Express Flooring

Floors are probably one of the principal details homeowners care about because they are extremely remarkable since the very first moment people arrive home. Sometimes customers retract of the idea of making changes in flooring because this task demands too much time and money; but for people who prefer avoiding time consuming flooring restoration projects, express flooring is a possible choice.

If you want to give a new look to your flooring and express flooring is your choice, American Loss Consultant has the best comprehensive portfolio of professionals to set this type of flooring for you. Express flooring will be installed without the messy of removing existing flooring and of course, without the cost of removing them.

Express flooring installation requirements

Flooring is important for every home structure. The floor system must resist interior walls weight, furniture, appliances, finished flooring and of course, your entire family and guests…how well built the floor system of your house is determinant at the time you want to install an express flooring: it has to be robust, strong, smooth and solid; the support columns must be properly installed and spaced so your existing floors would resist other flooring on it, no matter the weight or the material you use.

Never install new flooring on loosen or damaged subfloors. Before any installation, the expert in flooring will secure any loose wood subfloor planks or plywood subfloors. The joists must be checked and secure using screws or any other tool required. If the subfloor in your home is made by concrete slabs, they must be flat using a leveling compound in order to fill any depression or voids.

Other aspect to take into account is checking moisture in wood flooring subfloor. If moisture is not controlled in wood planks, during winter the floor will contract and in summer, the surface will expand. This floor movement cause wood planks to cup or buckle. So before installing any express flooring, acclimate the wood.

When you want to install express flooring on a plank subflooring, planks must be re-secure to the floor joists.  When talking about plywood subflooring, we can say that the installation of a new floor on it will be safe; just a thick bead of subfloor adhesive caulking will be enough to prepare the surface for new flooring. If you have concrete slabs at home, flooring experts must conduct a moisture test before the installation of new flooring, specially hardwood or carpets; due concrete is made with water, it might present some levels of humidity even time after. Finally, if porcelain or ceramic tile is installed and you want to set new flooring on them, prefer flooring with adhesive to stick it on the old flooring.

Types of flooring suitable to be used as express flooring

According to the experts consulted by American Loss Consultant, there are four types of floors that can be installed over existing flooring and that works well: ¾” thick solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring, floating wood flooring and laminate flooring.

¾” thick solid wood flooring

This type of wood flooring is suitable to be installed directly over plywood, engineered or floating engineered wood flooring. Wood flooring will be installed parallel to existing floor for a major stability and to obtain a newer look.

Engineered wood flooring

To install engineered wood over existing flooring the main requisite is that the engineered wood flooring be of less than ½” thick. This measure is suggested for strong subflooring; but if the subflooring is weak, a thick of 3/8” is advisable. If flooring is not strong enough, the whole floor might flex up and down when walked on. A floating system could be useful at the time of installing the engineered wood flooring.

Floating wood flooring

The floating flooring can be simply installed directly on plank subfloor, providing a useful advantage over other types of flooring. In case of deflections in the wood plank subfloor, and additional layer of plywood underlayment must be glued.

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is simple of being installed; it can only be installed as a floating one using foam pad; it is always advisable to add an additional layer of plywood to provide stronger flooring.

Cost of Express Flooring

Average costs of installing express flooring can be:

Install wood$1,498($10 per square foot)
Install Laminate$1,588 ($5.50 per square foot)
Install engineered wood flooring$ 1,500 (Between $3 to $10 per square foot)
Floating wood flooring$ 1,800 (Between $2 to $8 per square foot)

Remember to call American Loss Consultant for any new project you want to commit at home. We have the best partners and express flooring experts that will install in short time perfect flooring. American Loss Consultant, Free estimates. Wise Advice.