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The bathroom is that room that we can find in houses, offices, institutions, among others and it is intended for people to carry out their personal hygiene, in example, clean their body, wash their face, teeth, hair and perform their physiological needs.

The most common elements that cannot be missing in any bathroom are a bathtub or shower, toilet, and washbasin.  Generally, they also have a wardrobe or furniture to keep soap, shampoo, lotions and those items of personal hygiene that are only found in the bathrooms.

Apart from these elements, there is a very important one, especially when it comes to safety and prevention of accidents in the bathroom, that element is the grab bar.

A grab bar is a handrail specifically designed to help you stand or sit safely in your bath or tub. There are many types of grab bars for people to decide which model suits their needs.

The bathroom is usually a small room and the person occupying it is in a narrow place with a potentially slippery tile floor and with bathtubs, toilets and other objects that can be dangerous if a fall occurs. Falling in the bathroom can be a terrible accident, but it is a preventable accident. The installation of grab bars is essential to give safety and stability to people in a room prone to slips and falls.

To install a grab bar you should have by your side experienced personnel. No firm can offer better installation teams than American Loss Consultant. At American Loss Consultant, we wish to provide you affordable yet professional service you deserve. Call American Loss Consultant to install your grab bar and feel safe in your bathroom again.

Where are grab bars installed?

  • At the entrance to the shower or bathtub: to facilitate entry and exit, it is recommended to install a grab bar vertically in front of the shower or bath. A 12, 16 or 18-inch grab bar works well for this shower or bath. A vertical grab bar is recommended for this instance because it works well for both adults and children.
  • In the shower or tub: the horizontal grab bars mounted inside the bath or shower provide greater stability and an excellent foothold, while the diagonal grab bars provide greater comfort and stability when lowering to sit in the shower seat. A 16″, 32″ or 48″ grab bar is recommended for this location, the length will depend on the space available and the height of those using it.
  • Close to the toilet: installing a grab bar near the toilet is a great help for both sitting and standing. In this location, the grab bar can be installed either horizontally or diagonally close to the toilet. A diagonal grab bar is more comfortable to hold due to the natural movement of the hand and less pressure is exerted on the wrist. Another point in favor of a diagonal grip is that it provides the opportunity to grasp at different levels as it is more comfortable for the person, whether children or adults.

It is important to note that all bars must meet the minimum requirements for thickness, length and strength of support, in addition to being installed correctly, good quality grab bars can hold up to 250 pounds, providing security and protection. To assure the grab bar is correctly installed, contact American Loss Consultant to assist along the process.

Types of grip bars

Depending on what you are looking for, there are different types of grab bars for bathtub or shower:

Hinged grab bar for shower

These types are characterized by being collected through a system of hinges, or with other systems. In this way, they will not bother us when not in use, besides occupying as little space as possible.

Fixed grab bar for bath or shower

Fixed grab bars are usually placed parallel to the wall. In this case, the grab bars are usually smaller which makes them ideal for getting up from shower chairs for seniors.

Bathroom grab bar with suction cup system

If you do not want to do any kind of installation, the user can use the suction cups. However, even if we choose a quality model, the suction cups have a certain duration of weeks, months or years. After that, they will be released.

Let American Loss Consultant assist you on selecting the right type of grip bar for you. Our deep knowledge and experience will guide so you chose the best grip bar according to your needs.

Buying a grip bar

The first thing to keep in mind is that you should undoubtedly choose the bar that best suits your situation. Our recommendation is to use fixed grab bars with a system of screws to reduce the possibility of an accident. American Loss Consultant is a learned firm in grab bar selection, trust our staff to guide on which grip bar is just right for you.

  • Materials: the two most common materials are plastic and steel. Stainless steel bath grab bars are highly recommended by experts as they will be in direct contact with water and moisture, we will need a material that stands, and does not rust or deteriorate.
  • The price: although they are not usually expensive, it is not advisable to try to save money by buying an inexpensive version. Keep in mind that the safety of family members while using the bathroom will depend heavily on the grab bar.


The process of installing grab bars is described below.  Under no circumstances is it recommended to perform this installation without the necessary knowledge, to ensure that the installation meets the requirements is recommended to hire professionals in the area. There is no better professional firm that American Loss Consultant. American Loss Consultant will assist you to install your grab bar in your bathroom to ensure the installation is performed  as required.

First, it must be decided on which walls the grab bar will be installed.  If the shower accessories are mounted on the rear wall of the shower cubicle, the grab bars should be mounted on both side walls.  If the shower fixtures are on one of the side walls, the first bar should be mounted on the rear wall and the second bar on the adjacent side wall in front of the fixtures.

To start the installation, it is required to mark the center of the mounting flange of the first grab bar on the tile surface with a steel tape measure and marker. Mark the first point at the desired height, 6 to 10 inches from the inner corner closest to the shower fixtures to ensure that the mounting holes fit between concealed wall studs.

Then, it is required to measure the distance between the center points of the grab bar flanges and with a carpenter’s level verify that it is located correctly. Once this is done, it is needed to mark the mounting points for the second grab bar and repeat the procedure above.

After marking where the grab bar will be installed, the wall should be drilled. This process should be repeated until all marks are drilled. Then, it is necessary to clean the wall and insert the fixing element into the holes for mounting, with the help of a screwdriver fix the bars to the wall. Once the screw has been screwed in, check that the grab bar is firmly fixed to the wall.

Since this process is critical and may endanger your family if not performed correctly, it is strongly advised to hire a professional company to install the grab bar for you. American Loss Consultant is your best option when it comes to grab bar installation.

Let American Loss Consultant assist you with your installation needs.

Call American Loss Consultant today.

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