Fence Painting

To have spectacular fences is a dream many families have every time when arriving home. To maintain them in perfect conditions is a must to for achieving this dream. And if you want to have the ideal service, it is a good idea to hire only experts to take charge of the maintenance. At American Loss Consultant, we have selected the most comprehensive group of experts and companies that can commit the work of fence painting.

Why painting the fences

In order to preserve the material and beauty of your fences, painting or staining can contribute to it. Painting provides some of the following benefits:

  • In case of wood fences, painting last longer and have a better appearance.
  • It gives protection against corrosion, pests, wear, or scratch.
  • Renew the look of the fences.
  • Feed the material in inner surfaces

If painting is significant for the appearance and protection of your fences, some experts might suggest you stain rather than painting. Consult your contractor before starting any restoration adventure.

 What is the ideal painting for your fences

We have been talking about wood fences, but not all homes have fences made of wood. Some people prefer metal ones; other aluminum…and the type of painting for fences will be determined by different factors, like the material they are made of.

Paint for wooden fences

One of the main issues with wooden fences is the damages derived to natural forces: the direct sunlight, the exposure to rain, wind and extreme temperatures occasionate multiple harms. Experts usually recommend for wooden fences the use of acrylic latex paint.

Before applying any painting, the use of an acrylic primer over the wood would prevent accidents, particularly on new ones that contain tannins or other chemicals that might bleed through ordinary paint finish causing the failure of the paint or its cracking. The acrylic premier seals those chemicals and helps the paint adhere for long. Thus, as it was said before, an acrylic latex paint is advisable.

Acrylic latex paint offers a really effective barrier that will protect wood from water; thanks of being flexible, it expands and contracts facing temperature changes, a benefit that an oil-based paint does not offer, in fact, it peels and cracks easily.

Paint for metal fences

Different from wooden fences in which paint is crucial in metal fences the primer really makes the hint! Metal fences like the iron ones can be painted using any type of paint. But the surface must be well set first.

Before applying any paint, a primer with the correct type of base coat must be used. Latex and acrylic primers are not good for iron because the nonporous nature of the metal. An acid-based metal-etching primer will be right.

Experts say that acrylic latex paint works well for iron fences because its resistance to external damages; also, it offers the expansion and contraction property in extreme temperature changes. Avoid ordinary latex paint because it does not have that property. But besides acrylic latex, you also have the option of enamel: it is resistant to exterior conditions; it is more durable than water-based acrylic latex and withstands high levels of physical duress.


Paint for aluminum fences

Despite they are rust free and withstand any weather condition, they are solid and low maintenance, aluminum fences can be paint several times to give a fresh look to your home entrance. As other materials, they require the application of a primer, after a deep cleaning of the surface. The primer must be suitable for aluminum, of course. The paint must be good on metal and with expert advice and help, fences will look great.

Choosing the best color for your fences

Color is determining in the first view of any space. And fences are not the exception. With the right guidance of experts, you can find the best option for your fences. Besides, American Loss Consultant can provide you some useful tricks in the color choosing task.

 Blue is the one if you want a safe selection. Blue always enchant any home exterior because it has the distinctive touch of color and modernity.

Gray has been considered the trendy color in many social media so you have probably seen many fences in gray. Gray, like blue, provides the touch of modernity and elegance to the fences. Eucalyptus might be a nice variation.

Yellow in a dark tone that resembles traditional brown brings a classical and avant gardé style to your home. Consultants seem golden ember as a really stunning color.

Dark grey like granite is other color that is gaining many addicts day by day. It is considered that dark grey gives a strong and modern style to any fence. It can be the perfect one for those who want a special place.

How much to spend on fence painting

Improvements at home always have a price which is worthy after seeing nice results. If you are having in mind the renovation of your fences, it is interesting to have a general idea about the budget you should have in hand to hire the professionals in fence painting. We are going to provide you with ideas and numbers then you will get a good deal.

Overall Prices

According to experts pricing rates, to paint or to stain the fences is around $2,000. But this price can vary depending on the condition of the fences (if extra repairing is required), the length and the height of them. Some contractors offer their services by an average cost between $3 to $17 linear foot or $1 to $2,50 per square foot, plus the cost of paint around $240 to $600.

The type of fence affects painting cost

People talk about an overall fence painting cost ranging between $750 to $4,250 including preparation, material and labor. But the cost is determined mainly by the type of fence you have at home.

If you count at home with a wrought iron railing which is a really attractive and decorative type, you will need a bigger pocket than if having a picket one. Wrought iron railing is really difficult to paint because they require a longer preparation process. Workers might need to remove rust before any painting activity or apply coat of rust-proof primer before the final coat, then the final price will be increased around $1,250.

Having the classy picket wood and cedar fences will cost in average $875. But have in mind that if old paint is in poor condition or the wood needs extra care, some extra charges will be added. Some people tend to staining instead of painting if the wood is new. If you chose staining, then you will not spend extra money because this type of work does not need much preparation.

The heights of privacy wood and cedar fences as well as their intricacy of the wood work are two aspects that increase the price of painting. Rated prices for privacy rounds $1,875 for 250 feet, taking into consideration that special features on fences like lattice work on top or any scrolling woodwork increases the total sum.

In painting metal and aluminum fences you have to consider similar aspects mentioned in wrought iron railing: $2,170 for linear feet; but you will not have extra expenses because those materials do not rust.

And definitely, shadow box fences are not cheap at all! The laborious designs to paint make them expensive to paint, and then you will need $3,250 for a 250 feet extension. Also, extra works like scraping loose paint and preparation add some dollars.

Final advice

For a beautiful and well done labor, always hire expert teams. Do not risk your money hiring not trustable people who advice using catching messages. Contact people of American Loss Consultant to have the list of really skillful pros. Call us anytime and ask for a free estimate.

Fence Painting or Staining Prices by Type

TypeAvg. Per Linear Foot
Wrought Iron$8.70
Wood & Cedar Picket$3.50
Wood & Cedar Privacy$7.50
Metal & Aluminum$8.70
Steel Pipe$8.00
Chain Link$6.80
Shadow Box$13.00


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