Flooring and Hardwood

An important part of your home is flooring. You see it in the morning when you get out of bed…in the afternoon when arriving home…in the evening while you chat with your family…during all day long…all your life rests on it so having a comfy, nice and elegant floor must be a top priority at home. American Loss Consultant knows the importance of flooring and has devoted efforts to gather specialists in the field of flooring. And for customers who bet for a classy traditional floor, we bring hardwood experts that install, restore and clean every floor, giving to your home a perfect style.

If you are thinking about renovating your floors, there are different types of flooring materials, each for personal preferences, styles, use or budget. The selection of flooring is a really puzzling task for interior design. Flooring makes a hint on your home style so we advise you about its selection. Here we list some valuable information related to the fact. We present you types of flooring as well as positive aspects of each.

Cork flooring. It is made by peeling off the bark while saving the tree. They are ideal if you want sound-proof spaces. It is also anti-allergenic and insect resistant. And the best for homemakers: it is really easy to clean!

Laminate flooring. It offers the benefit of being resistant to age without fading or stains for years. Requires less care than wood but it looks quite similar to wood or stone. Laminate floors have a perfect combination of layers that offer many benefits in one: one wear layer to protect floor from scratches, spills, stains and fading; a design layer that resembles hardwood or natural stone; an inner core to provide stability, resistance and sound absorption; and baking that protects your floor of being deformed.  

Linoleum flooring. The combination of materials, like cork wood dust, limestone, wood flour and linseed oil make linoleum flooring extremely safe; this type of flooring is well protected against impacts; at home, it provides a smooth comfortable feel; in terms of resistance, it is a good choice because cannot be easily damaged.

Stone flooring. Talking about stones, the options are huge: pebble, sandstone, clay, granite …are just some of the different types of stones that can be used in flooring.  Their resistance as well as the elegant look they bring to your home makes them a good choice. Benefits? Highly resistant to high temperatures so if you have furnaces at home, this flooring is a good choice.

Tile flooring. Tiles are really easy to install and also resistant to heat; ideal to set near fireplaces, furnaces, or stoves, they come in different types as mosaic, ceramic, porcelain, and quarry. They are stain-resistant and easy-to-clean. Talking about tiles, there are many options like natural stone, ceramic, porcelain and engineered tile. This last one is really trendy because it provides multiple benefits in durability, installation and styles compared to other type of tiles.

Engineered tiles are built on a stone composite that make them really tough, resisting the domestic traffic of every day home routine. Opposite to ceramic tiles, they are not susceptible of being cracked. Thanks of classic or contemporary designs, different sizes and color, there is an infinite gamut of possibilities to personalize your environments. If you avoid restoration works because the mess they carry to your home, engineered tiles installation is quite different; it is cleaner, safer and faster than other tiles installation, in fact you can be living in the room the same day.  

Vinyl flooring. This is the tricky floor since even though it is made of plastic it can have the appearance of the elegant wood. Vinyl is resistant to impacts and really affordable. There are tiles, planks and vinyl sheets. Tiles are easy to install with different looks that go from stone, wood to geometric so you can have infinite design possibilities. Vinyl planks are resistant to scratch usually featuring natural hardwood or stone styles. Vinyl sheets are available in rolls that can be cut to size being perfect for moisture areas like bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms.

Rigid core flooring. This type of flooring was made for those people who prefer realistic flooring as well as hard resistant without the complication of being or not made of “real” wood or stone. Rigid core flooring is made of hybrid layered construction that mixed the best of multiple flooring types.  It offers stunning designs that make it looks like natural hardwood with a kind of rustic appearance and an embossed texture, quite similar to hardwood. It has strong consistency, offering durability and resistance to scratches and stains. It is comfortable and beautiful, suitable of being installed in any room of the house: bedrooms, living rooms or bathrooms.

Wood flooring. It is the favorite choice for many families because it is beautiful, resistant and easy to clean. And there are infinite options and styles to select.

If you are a classy family and you prefer hardwood, here you have a detailed description of hardwood flooring, options and styles that give you a clear panorama of what you may ask for to your restoration service company.

First you have to know that in the field of hardwood, there are two main different types of hardwood: solid or layered. Solid as its name specifies, it is solid hardwood while layered or engineered hardwood is made of layers of wood on the covers and in the middle it is composed by plywood layers.

Solid hardwood flooring is 100% hardwood single solid piece being the most sough-after floors. It is strong, resistant, beautiful and versatile. Many flooring providers prefer Appalachian hardwood for its consistent color, more refined grain, and better stability.

The other option in hardwood flooring is the layered or engineered wood. It is made of wood in the top and in the back; the core is made of pressed plywood layers. The core of this flooring is very stable and it does not expand or contract so it is particularly recommended for areas that tend to be moistured like basements, over concrete subfloors and over radiant heating systems.

Harwood Trend and Classic American Flooring

Without any doubt, hardwood flooring is so beautiful and nobody can resist to its enchantments. But besides that, there is a reason that makes so many constructors and home owners prefer hardwood to other flooring. Before 1980, most homes were required to have solid hardwood flooring installed when asking for financing. Oak in widths of ¾, ½ and 3/8” thickness was the favorite; this type of hardwood flooring was suitable of being refinished up to five times.

So if you are one of those home owners who have hard wood flooring, you can renew your floor hiring skillful professionals in restoration. American Loss Consultant can offer you information about experts that will return beauty to the wood of your floor. If your floor looks damaged by termite, pet urine, water damage of accidental “burn”, hardwood flooring professionals can repair solid hardwood floor planks, refinishing the whole surface. Sometimes a professional deep cleaning, buffing, and recoating is enough to make your floors shine.  


Before embarking in any restoration project, call the experts, call American Loss consultant. We can advise you about different choices and put in touch with real certified flooring professionals.