Residential Drywall removal

There might be different reasons to start a renovation project of home spaces; for example, you may need to change the walls of your house because they have water damage; maybe you are tired to see the worn out walls of your house; perhaps the Drywall have cracks and dents; or you are just not satisfied with the finishes. It does not matter what is the main reason to start renovation at home and give it a functional and pleasant appearance, but if the material of the walls of your house is drywall, you must remove it before starting any renovation project.

The time as well as the effort invested in removing the Drywall can increase the costs of your project; the faster you get rid of the Drywall of your home, the quicker you will start the construction of your new project. Removing the drywall safely, without affecting the pipes and electrical wiring has its tricks; in addition the removal task can leave dust and debris that could be difficult to discard if you do not know where to do it. Then if you want to remove the drywall from your home, call American Loss Consultant, we will find a specialized drywall removal contractor, who will do the removal task safely, quickly and efficiently; the contractors we will find for you will leave the space totally clean, free of dust and debris, so you can start your renovation project on time.

What is the procedure to hire a Drywall removal service?

If you want to hire a Drywall removal service, you do not have to spend hours searching on Google, remember that often unscrupulous contractors can easily scam you by uploading fake reviews about their services on their website. Do not take unnecessary risks: at American Loss Consultant we take care of verifying the background and previous services of all the contractors of our directory. Just call us and we will send you a qualified contractor who will provide a professional service to remove your Drywall.

Once the contractor we send you pays you a visit. Their experts will analyze all the requirements that your removal project needs. The contractor will calculate very carefully the price of the service you need according to your specifications and then the contractor will provide you a precise quote without hidden cost. All the contractors in our directory will guarantee the removal of all the debris and the clean-up of the space, thus you will not pay more to get rid of the residuals of the Drywall removal process. Call American Loss Consultant and we will send you a contractor who could provide you a free advice.

Drywall removal process

Removing completely the Drywall has its techniques. It is important to pay attention to the blueprints of your house before starting the Drywall removal process. Perhaps you are tempted to do the removal of the Drywall by yourself, but we advise you to contact a qualified personnel to do the Drywall removal for you; the contractors have the equipment needed to remove the Drywall, they know how to avoid electrical hazard, and they will be extremely careful to avoid your water pipes burst by accidentally hammering on them. Contact American Loss Consultant, we can find a specialized Drywall removal contractor to do this job for you. Here we will present the steps the contractors will follow to remove properly your Drywall.

Preparing the room for the removal process

After you decided to hire the services American Loss Consultant offer you, we will send you the contractor that will study the blueprints of the house to locate the pipelines, pipes and electrical wiring, to protect your house and maintain a safe environment. The contractor will seal the room with hanging plastic sheets on the door and will close all the windows just to prevent the dust and debris to circulate around your house. Later, the contractor will shut-off the electricity of the room and will remove cover plates from wall boxes.

Cutting and removing the Drywall

Before trimming the Drywall it is important to remove any door or window frames. The entire moldings on the walls must be removed, including baseboards and crown molding, electrical cover plates and switches as well. If you do not know how to remove the trims of your door and windows without damaging them, you must call American Loss Consultant; we can find you a contractor that will made this job carefully enough to protect all the valuable trims and frames you have inside the room you will remodel.

The next step is removing larges sections of Drywall and prying the nails out using a pry bar. Once the largest pieces of Drywall have been removed, the contractor will remove the smallest pieces located near the nails; finally they will remove all the remaining nails.

Clean-up the place

The final step of Drywall removal is to get ride off the debris and clean-up the space using a powerful vac-machine. It is important to have a proper disposal of the debris, the contractors that American Loss Consultant find for you will fulfill all the construction debris disposal regulations imposed by law. You may rest assure that almost all the Drywall debris will be carried to recovery companies that will be in charge of recycling the materials, so the final disposition of the debris will be totally ecological.

Cost of Drywall removal

The standard cost of Drywall removal may vary depending on the area you are living. A service that includes the protection of existing structures, detachment of Drywall from the adjacent surfaces, removal of fasteners and nails from framing, breaking the drywall into haul-able pieces and finally the clean-up and legally disposal of the debris may cost between 1247 and 2077$ for a room of 2000 square feet. The average cost per square foot of Drywall removal and disposal is between 0,62 and 1,04$.

Remember if you are planning to do the Drywall removal by yourself, there is no easy way to get rid of the debris and the dust left by the process of removal. There are taxes you must pay and there is a regulation of solid waste disposal you must follow to achieve the disposal of a large volume of debris. If you do not know how to manage this issue, leave this problem on the hands of the professional contractors that American Loss Consultant can find for you.

If you hire our services you will not have to worry about the proper removal of your Drywall or the final disposal of it, the contractor we will send you can take care of all the process and will give you a clean and Drywall free space. All the contractors of our directory are used to work with specifics deadlines, you may rest assure that you will have a clean space timely for your remodeling project. Contact American Loss Consultant and we will send you a contractor to give you a free advice on the Drywall removal you may need.

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