Residential flat roof

Traditionally, pitched roofs have been used in residential areas, while flat roofs have been used in industries and stores. This is because the owners of industries and stores prefer to have a type of roof whose installation is less expensive, it is easy to maintain and the use of space is more efficient, while in residential areas people decide to have a pitched roof for aesthetic reasons.

Building a new roof for your home is a great investment and requires several months of planning. Before selecting the traditional pitched roof for your home, it is important to consider other options available in the market. The choice of a flat roof for the construction of your home can have many advantages, the most appealing advantage is the cost of its installation, since it has less area to cover than a sloped roof, less material is spent and the costs are significantly lower. And if you are thinking about changes, contact the experts that can advise you to take a wise decision. American Loss Consultant is an expert company in providing assistance for renovation tasks. Before any big chance, we can bring you a comprehensive set of possibilities.

Benefits of a residential flat roof

  • One of the main attractions of a flat roof construction is that both the installation and maintenance have the most affordable prices on the market; just the fact of not having a slope makes this type of construction easier to make. Unlike a sloping roof, a flat roof does not need asphalt shingles, which implies a significant saving in the cost of construction materials.
  • Flat roofs are one of the types of roofs that have longer life; the average durability can be over 30 years. Another benefit of this type of roof is that the materials used for its construction are stronger and more resistant to the strong winds that can hit the residential areas during a natural disaster.
  • Accessibility and additional space: Another advantage of flat roofs is that you can access to them very easily, which simplifies maintenance work. This easy access feature and strength of the materials will allow you to transform this area into a functional space for your home such as a place for storage or in a recreational space like a garden or a patio where you can enjoy the sun.

If you want to build a flat roof for your house, contact American Loss Consultant; we can give you free advice on the benefits of this type of construction and we will get the best contractors for you, Do not hire a random company, call us and we will guarantee the installation of your roof will respect all the safety regulations imposed by law and the result will be a high quality construction that will have a long useful life.

Types of flat roofs

Flat roofs have many advantages, however, flat roofs need to have a drainage system that prevents the accumulation of water and must also be covered by a protective membrane to prevent leaks. There are four types of protection that you can choose for your flat roof, here we will present the options available in the market, if you are interested in knowing what are the pros and cons of each material contact American Loss Consultant and we will immediately put you in contact with a contractor from our directory, to advise you on the choice of the material that best suits your budget and area of residence.

  • Build-up Roof: It is the most traditional type of flat roof protection. For its construction are used three or more layers of waterproof material alternated with hot asphalt. This type of roof needs to be protected from weather, sunlight or people walking on it.
  • Modified Bitumen: the materials of this roof is similar to the build-up roof, but the waterproof materials contains rubber polymers adding elasticity and durability, the modified bitumen could be apply in one single layer attached to the roof with hot asphalt.
  • Polyurethane Foam: It is the material used when the roof of the house has unusual shapes and angles, it is foam that spreads through the roof and when hardening is added a protective layer. This type of material is a thermal insulator, if you live in a hot area, this material could be suitable for your needs.
  • Single Ply: this type of roof is made of plastic, rubber or a mix of them, its applied in a single layer and can be attached with adhesives or ballast.

Flat roof maintenance mistakes

When a flat roof that does not have the proper maintenance, it can present damages such as leaks that will produce mold growing; if this problem is not treated in time it could cause great losses due to the structural damages that your house could suffer. Here we present the more common errors in maintenance for a flat roof.

Inadequate installation: Many of the problems of flat roofs are due to improper installation of the protective membrane; it is important to be sure that the person who will install your roof has the qualification to do it because sometimes trying to save money by installing the roof by yourself can be more expensive at the end.

  • Wrong selection of protective coating: The selection of the most suitable protective membrane for your home will depend on the weather conditions of the area where you live, the number of inches of rain falling per year and the average amount of snow. If you do not know which is the most appropriate protective membrane for your home, call American Loss Consultant and we will recommend a contractor from our directory who will advise you about it.
  • Inadequate Drainage: To protect your roof, it is necessary to be sure that your drainage system is sufficient and it is always free of leaves, branches of trees or other debris. If the drainage is insufficient, rainwater or snow can stay on your roof and finally this will cause leaks.
  • Neglecting your flat roof: Ideally, the flat roof should be inspected regularly by a contractor, so this technician can tell you if you need to make any repairs and can advise you on the optimal way to do it.

Build a new roof for your home is an investment that you must study in detail; if the prices of a flat roof fit your budget make sure that the people who will build the roof, install the drains and the protective membrane have the necessary certifications . Trying to save money by hiring people who are not trained may cause structural damage to your home in the future. Make sure you will hire a company that has high quality standards. At American Loss Consultant we have at your service a directory of contractors that meet all the quality standards and safety regulations imposed by law, contact us and we will introduce you to the contractor who will make sure that your project reaches a happy ending.

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