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Common issues at garage flooring

Most garages need painting after a couple years of stains and dirt. The nature of the garage makes it to be usually dirty and stained. Plenty of homeowners use the garage as the storage place where paints, car spares, or unfinished DIY projects are placed. A garage floor coating can leave the floor of your garage looking brand new. 


Garage floor coating

You can find countless varieties of coating that will provide a new look to the floor and they will protect it against aggressive agents like car fluids and even mold.The existence of cracks, holes and other surface problems also are handled by your contractor.

Types of garage floor coating

When talking about floor coating, there are mainly two types of coating: latex acrylic and epoxy paint. These two types of products have particular characteristics and benefits that we will show you to know them for the time of deciding the coating.

Floor paint

This type of paint is considered by many experts as a variation of wall paints but in a heavier consistency. The use of it is suitable for any kind of surface, no matter the conditions of them: damaged or bad quality. Concrete floor paint is available in two versions: latex and oil-based. The latex one is easier to apply, clean up and faster to dry; the oily one is a little bit messier and requires the use of a primer coat but they are definitely more durable than the latex. In terms of durability by time, floor paint is not so long lasting as you will need to make maintenance every year, maximum two.

Latex acrylic paint

Latex acrylic paint is nicely picked by many customers thanks to its affordable price. This paint offers benefits like quick drying, which helps to get your garage ready in short time. Latex acrylic paint gives a tough and durable finish; it is widely resistant to car fluids like grease, oil and weak solutions. Besides, other products with acid and alkali are not harmful for this paint so this latex acrylic paint is a handy product.

Epoxy paint

The epoxy paint is the top of the coating for the garage; it is the toughest and glossier coating. It is more durable and provides a better bond to concrete which makes it highly resistant. A professional preparation is the key for a final success. Also, agility during the application is essential, because the paint hardens very quickly. Some pros tend to apply an extra coat to get a longer life to the floor. Be careful: after application, time is required to get the right dry.

Concrete stain

This coating provides the look of natural stone. Concrete stain is a translucent decorative coloring that gets deep into the concrete, pigmenting it and giving it the stone appearance.

For the application of concrete stain, your pro will cover the floor with one or two layers of the product using a roller or sprayer and then the surface will be brushed smoothly. This stain does not protect the floor, it just gives shine to it! The real protective cover is a urethane sealer that must be spread on the floor after the stain. The sealer provides protection to stains and car chemical products.

Sealed concrete floor

Concrete sealers are the perfect companion of concrete stain; they come in clear or tinted versions to provide different styles. They are really affordable and easy to apply. They are versatile, being water-based or solvent-based. There is one for each customer.

We can mention the acrylic/latex sealer and the urethane sealer. The acrylic/latex sealer is good for concrete floors but it is not very resistant, requiring reapplication very often; urethane sealer is more resistant but it is not very friendly with concrete. Ponder each one with your contractor to take the final decision.

The right procedure for garage floor coating

As home advisors, we strongly recommend you to hire only professionals to commit renovation home projects. And also, we advise you the best practices in garage floor coating so you can be aware about all the procedures experts must conduct at your property.

Crack fixing

Before the application of any product, the preparation of the surface is mandatory. If there are some cracks on your garage floor, the contractor will fill them. For smaller cracks, a concrete repair compound will be enough. But if the cracks or holes are bigger, the procedure by layer filling will be required. Usually this will take time and it is advisable to wait each layer dry well before applying the next layer.

Once the cracks are filled, a wet rag or scraper is used to level the surface and give it a smooth look. The materials to fill cracks vary in the time to cure so never rush or press to your contractor about finishing time because there is no a specific length of time for this type of maneuver.

Floors etching

Etching consists of opening “pores” on the concrete to allow the paint to absorb better. This procedure can be avoided if the concrete is permeable. Your workers will make a test to check it.

Some experts tend to apply concrete etchers when they verify that liquids are not easily absorbed by the floor. The use of etcher will guarantee that the garage floor coating will be deeply absorbed. After its application, the etcher must be let to dry. 

Bonding primer application

The application of a primer, like in any other surfaces where paint is used, provides a better adhesion to the paint. For the application of primer the expert will use paint or a roller depending on the area to be covered. The primer needs some time to dry that is usually four hours before the step of paint.

Coating/paint application

Finally, it is the time of the coating/paint application. As we said at the beginning, coating gives an immediate effect on the floor.

Here the list of the top five products that are highly recommended for garage floor coating this year:

Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield Garage Floor coating

Liquid Rubber Foundation Sealant

KILZ 1-Part Epoxy Concrete and Garage Floor Paint

Valspar Premium Clear Epoxy Kit

Rust-Oleum Basement Floor Kit

How much I will spend on garage floor coating

In average, if you decide to have garage floor coating using Epoxy products, you will need around $2,108 and $2,943 to coat the floor. The price per square foot is between $3 and $12 (this includes labor and material).   

As in any other project you start at home, always consult with the expert for the right assistance. American Loss Consultant is the company that will advise you to get the best results. Call us 24/7. Free advice; expert guidance.

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