Our Natural Desire of Being Warm

For the human being, it is a natural necessity to protect oneself from the cold or low temperatures, the handling of the fire by the most primitive societies helped them to survive in a primitive way to the adverse climatic conditions. The fire that they initially used to warm up has become a human need.

Heating at Home

Nowadays heating systems are increasingly efficient, easy to use and accessible, allowing many families to have a heating system at home that helps them control the temperature in the room, the dining room or even the entire house no matter how cold the external temperature may be, thus generating comfortable conditions for residents.

From a general point of view, it is understood that a heating mechanical method is used to maintain or raise the temperature of a place or object in relation to the ambient temperature. In order to combat the cold and raise the quality of life, various heating systems have been developed to adapt and provide heat for both, individuals and buildings.

Types of Heating Systems. What to Choose?

There are several heating systems American Loss Consultant can help you with; most common of them are presented with their advantages and disadvantages:

Electric Heating

As the name implies, it requires electricity to work, the heat is produced by connecting a radiator to the electricity grid of the house through a plug. These radiators can be both mobile or not, the latter being larger and generally more powerful than mobile ones.

  1. Advantages

  2. Affordable compared to other heating methods.
  3. Does not generate waste or odors.
  4. Low maintenance costs.
  5. It is not necessary to store fuel to generate heat.
  6. You just have to connect it to the electrical network to make it work.
  7. Disadvantages

  8. The heat does not expand far from the generator.
  9. It can cause burns if they are handled incorrectly while they are on.
  10. Susceptible to damage caused by voltage surges.
  11. Constant need electrical power to operate, which makes them less independent than gas.

Gas Heating

This type of heating uses natural gas as a fuel to generate heat, its use has spread rapidly in cities as it is one of the most comfortable systems to install, its installation not only requires radiators but also boilers and pipe circuits connected to the boiler. The boiled water will circulate while heat is generated and will return to the boiler to warm up again and continue the circuit.

  1. Advantages

  2. The heating is quite clean and safe.
  3. The heating machine does not heat itself as much as the electric does.
  4. The heat is distributed better and covers greater distances in closed spaces.
  5. The power of the equipment is directly related to the size of the installed boiler.
  6. Disadvantages

  7. Its installation requires a greater work of construction.
  8. Maintenance and installation costs are a point to consider.
  9. Produces steam that can eventually dampen the walls, generating mold, deterioration of the infrastructure.
  10. Produces carbon dioxide which, in large concentrations, can be toxic.

Underfloor Heating

This type of heating is installed under the floor of homes. Its operation is based on a system of heat expansion, generally from the bottom up. The heat generated on the soil expands towards the adjacencies; the most common radiant floor system involves the use of a boiler and water.

  1. Advantages

  2. Does not generate waste.
  3. It is a system like and easy to use.
  4. Disadvantages

  5. The installation is usually expensive and requires a major installation work.
  6. Its maintenance is also often expensive.

Heating by heat pump

This type of pumps transforms, thanks to electricity, hot-cold air. Heat pumps absorb heat from the air even when the ambient temperature is unpleasant.

  1. Advantages

  2. Its installation is relatively simple even when it requires external equipment such as air conditioners.
  3. The propagation of hot air is usually rapid.
  4. It is a clean and affordable system.
  5. The system is reversible, both can absorb cold air to generate heat and can absorb heat to generate cold air.
  6. Disadvantages

  7. Its effectiveness is affected in very cold climates; its performance can be diminished even by half in temperatures below zero.

The mentioned heating systems are the most common. The way in which they obtain energy is limited to basically two types; gas or electric, although electric heating is usually cheaper than gas in terms of price, the consumption of the first and its operating expenses are usually higher than the second.

In conclusion, all heating systems have their own advantages and disadvantages. To choose the right one for you, you must consider the use they will be given, the resources available for their installation, the space available and the necessary permits for construction in case a big heating system is needed. Finally, you should also be aware of a common point for all heaters, the all need maintenance for proper operation.

Maintenance is the Key for a Smooth Performance

To maintain a heating system in optimal conditions, it is necessary to consider its characteristics, operation, usage habits, malfunctions, incorrect operating conditions and excessive energy consumption by dirty equipment or gas leaks. A service specialized technician, such as those offered by American Loss Consultant, will make this equipment work properly to generate optimal conditions and a comfortable environment in times of cold temperatures.


Each component of heating systems requires specific maintenance tasks, depending on their scope.

Periodical Checkouts

Some of these tasks include periodic reviews and preventive and corrective maintenance. Professional Assistance

To make a good inspection and maintenance of heating equipment, every worker must be certified; in American Loss Consultant we provide information about efficient and professional technicians that know how.

Use of Appropriated Tools for Maintenance

The handle of tools designed for such ends, such as low-pressure manometers to measure gas pressure, service manifold for refrigerant gas, vacuum pumps, vacuum gauges, hook multimeters, thermometers, leak detectors, torque wrenches, among, complete the proper maintenance.

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