Residential Drywall Installation

If you are tired of the old-fashioned decoration of your home and you think it is the ideal time for a renovation of your spaces, you may be interested in creating new rooms and redistributing the walls of your house, by moving some internal walls or building new ones in some places of your home, you can enjoy a renovated and functional space that suits the needs of your family.

It does not matter if the room you need to build is for a new member of the family or it is a room to make crafts and use your creativity, There are several options in the market to build these new spaces, Drywall is an excellent option because they are quick to install and have an affordable price that will not leave your pockets empty, if you want to remodel your house or build a new home contact American Loss Consult, we will find for you the best Drywall installing contractors in your area, start your project with the certainty that the contractors that we recommend you, will give an excellent finish to the walls of your house and you will be totally satisfied with the results.

Advantages of Drywall Installation

There are innumerable benefits to use Drywall within your home, from the stability of the material to the speed of the installation, if you want to know if Drywall is the perfect material for your construction project, contact American Loss Consultant, we can find a contractor who could give you a free advice about this type of material. Here we will explain a list of all the advantages of the Drywall installation to create new spaces in your home.

Easy Installation

The biggest advantage of Drywall is that is easier and faster to Install than any other construction material to making walls. If you like to do things by yourself you can easily install the Drywall for your house, but we advise you to let the taping and finishing to professionals constructors, if you want a smooth and well finish look on your walls, and you do not know where to find a qualified constructor to make those finish for you, contact American Loss Consultant, we can find expert constructors on Drywall installation and you will be happy to achieve a neat and professional result on your remodeling or construction.


Other perk of using Drywall is that it is a fireproof stable construction material , you must know that Drywall is not as durable as plaster, but Drywall is easy to repair, you can use a patch of Drywall to fill in dents, and you could have again a wall with the same look as a new one. A lot of people think Drywall is not a good choice to built your walls because it is not resistant to moisture, but actually there are completely moisture resistant Drywall material on the market, for an advice on which type of material you must buy to install a Drywall contact American Loss Consultant, we can find a constructor near your house who can gladly assist you.

Disadvantages of Drywall

Before starting a construction project is necessary to know the advantages and disadvantages of the different construction material, thus, you can choose the materials that fit your needs and your budget. If you are in doubt do not spend hours searching on-line, call American Loss Consultant and we can find a qualified constructor who can gladly advise you on materials available on the market and install this walls for you. Here we can explain some disadvantages of using Drywall.


One of cons of Drywall is the fragility of the material, by having joints and being thinner than plaster is more prone to dents and holes, it is important to give professional finish to your Drywall to avoid dents and separated joints. Be sure to hire a qualified professional to make the taping and to give a neat finish to the joints. This way you will be sure of enlarge the lifespan of the walls of your house. At American Loss Consultant we have a directory of highly qualified constructors that can install the Drywall of your construction project. You can rest assure that the results and appearance of your construction will be perfect and professional.


Other disadvantage of Drywall is the weight of the material, just a standard 4-by-8 sheet of 1/2 inch, weight more than 50 Lb. If you want to make the construction of the walls by yourself you will need an assistant. Do not worry about heavy lifting that can produce you an injure, call American Loss Consultant, we can find a constructor specialized on Drywall Installing, the constructors of our directory have special machines to install the panels, you must be sure the professional we will find for you,  will fulfill all the buildings regulations codes of the country, you will feel safe inside your house by knowing your Drywall is properly installed.

Other considerations.

Every space of your house need a special material of construction, if you are installing the walls of your bathroom or the walls of your laundry room you must be sure to choose a Greenboard that can withstand moisture and can prevent the mold growth inside your house. If you do not know how to  properly choose the Drywall material depending on a particular room in your house, contact American Loss Consultant. The Technicians of our directory can gladly advice you on which type of materials meet your needs.

Another consideration you must have by installing Drywall is the clean-up of the space after the contractor finish the installation job. It is important to negotiate with the contractor if  he will remove all the debris and will make a deep cleaning of the area, removing all the dust the installation of the Drywall left or if you will do the clean-up by yourself.

Cost of Drywall Installation

The cost of Drywall installation may vary depend on the area you are living, here we present you the cost of installing Drywall in a Single Room. To installing Drywall in a 12’x12’ bedroom with a ceiling height of 8’ you will need 600 squared feet of Drywall that will cost around 180$, you will also need Drywall screws, tape and Joint Compounds, in all these materials you will spend 45 $, finally you will pay for the installation labor about 30$ per sheet. To cover the measurement of this room you need to install 20 Drywall sheet, this add the amount of 600$.

The national average prices of Drywall installation in a single room are between 400 and 700$, the prices will vary depending on the zip code area. If you want to get a free estimation of the installation of the Drywall for your project, contact American Loss Consultant, we can find a highly trained Drywall installation constructors near you, they will visit you and offer you a free estimation of the installation cost. Do not waste your time or money, call us and we will send you the best contractor to build your project. You will be fully satisfied with the finish of your walls.

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