Residential fast drywall repair

As time goes by, the finishes of the buildings will suffer wearing and damages that could require repairs; the technique to repair or replace a damaged wall section will depend on the size of the damage and the material with which the walls are built. If the walls of your home are made of drywall you can have some alternatives to make repairs quickly and efficiently, reaching a professional effect that will leave your drywall as a new installed wall.

At American Loss Consultant we can find a constructor with vast experience on fast drywall repairing. Contact us and we will send you a contractor to give you a free advice; he will give pays you a visit and will give you a quote with not hidden cost. If you want to repair your drywall swiftly and efficiently contact us and we will send you a highly qualified professional who will give you the best results for your repairing project.

Causes of Drywall damage

One of the disadvantages of using drywall to build your house is the fragility of the material: any heavy impact on the drywall sheets may cause holes, dents and crackings. But the most common damage to drywall is made by doorknobs, if you slam your door against the drywall, probably you will made a hole, leaving an unpleasant appearance on your space.

Drywall damages can be classified by their size and the cause of the damage, depending on this characteristics there will be different solutions to repair your Drywall, here we will present some of the most common damages caused on Drywall sheets.

  • Small holes: usually small holes on Drywall are caused by mice, or any other small rodent, if you live in a heavily wooded area, your house could be prone to rodent infestation, sometimes you may not see the mice, but you could see the damages leaved by them on your walls and your furniture.
  • Large holes: this type of damage is usually made by the impact of an object on the Drywall, the holes may be caused by throwing heavy objects on the walls or by impacts made by sporting equipment.
  • Water damage: This type of damage besides of giving to your house an unpleasant appearance it will also cause damages to the structural integrity of the wall, additionally, the moisture can cause mold growth that can seriously affect the health of all the inhabitants of the house.
  • Stress cracks: the cracks can be caused by several issues; if you recently replace the roof of your house and you chose a heavier roof, the additional weight maybe cause structural damages to the integrity of the foundations. Other source of crackings is the seismic activity, after an earthquake you can see diagonal crackings on your wall, depending on the length or the depth of the cracks, you will need to change an entire wall.

Any of this damages requires specific repairing. The difference between the repairing may vary from a small patch to the entire replacement of a sheet of Drywall. If you have doubt on which is the best way to repair your Drywall, call American Loss Consultant. we can find on your area a contractor specialized on fast Drywall repair. You will not have to worry about the integrity and the qualification of the contractor, you may rest assure that the finish will be neat and professional and you will not notice the difference between the repaired wall and any other wall of your house.

Solutions to Drywall damages

The price of Drywall repairing depend on several variables, the materials and the prices of the repairing will depend on the size of the damage, on the other hand if your Drywall has a special texture or color this will increase the price of the finish of the wall. At American Loss Consultant we advice you to hire a professional contractor to do this work for you. This way you will be assured that the quality of the repairing fits your expectations and the finish of the wall will be neat and professional. Here we will present you possibles solutions to your Drywall damages.

Small holes and dents

If you are a handyman maybe you want to do it by yourself and repair small holes (smaller than 5 inches) on your Drywall; remember this little holes are caused by doorknobs, mice or screws, depending on the source of the hole, you must need to do others things to avoid the appearing of new holes. If the hole is made by a doorknob, you must install a door stopper to prevent any future damage, but if the holes on your Drywall are made by mice, you need to call a fumigation company and hire their services to get rid of the rodents. After you attack the source of your problem, to repair the holes you will need to buy a repair kit, this kit will contain all the materials you will need to patch the holes. If the Drywall of your house has special textures you may need to hire a contractor to give the finish to the Drywall. The approximated cost charged by a professional to repairing small holes on Drywall is between $50 to 75$; the prices may vary depending on the zip code and the number of reparations. If you want a professional to do this job, contact American Loss Consultant, and we will send you a contractor to evaluate the damage of your walls and he will present you a quote.

Larger holes

Repairing larger holes on your Drywall will be trickier; first you need to protect your house with plastic and seal the space where will be located the reparation, a large reparation of the Drywall may cause debris and dust, secondly you may require specialized materials like aluminum sheets to cover the holes, and finally you may need to hire a service to get rid off the debris and clean-up all the dust leave it by the repairing process. By hiring different contractors to do this services you will pay more than just hire one contractor to do all the work, the cost to repair large holes is approximately $50 to 75$, but you must also add the cost of the materials and the cost of removal the construction debris. If you want to hire one constructor that will do all this work for you, call American Loss Consultant, we will find  a constructor that fits all your requirements.

Water damage and Stress cracks

Finally we will present you an estimation of the repair of stress cracks and damages caused by water. If your Drywall has water damage, the first thing you need to do is hire a plumber to fix the source of the problem, later a specialist need to determine if your Drywall has mold growth. The average cost for mold remediation is $2300,  you also need to add the repairing cost of 60 to 90 $ plus the materials you will need to buy to do the repair.

If you has stress cracks on your Drywall, you may need to hire a specialist to determine if the integrity of the foundations of your house is affected. If this is your case, you may need to do structural modifications on your house. If your house does not have foundations problems , you can fill the cracks with the materials of a repairing kits, and later you could reach the finish you wanted by sanding and painting the wall.

If you are interested in repairing the damages on your Drywall but you do not have the time or the skills to do it, do not hesitated to call American Loss Consultant. We will find you a constructor specialized on Fast Drywall Repair, who will professionally assist you and who will guarantee a professional finish for your walls. You will be happy with the results and the best of it, is that you will not have to worry about cleaning all the mess of the repair. The Constructor clean all the dust and will remove the debris for you.

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