Damages motivated by hurricanes really make a mess inside and outside properties. Entire cities can be devastated and many people can become homeless. Horror and sorrow pervades all around you. In the middle of that sorrow you need to find hope, you need to know that there is a way to move on. One of the ways to overcome all the unfortunately events is to hire a company that provide all the services that are required after hurricanes. There is a possibility to get out of big disasters and thanks to professional assistance you can make it. American Loss Consultant is a company count with a wide portfolio of any kind of technicians and professionals to solve damages.

Reconstruction after hurricanes may take a period of time much undetermined. But at home you can take the solution as soon as hurricane ends. At ALC we are always ready to answer the calls of people in need. We will always have the right people for any of your need: specialist in restoration, plumbing, water extraction, mold remediation and insurance claims. We can recommend you one specialist for every specific urgency. Once you get everything in the right place at home, you will confirm that all our advices were appropriated.

What are the reasons hurricanes are so badly damaging?

As well as winds, rainstorms and floods start serious damages inside and outside your home, hurricanes are more destructive even. They conjugate all the natural forces in one and in a matter of minutes, they raze everything at its pace. Winds are so fast, storm surge push the water up onto the shore, and extreme rainfall of about six inches of rain may fall per hour.

Hurricanes are categorized in five different levels according to Saphir-Simpson scale. Level 1 hurricanes are of 74 to 95 mph speed; surge produced at this levels are of 4-5 feet; they occasion some damages at home and in streets and power outages last couples of days. Level 2 winds range between 96-110 mph with a surge between 6-8 feet; at this level damages are extensive and domestic damages are major, characterized by snapped trees; electrical outage lasts for weeks.

The speed at level 3 goes beyond the 111 mph and reaches till 129 mph; at this level surges reach 12 feet and damages at home and trees are major. Meanwhile levels 4 and 5 have catastrophic results; speed at level 4 might reach 156 mph and at level 5 more than 157 mph; surge are of more than 13 feet and damages last from weeks to months (in level 5).

There are some areas that are more susceptible to hurricanes, especially the area of the Gulf and Caribbean are ideal for hurricane development. Period of hurricane is from June 1st to November 30th; but the most dangerous period is from mid-August to mid-October.


American Loss Consultant will be there for you at Hurricane Damages

O.K. You are just in the middle of devastation and emergency. Many losses surround you. Your home has been badly damaged and you need to protect your family. But you have no a clear idea about what to do. Many ideas come to your mind but you cannot design a clear strategy. And right away your remember that ads referring to American Loss Consultant (ALC). After hurricane damages, we will provide you the perfect people to:

* Conduct an inspection to supervise and measure damages that your home suffered by hurricane action. We can provide you helpful information about professionals that will conduct efficiently and timely, a comprehensive inspection to search damages at home. That team has proficiency on everything related to hurricane damages. They know about possible problematic areas generally damaged by hurricanes so when they reach your home they will go to suspected areas and will confirm or not damages.

* provide you a complete report of all damages. You will get information about experts to hire in order to start restorations at home. Following their expert instructions you will have your home on track as soon as you might think. Every expert we know is capable and qualified. Every step they make is 100% sure for you and your family. Never doubt about it.

* be with you supporting you during all restoration and claim process. Due you are a victim and you probably have lived many stressful moments during last hours, we will accompany you in every moment. We are supportive and we perfectly understand your loss. You need by your side empathic people who care about you and who stay with you until your home comfort is back.

*  Perform adequate restoration. For restorations we only recommend certified personnel to methodically start restoration at home. If your home was flood, they will perform water extraction, humidity removal, or mold remediation. If your roof is damaged, they will install a tarp to protect your home till major restorations are ended. At any time you will be informed about all procedures conducted at your place and you will approve them or not. Restoration companies are the experts but your opinion is important.

* Clean and to sanitize your home for maximum safety and comfort. Hurricanes bring home debris and sewage. They contaminate your home and expose you and your family to bacteria hazardous for your health. Part of a proper restoration service is a proper cleaning procedure. Floors, carpets, walls and furniture will be cleaned with high quality products that ensure everything will be suitable for living. Sanitizing will be applied for a maximum healthy environment.

* Represent you with insurance company for insurance claim. Unfortunately, insurance policies have many edges in its clauses that stop your claim. We will provide you public adjusters that can find the way to start the claim and to get the best settlement. All restorations required will be done and you will receive fair money from insurance company.

To get professional services during damages will be always the best option. American Loss Consultant can get the best for home restoration with a human vision

ALC Advise to protect your home from Hurricane

If you are located in zones usually affected by hurricanes like in Florida State, precaution is the best choice.  Make your best effort to be prepared to face hurricanes and deal with the damages they generate. American Loss Consultant strongly advises you to:

  • Safe carefully and strongly your windows and doors using storm shutters or plywood. This method will reduce shattering risk. If you do not take those measures, you and your family can be injured by broken glass. Also, reduction of damages risk will also save you money.
  • One of hurricane damages is floods. If you need to shelter your property from flood damage, you must get some sandbags to build a barrier around your home. You can pile them at 2 feet high and more to avoid flood entering your house. The protection of documents and appliances from flood is also important. Place them in a high place and shut off electricity.
  • If you have furniture out of your home, secure them carefully. Garden furniture, pool accessories, grill and other exterior ornaments must be stored in a safe place or tie them to avoid hurricane blow them. If they are blow, they will be moved at extremely high speed and they can be crashed on your home causing big damages.  
  • During hurricanes, electrical outage is compulsory. In front of this, try to have some lanterns. To protect your appliances during electrical failure, have some surge protectors for your electrical appliances. Lightning, shortcuts or downed electrical pole are usual during hurricanes. The protection will safeguard your electrical appliances.
  • Your money must be saved also. Make a comprehensive list of all your valuable items and try to keep it updated. In case of hurricane damages you can check them and have a record useful for insurance claims.

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