Garbage disposal repair

A garbage disposal is an essential part of your home. Properly manage of your disposals is crucial for your health and the environment of your whole family. With a garbage disposal, you will convert your food scraps into liquid that will be easily led into the sewers.

Furthermore, a garbage disposal will get rid of bad smells by not letting food scrap to settle on your kitchen. In order to keep your house as clean as a hound’s tooth, it is necessary to keep your garbage disposal working as intended. The garbage disposal is an electrical device used to shred garbage for the purpose of discarding it. There are domestic and industrial garbage disposals, but industrial ones are commonly called garbage shredders.

This home appliance shreds organic waste or food leftovers and it is usually located under the kitchen sink. The garbage disposal works thanks to an electric motor which shreds the food waste (eggshells, fruits, ground coffee, meat, among other wastes) into minuscule pieces which then go down the drain using running water from doing the dishes. Non Food waste such as cardboard, paper, and plastics should not be disposed through the garbage disposal.

The household garbage disposal became an efficient and environmentally friendly method of waste management, thus contributing to the environment. Due to the great importance that these home appliances have reached in daily life, it is necessary to know that garbage disposers require routine maintenance and repair. Parts of the shredder such as the blades and hoses can be damaged by too much grease or fibrous substances, and other parts can wear down and affect its functioning.

To ensure your garbage disposal gets repaired by professionals, you should contact American Loss Consultant. At American Loss Consultant, we will help you find the right team to solve your garbage disposal problems.

Garbage disposal repair

Repairing a garbage disposal becomes an easy task for the skilled team contacted by American Loss Consultant once the affecting problem has been identified. Most problems can be treated by having a professional checking it. Some of the most common garbage disposal are:

Clogged garbage disposal

In order to unclog a garbage disposal, the experienced team channeled by American Loss Consultant will:

  • Look for the garbage disposal instruction manual. In this manual there will be the indications and the diagram of the garbage disposal.
  • Look for the keys that come with the garbage disposal. They have the specific measures that must be used to remove specific parts.
  • Turn off the garbage disposal. They will make sure that there are no electrical connections going to the garbage disposal before starting any repair.
  • Disconnect any form of water supply. Close the faucets of the kitchen sink to avoid any liquid from falling in the hoses of the garbage disposal and causing spills.
  • Keep a flashlight in hand. It is necessary to look at the bottom of the shredder to find the cause of the clog.
  • Remove the drain cover. The garbage disposal has a rubber splash guard that should be removed, if necessary.
  • Use the specific key. With the key and the handle of a wooden spoon inside the grinder, move from one side to the other between the impellers to loosen stuck food pieces.
  • If a hard object, such as a bone, is found, the personnel will take it out with a pair of tweezers to not force it through the hoses.
  • Check the hoses. Before assembling the grinder, it is required to check the hoses and clean the impellers with the specific wrenches for that purpose.
  • Assemble the garbage disposal for you. Once the problem has been solved, the garbage disposal should be carefully assembled by the expert in order to avoid misplacing any part.
  • Connect electricity. Once finished the process of installation of the garbage disposal, the professional will connect it to the electric outlet and verify that it works as intended.

Leaking hose

To repair a leaking hose on your garbage disposal, the trained team reached by American Loss Consultant will:

  • Check the area under the sink. If the area is wet, the hoses might be clogged or worn-out.
  • Collect a sample of the liquid. Checking the color and contents of the leaking liquid to see where the leak is.
  • If the liquid has a brownish color, most likely the leak comes from the drain pipe of the garbage disposal. If the liquid is clear and odorless it probably comes from the water tap.
  • Pass the hand around the shredder to try to verify where the leak is coming from.
  • Tighten the hose joints and check if the leak continues.
  • Install a new gasket. Sometimes the leak comes from a deteriorated gasket.

Not working flywheel

To repair your flywheel, a professional crew contacted by American Loss Consultant, will:

  • Check for malfunctioning impellers.
  • Check the bottom of the sink to access the shredder and make sure it is turned off completely.
  • Find the hexagonal screws and use a hexagonal key to loosen the wheel on the bottom of the shredder.
  • Remove any debris stuck in the shredder flywheel.
  • Check the impeller blades for debris by loosening the lock nut on the flywheel.
  • Remove all accessories connected to the flywheel and the impellers from the shredder.
  • Remove debris from the flywheel impellers of the shredder, if any.
  • Make sure impellers are carefully sharpened to avoid future obstructions. Even more so if the reason for the clog were big food pieces that were not shredded.
  • Review the instructions in the manual to know if the blades can be sharpened. If not, it will be necessary to purchase a new set of impellers for the flywheel.

Tips to slow down the wear of your garbage disposal

Taking appropriate care of your device will save you money and prevent future problems. To slow down the wear of your garbage disposal it is recommended to:

  • Avoid shredding the skin of potatoes. When their skin is shredded it forms a starch paste similar in texture to mashed potatoes and will obstruct the drainage.
  • Avoid shredding eggshells. They form small particles that adhere to the walls of the drain and will eventually clog it.
  • Avoid throwing used coffee grounds down the garbage disposal. The coffee will be deposited on the walls of the drainage in granular form and will create an obstruction.
  • Provide proper care for your garbage disposal by regularly grinding lemon peels to remove odors.
  • Shred small ice cubes with salt. This formula will help clean your garbage disposal.
  • Clean your shredder with baking soda and vinegar, leaving it to soak in the waste hopper with the shredder turned off

Even when your garbage disposal needs minor repairs you do not want to take the risk of suffering an accident trying to repair it yourself. Give American Loss Consultant a call to have experts fix it for you.

American Loss Consultant is completely able to diligently deal with your repair requirements. Our varied range of services includes contacting the appropriate team in order to provide professional assistance and repair your garbage disposal as required. If you find yourself looking for a company able to meet the highest standards when it comes to garbage disposal, you should call American Loss Consultant.

Calling American Loss Consultant ensures the correct functioning of every component of your home. Do not let amateurs handle your garbage disposal system; get a professional company to solve your garbage disposal necessities.

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