Every natural phenomenon has its own particular risk so in consequence any of them can be perceived as tiny issue. Talking about flood, its destructive effect is so tremendous that it can wipe away an entire city, coastline or area, making immeasurable damages to life and properties. Flood damages can last for long as well as the recovery process. If you have been victim from flood, you have a long work to do. Water, debris, mold and more have to be mitigated. You can decide two ways to solve it: the hard or the easy one. The hard one is to face the situation by yourself; the easy one is to hire professional assistance to overcome and solve the situation. If your choice is the last one, congratulations!

Professional assistance after flood damages provides you of benefits such as: save time and effort, leaving on the hands of people who know how, all the procedures required after flood, like water extraction, disposal of waste and more. The succeed of the procedure will rely on how well trained people who hire are and that is not a problem at all when you hire American Loss Consultant to advice you. We have the right people for the exact task. Plumbers, electricians, restoration services and more can be contacted through our services. We have selected the best companies in Florida State to share their knowledge with our clients. Be smart and trust only on professionals.

Now, flood is defined as a natural event that submerges under water pieces of land that are usually dry. Floods have varied characteristics, since some can occur suddenly and recede quickly; others may take days or months to act and discharge. Also, particular areas affected by flood make the damages become different. In countries, floods may occur very frequently; but if they damp uninhabited areas they are not noticeable. When they happen in occupied areas, water carries out houses, cars, furniture and also people; farms and their cattle as well as heavy items can be wiped away.

There are different reasons that cause floods: rains, hurricanes, strong winds, river overflow or inclusive broken pipes are main cause of flood. When rains are strong and drainage is not enough, a flood event might happen; hurricanes and strong winds are powerful in moving big amount of water from the sea to the coast which flood lands easily; when rivers have more water than usual, bank river can be overflow and water tends to flow downstream to the closest low-lying area. Flood might also happen from not natural origin, like broken pipes. Each second, gallons of water go along water pipes; when one of them breaks, water rushes along streets or homes, flooding in a short time the area.

Consequences of floods can be devastating, affecting economy, environment and people. Destruction of roads, bridges, farms, houses and business make cities economic activities stops and leaves people homeless and eventually bankrupt. Money required for emergency actions, re-built communities and business and come back to normal activities is really huge.  According to American official agencies, floods in 2011 cost $8,640,031,956. Environment is also affected by flood. High water movements wipe chemical disposals to river or other water containers, contaminated water we consume. Also, floods destroy trees and lands. Insects invade the normal ecosystem, disturbing its natural balance.

Floods affect people at different levels. During floods many people and animals have died; many more have been injured and others have become homeless. Due floods wipe different elements, they spread along cities hazardous elements that bring diseases and infections to people. Skin problems, dysentery as well as other maladies are derived from the movement of pollutants and disposals that floods originate.

We have been talking about flood damages outside your home. Government and local authorities are in charge of solving them. But damages inside your home are your responsibility. At home, floods endanger damages like:

  • Contamination of areas with sewage or infected water.
  • Damped carpets and furniture.
  • Rotten walls made of plywood; rotten wood furniture.
  • Demolished Trees and garden
  • Mold growing

Recovery from those damages is not easy. Meticulous actions must be carried out. And in that task, American Loss Consultant is completely qualified to help. We have assisted many clients who have faced damages by floods. We do not fix the damages but we do something greater: we help you to solve the problem. We advise you in every step that deals with solving all the issues related to flood damage. Since the beginning, we will be there for you. In tough moments, who need someone who understands you and helps you to fight the situation. We will provide you a complete catalog of specialist in water extraction, restoration, mold growing control, insurance claims and all other service that eventually will be required. We really care about you.

Once you contact us, your case will be in charge of professionals. According to our vast experience, the recovery process to surmount flood damages must include:

  1. Supervision performed by restoration services to find out damages and analyze them in search of best options to solve the problem. After the supervision, specialists must explain you all damages and restoration procedures. We only recommend top experts so be sure they will provide you the best options.
  2. Technical water extraction. Qualified companies will use specialized equipments to extract water from your home. This procedure guarantees all water is taken away and the area is absolutely dry.
  3. A deep cleaning and sanitizing procedure. Flood takes inside your home immeasurable number of diseases. Water takes bacteria, dirt, excrement and more hazardous and infectious disposals. A deep cleaning procedure using strong chemicals and ulterior sanitizing procedure must be carried out to ensure your safety and your family’s.
  4. Removal of damaged material. Water is a very damaging element. And water from flood is not only damaging but also contaminant. All material that has been affected must be removed: carpets, damped plywood, damped furniture, wet papers or cardboard…remember that they are not just wet; they were contaminated by flood. Removal and appropriated disposal must be conducted.
  5. Mold growing detection. Mold grows in humid and mildew surfaces; floods left behind that, so our professionals will search to find if exists mold focus and attack it. Mold remediation, mitigation and containment can be done only by experts. Trust on our team and its experience.
  6. Dehumidification procedure. When areas are exposed to floods, humidity might persist. Then it is necessary that dehumidification equipments be installed to re-establish normal humidity levels at home, as well as to remove odors. This procedure may last several weeks. Be patient to enjoy a neat home.
  7. Restoration of damages. Damaged walls or carpentry must be conducted. This procedure has to be done with your close attention. We only recommend professionals, but you have the final decision about what carpets you would prefer, what changes you would like to make and so on. You are the most important person in the process.
  8. Public adjuster assistance at insurance claim. To repair floods damages is really expensive and pockets might not resist it! If you have an insurance policy, the wise assistance of a public adjuster will safeguard you. Public adjusters can conduct any claim to a happy ending, 100% beneficial to you. American Loss Consultant can suggest you different professionals in this area of assistance.

To experience floods is a deep traumatic experience and involves so many losses. Rely a little bit of the sorrow on our professional assistance. We are able to support you and guide through the process of solving damages. Call American Loss Consultant.