After any fire incident, damages are at the order of the day; your property may be damaged at different levels: structure, basements, walls, doors, Windows, furniture and more. It is demanding to make a professional fire damage restoration that brings back the good condition and comfort at your property. At first moment you will have no a clear idea of the extension of the damages or what to do. And that is absolutely normal…afterwards you are not a professional on that field. But for those events, ALC is here to assist you during and after fire damage restoration. That is a really big task but it can be easily fulfilled with our opportune help.

What is considered fire damage?

Have you ever had a fire experience at home or were you closed to one and you had no idea about what to do? Or worst, you already had a fire at home? Well, fire damage is usually one of the most dangerous at home because your life is in danger and extension of damage is unpredictable. It can be just a little area destruction or your entire home if it is not controlled timely. But what is exactly known or what fire damage consists of? As fire damage insuranceopedia refers to“… the physical damage to a property as a result of burning. This damage may be either directly caused by the flames or could occur due to smoke and other corrosive substances emitted by the fire.” Damages can vary depending on the extension and origin of fire and also from the measures you are able to take in case of emergency. You can count on our specialized services of assistance to solve any issue after fire damage.

What are the most common origins of fire at home?

ALC strongly advise you to always be careful at home. Routinely activities can start fires if you are not aware about every little detail around you. According to the experts, people are not usually conscious about the activities that can origin fire. Electrical damages, cooking activities or Christmas decorations not handled carefully, may end in a huge fire at home. Our experience tells us that domestic fire produces damages at many levels. As experts, we can offer you some security instructions that must be taken in every home to avoid fire.

Electrical fire

If you did not know, flames are not the only origin of fire at home. Electricity and electrical appliances can origin multiple fires at home. They are really hard to deal with and are really invasive at home. Numbers related to this kind of fires is really alarming: according to statistics, every year there are more than 45,000 home electrical fires in the U.S. and many of them are due to negligence in the use of electrical appliances and accessories. It is important to take into account the following:

  • Never plug a heat producing appliance to an extension cord; connect the appliance directly to a wall outlet.
  • Plug only one heat-producing appliance into a wall outlet at a time. Never plug coffee maker and microwave in the same outlet.
  • Extension cords are only temporary electricity sources. If you need an extra outlet, have an electrician to install one where you need it.
  • Ask an electrician to a general check-up of all your home electrical wiring, especially lamps. 3 of 5 electrical fires are related to lighting equipments or home electrical wiring.

There are some times of the year when electrical fire increases and those are from November to March. Be extremely careful during these months; pay special attention to HVAC and electrical installation in general. And the most dangerous time of the day are between midnight and 8 a.m.

Cooking fires

Cooking is the main cause of home fires and home injuries. There are some easy to follow general suggestions that will prevent any fire resulting from cooking:

  • Never leave kitchen unattended. If you are cooking and you need to move away from the kitchen, turn the burner off.
  • Pay attention to the kitchen flame. Usually fires start when flame is too high. If you see smoke or grease start to boil, turn the burner off.
  • Place handles of pots or pans toward the back of the stove. One of the most common accidents is to move along the kitchen and trip up pot or pan handle; this may end up in a fatal accident because you may burn or grease from frying pan can fall on the flame and start a huge fire. Watch out this.
  • Place towels or paw away from the flame of the stove. They might catch fire and cause major damages.

Always be careful when in the kitchen to prevent any fire damage and avoid to be burned you.

Holiday, Candle and Christmas tree fire

Christmas decorations are one of the causes of fire at home. It is not very common Christmas tree fires but when they occur, they are pretty serious and many of them end in fatal results. Usually Christmas tree fires are caused by electrical problems but in general, candles start more than half of the home decoration fires in December. Good advice to avoid fire during Christmas or derived from Christmas decorations are:

  • Set your Christmas tree at least 3 feet away from heat sources like fireplaces, radiators, space heaters, candles or heat vents.
  • Get rid of your tree after Christmas or when it is dry.
  • Unplug Christmas light when you are away home.

Any advice is never useless when taking about fire prevention.

What to do after a fire?

Once you have encountered fire at home, it is necessary to take some measures that will lead you to go back to your normal life. Material damages alter your everyday life in manners indescribable; you have material losses that depending on your precautions, you might solve them using your insurance policy but if you did not have one, you might face serious economic problems; on the other side, to be exposed to fire damages might origin psychological disorders. Both scenarios are completely normal. What is left is to face the situation. At ALC we are ready to help you overcome all damages coming from fire, in material aspects as well as your human aspects.

In relation to material damages, we strongly recommend you to check very careful for structural damage because structure may fall and hurt you or your family. Also check the outside of your home before you enter; look for loose power lines, broken or damaged gas lines, foundation cracks or other damages; a good hint: Outside damages indicate major problems outside. In case the front door is jammed, do not force it because the rest of the structure may fall down. If you smell gas, get away immediately and call fire department. People, who have propane tank system, must turn off all valves and contact your propane supplier. Check for smoke and embers all around home. Be careful about damaged stairs or furniture, they may fall down and hurt you.

In human aspects, we recommend you to practice stress-reduction techniques like regular exercises, meditation and deep breathing. Try to release negative emotions through healthy manner so you are allowed to cry and to feel bad; but if you feel ok do not feel guilty of it and enjoy your feelings of happiness. Try to go back to your normal life step by step. Do not isolate yourself too much; try to share time with people, family and friends. Ask for community support; they have specialists and volunteers able to help you. Avoid to refugee yourself in altering substances such as alcohol and other drugs. Eat well balanced food.

Asking for professional help during fire event damage is really important because you are affected in many aspects, materials and emotional. ALC has a vast array of professionals that can take you through an easy and solid recovery process. We can instruct you about what to do immediately after fire events, how to manage recovery process and any other part of the process like restoration services. Our mission is to facilitate you the procedure and decision make since you probably need special treatment of the situation. We strongly believe you are our major concern and our companionship will alleviate your losses.

What restoration services can be done after fire damage?

Immediately after fire is extinguished and fire department has verified there is no ulterior possibility of danger from fire remaining, fire damage restoration must be performed. ALC will lead you along the activities so you can have an excellent support during restoration. To be clear about all services that must be required resulting from fire damage is one of our major goals because you need that service. So, we will provide all the information required for you to take the best decision in restoration. The advantages of hiring our services rather than fixing your home after fire damage are countless. We conduct our clients to an effective restoration result.

When taking about fire damage restoration, we will help you with:

  • Supervision of damages after fire. Every area at home is inspecting in searching of real damages. Floor, roof, windows, doors, furniture…all spaces must be carefully supervised to find all possible damages.
  • Evaluation of damages. After supervision we count damages and evaluate what services of restoration will be helpful for you. Not every fire is the same so particular need requires particular solution. Our professionals know exactly the proper action to take in every situation.
  • Hiring a suitable restoration company. Depending on the evaluation, we advise you about options of restoration companies for you. Debris, soot and smoke odor are important to be removed after fire.
  • Replacement of walls, doors, windows, carpentry and more is evaluated. Our assistance can provide you the best solution for your emergency.

No matter how big or little your fire damage was our assistance will provide you an excellent result. The highly professional help provided by our team can take charge of all the restoration service. Besides fire damage, sometimes activities of fire department might also bring water damage. Our team will also evaluate damages derived from water. Our integral performance never let any detail behind. You can have a comprehensive assistance service to reach the best fire damage restoration.

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