In every home, comfort is important. When you want to make any restoration, you do not think only in beauty but also in comfort…a nice climate… fresh air…a peaceful environment, all of them are important to have a good place to live. And as experts, American Loss Consultant bets for drywall and insulation installation for a really cool home.


In our files, we count with companies that are absolutely fabulous in everything related to drywall installation: panels, plaster to interior walls and other forms of insulation can be perfectly committed by our experts.

Drywall is a really versatile material that requires less time and labor than other restoration processes which make it less expensive. This magic material is made of gypsum, mixed with water and other additives; it is later squeezed, or flattened, between two different layers of paper and dried. Drywall reduces tremendously noise in your environments; it offers fire-resistant protection thanks to the water in the boards. Its installing process is really quick compared to plastering. It is really secured to the rough framing of the house: the layers are safely added and at the end, the wall can be sanded to give a smoother finishing. It is absolutely perfect to be painted. Costs? Drywall is about $1.50 per square foot, really affordable for any pocket.


Insulation is considered the queen of comfort at home or in business offices. It is so perfect to provide a completely new aspect to areas in so many ways! There is one for each purpose and for each area. If you are thinking about a dramatic renovation to your spaces, American Loss Consultant can suggest you the best options in the field of insulation, certified and skillful for this important task.

By time, insulation has caught the attention of many users, because it has many benefits for every space. Nowadays you are probably dealing with issues like:

  • Hot environment in summer and cold in winter.
  • High heating and cooling bills.
  • Cold walls and floors in winter.
  • Air conditioner never stops in summer

All the above can be solved with a professional insulation. It can reduce and slow heat loss or produce a kind of barrier in the middle of spaces with temperature difference.

Types of Insulation

Nowadays the three common types of insulation used are foam, fiberglass and cellulose. Foam insulation can be presented in spray or injection foam. Each has particular use: spray foam is to be spray in an open cavity, for example in new constructions, crawl spaces or attics; the foam is sprayed and it expands filling cavities. Injection foam is preferable for existing cavities, being useful for walls and ceilings.

Spray foam insulation is made of water-blown and organic chemical compounds extracted from petroleum derivative. Injection foam is made of a tri-polymer blend dry powder resin. When the resin mixes to agents that produce foam and water, the polymer becomes to what is known as “retrofoam injection foam insulation”. It has a creamy appearance as well as consistency. It is perfect to fill nooks and crannies of existing walls.

Fiberglass insulation is made of plastic reinforced using tiny glass fibers. The plastic composition is great offering extra strength to surfaces; the composition also improves the capacity of insulation of the material. This fiberglass comes in batts and rolls. It can be used to cover unfinished ceilings, walls, or floors, being fitted in studs, beams and joists, which secure the effectiveness of the procedure.

Cellulose on it sides is composed by 75 to 85 percent recycled paper fiber…in fact, your old newspapers might be being reused right now on several walls! The other 15 percent of the mixture that composes cellulose is a fire retardant: it can be boric acid or ammonium sulfate. To apply cellulose insulation, filling or blowing might be done. Cellulose can be loose-fill in cavities; or it can be blown in those cavities. The best practice is to enclose existing walls or to open new wall cavities. It can also be used in unfinished attic floors.

Benefits of Insulating homes or business

Many benefits are derived from insulation. Aesthetically, functional and economic reasons can move you to hire restoration services to conduct the task. Let’s tell you several convincing reasons to bet for an insulating work:

Reduction of energy costs. The properties of filling cavities that the procedure has will help you to reduce the use of heating or air conditioning. During winter, cold would be away and in summer, hot.

When acquiring HVAC, thanks to the property of climate control, the capacity and size of mechanical equipments can be reduced, beneficing the energy consumption and space optimization.

It protects the areas from fire damages. The nature of the material prevents fire get into insulated areas, giving you extra protection in those events.

Insulation composition prevents moisture condensation. Thanks to this property, humidity will leave your home and office. And an extra benefit: the horrible hazardous mold would not grow so easy.

Your ears will be really pleased: insulation reduces tremendously the noise levels. If you live in a noise neighborhood, outer sounds will not disturb you anymore. And if your business is in commercial areas where constructions are usual, drills will not interrupt your meetings.

A luxurious aspect will cover your spaces. The perfect finish that the insulation process provides to your property brings a nice appearance and adds value to your property. Do not think you are spending money; think you are investing in your property.

Call now American Loss Consultant and we will find the experts in drywall and insulation for you.