narrowed pipes due to waste, grease and minerals buildup, or even something as severe as an improper grading of your drainage system.

By calling a drain cleaning professional as soon as you notice an arising problem, you can spot your issue just in time for corrections. Nonetheless, in order to identify draining problems, you should get to know what a drain is.

A drain is the primary conduit for unwanted water or liquid waste to be conducted, either to an area where they will be reused or to sewers, where waste is discharged to be released or processed.

The importance of keeping kitchen pipes and bathrooms in good condition is widely known. Keeping them clean is a task not always easy to fulfill. As drains are used every day, they usually get dirty pretty quickly. With the amount of pots, pans, glasses and cutlery that are washed in the kitchen, and with the number of times that family members use the bathroom sink to wash their hands, shave and brush their teeth, it is not uncommon, from time to time, to have the drains of your house clogged, causing water to overflow and generating unpleasant smells.

With the simple daily use of drains, the system starts to accumulate food waste, lime residues and other substances, which prevent water flow from freely run as expected. To prevent further issues, drain cleaning is an essential task in every household.

Drain design

Drain design and installation parameters are set by trained engineers in order to ensure the drain functions as intended. Drains should allow a specific type of liquid to flow from one point to another while keeping safety and functionality as priority.

Drain installation takes into account different principles related to gravity, vacuum and grade. Human exposure, safety to biological agents and resistance to functional failure are also kept in mind when designing.

The design of drains plays a main role when it is needed to repair a blocked drain.


When not used properly, drains might causeinjuries to nearby people. Furthermore, fatalities have occurred around drains as a result of its suction power. In these cases, a portion of the body, hair, orclothing may become stuck against the drain. Sometimes, when stucked by draining power, it maybecome impossible to release yourlsef, resulting in broken limbs, bruses, minor and major injuries and even death by drowning.  

Properly designed drains mitigate the suction power of the draining system by adding  more drains or increasing the surface area of the drain opening. With the use of many holes or safety covers, injures caused by drains decrease.  

Since drain suction increases rapidly when a portion of the drain opening is blocked or clogged, having two or more drains or a larger drain allows alternate suction paths.

Eliminating bad smells

Bad smells are a classic indication of a clogged pipe. In most cases, the drain gets plugged when some large debris gets stuck. These residues rot and cause the growth of bacteria, which produces that unpleasant smell.

To avoid bad smells you should:

  • Clean the kitchen and bathroom sinks often asi it helps you avoid undesirable waste in the drain.
  • Use a homemade natural cleaner every week, such as a mixture of baking soda and vinegar in order to keep away grease, dirt and odors.

To avoid drain clogging you should:

  • Let out traces of food, waste, hair or other objects that may cause obstruction in the drain. There are some grilles to prevent this problem.
  • Pour hotwater into the drain. Use this trick to unclog the sink.
  • Avoid pouring oil through the sink

To keep the drain clean, it is recommended to:

  • Scrub and clean before pouring liquids: to avoid having to clean drains so often, before scrubbing pans and pots with traces of grease, oil, flour or bread crumbs, it is required to remove all the excess material possible. It is also recomended to pour any waste through the toilet since its entrance is more prepared to receive this kind of residue. A jar with a lid that can be throwed away in case of fat or oil is also a good option.
  • Clean with a towel any waste and throw it into the garbage, pour hot water and clean afterwards.
  • Clean the drains with ammonia: In winter, the cold will make the remains of oil that are spilled when washing dishes and cutlery to solidify more easily. It is recommended to pour a liter of liquid amonia, leaving to work all night. In the morning, heat water in a pot and slowly pour through the opening of the sink.
  • Avoid throwing paper into the toilet: in order to keep the drain system clean and neat, it is important not to throw paper into the toilet. Toilets are not designed for paper but human waste.
  • Clean the toilet if any material different from human waste falls inside: use gloves or tweezers to remove the piece of material fallen into the toilet. Not picking up the item may lead into undesirable consequences and further problems.

To keep your drains working as expected, regular inspection is needed. External, internal, fixed and movable parts require professional periodic maintenance.

Do not let amateurs take care of your projects in your house, building, office or property. Contact professional experts able to handle your requirements and identify your needs.

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