Needing a handyman?

Sometimes we rather need to fix little issues at home…a water pipe burst, an unglued shingle, a drip under the sink…all those little problems can be easily fixed by a handyman. A handyman is an individual proficient in a wide range of skills related to repairs and installations in homes. The term handyman nowadays is mostly used to describe a professional paid worker, whether it is independent or works under a company, instead of a homeowner doing minor repairs. The handymen profession is often overlooked for not having degrees or titles, but in reality, with new large companies offering handyman services, handymen are now licensed professionals ready for any kind of project inside a house.

Hiring a Handyman or doing by yourself

While a normal person could do most household repairs thanks to the many resources available, recently fewer homeowners are inclined to do so. Some argue that the decline on handyman homeowners is due the time constrains of modern life style or a lack of interest from new generations in learning such skills. Whatever the case, part- or full-time handymen are found even in small towns, the problem is that they vary in professionalism, skill level, price, responsibility, and licenses.

Homeowners doubting about which handyman to hire is what helped handyman companies grow. Companies which offer specialized handyman services guarantee responsible and skilled workers to work on the projects of the hiring party. And when the need to hire a handyman arises, it is always a safe bet to hire a handyman from a trusted company that offers quality and speedy services. If you do not know any trustable one, maybe it is the right moment to call American Loss Consultant. We have the mission of gain together the best professionals in the area and contact them for all those customers who are in need of good professional responsible services.

Homeowners tend to let all small repairs accumulate saying they will fix it later, yet never find the time to solve them. Eventually they find themselves overwhelmed and cannot have their home as they would like. They might even try to fix those problems only to find themselves spending a whole day working on it, and at the end of day the issue is still there, and maybe even worse than what it was. Facing such problems, the most obvious solution is hiring a professional to fix those issues. Trust in the speed and efficiency of American Loss Consultant, call us and we will quote the issue for free without any compromise.

What a Handyman can do for you at home

The kinds of repairs or small tasks that a handyman can undertake include everyday repairs which may or may not need specialized tools or materials. Classic examples we could mention include minor plumbing issues, house redecoration, furniture assembly, electrical arrangements, carpentry work, and installation of home appliances.

  • Minor Plumbing: Repairments related to plumbing that can be done by a handyman cover repairing taps or faucets that either leak or whose valve do not work as intended, fixing washbasins that leak or do not drain well, perform maintenance on home cisterns, unblocking obstructed pipes and drains, installing bathroom accessories, and repairing dysfunctional shower heads.
  • House redecorations: Handymen in this area take care of small improvements and decorations around the house, like placing framed pictures or decorative elements on walls, installing and arranging curtains and blinds mechanisms, installing folding screens on bathrooms, replacing tiles that fell off the wall, repair or replace damaged handles and knobs, change door frames, paint walls, wall mount TV brackets, and cover imperfections on walls.
  • Furniture assembly and moving: While assembling furniture might sounds easy, some people find this work complicated, or do not count with the time to do it. Services in this area include placing modular and dining room furniture, arranging furniture on double and children’s rooms, assembling new furniture pieces, and the removal of large old furniture pieces whose relocation proves difficult to the homeowner.
  • Electrical arrangements: Electrical work is a particularly dangerous task; an inexperienced homeowner should hire a handyman to take care of it. Expected tasks in this field would be the placement or removal of outlets and light switches; arranging the electrical wiring and hiding it behind a wall or cornering it, for example, in a skirting board; repairing a damaged or dripping radiator, installations of ceiling lamps or fans, and installation of modern led lights.
  • Carpentry works: Carpentry work is also delicate, as it requires precision, and a small misalignment will affect the whole work. Common tasks include the placement of laminate flooring, installing cabinets, fixing wood stairs treads, and repairing old wooden furniture around home.
  • Home appliances installation: Handymen may also fix, install, or perform maintenance on complex home appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, kitchen hoods, ovens, microwaves or refrigerators.

Is it normal to need a Handyman so Frequent?

Often, customers have two problems at home to solve, such as moving an outlet to another wall and fixing a leaking toilet. If the owner sees this as two different problems then the help of two professionals would be necessary, a plumber and an electrician. However, if the work is left to a handyman the two problems fall under his abilities, and it would save the homeowner money for hiring one person instead two.

Homes in United States are aging, studies consider that more than half of all homes are now older than 25 years, and houses tend to present issues when they are around 10 years old. And as houses grow older, so does the population, and elderly people will be less inclined and able to maintain their homes, so handyman services might be the help they will need in the future.

Even if homeowners consider themselves proficient enough to make small home repairs, there is no doubt some projects will escape their hands. Those repairs that seem more complex should not worry you, nor force you to desperately look for help in neighbors or family members, leave them to professionals like the ones we can find you at American Loss Consultant.

Make a Handyman your Handy Friend

If you need to remodel a full room, like a bathroom or the kitchen, change electrical installations, paint your home, or doing a full remodel, you can rest assured. American Loss Consultant will do all repairs and arrangements your home needs that for a lack of the necessary tools, knowledge, or time, you cannot do and would like to entrust them to licensed professionals. We count with the knowledge, experience, skills, and tools needed to fine-tune your home and restore it to how it was when you bought it, or maybe even make it look and feel better. We at American Loss Consultant have a team full of professionals prepared to work on your project and provide all the solutions you might require.

All our clients, ranging from individuals, business or small communities, will be more than satisfied with our work, trust in our professionalism, we guarantee you will become a frequent client. If the client so desires, our handymen can even conduct different projects during the same visit, saving you time and money. Relax and enjoy your time off work, leave your repairs in our hands.

If you search for handyman services online you will find a wide range of websites that offer home services. The main difference with other companies and what makes us stand out among the crowd is that we at American Loss Consultant count with our own staff. Other websites offering similar services tend to work as middlemen, so if there is with your service you will have no one to make a claim. American Loss Consultant has a group of qualified professionals to ensure a fast and effective service.

American Loss Consultant is a company perfectly identifiable and easy to locate with several communication channels. We promise fluid communication through the project. If you have any question or complaint, we will give you an immediate solution

In American Loss Consultant, you do not pay for a budget, contact us and get a free inspection and estimate.

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