HVAC repair

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The beginnings of the HVAC can be placed at the beginning of the 19th century, when the engineer Willis Haviland Carrier invented the first air conditioning device. In 1902 he devised his first machine for cooling and controlling air humidity to improve printing conditions and ink fixation on paper. In 1914 he installed the first domestic air conditioning in Minneapolis. Today, this type of creation is perhaps the world leader in air conditioning.

The term HVAC comes from Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. In short, it is used to control temperature as well as humidity and air filtration at the same time. It is fairly common to notice an air conditioning system in buildings and offices, as well as in buildings where there are many people. It is usually used in combination with other air systems to provide the best possible results in a working situation.

The objective of HVAC

The objective of the HVAC air system is fairly simple. Basically, it regulates the system, not only concentrating the air inside the building, but also controlling the air supply from outside, as it handles carbon dioxide levels within the space in which the system is placed.

The days when air conditioning only served to lower the temperature are gone, because with the HVAC system, you can control humidity and filtration. Several companies and households benefit massively from the use of these devices, because it adjusts and lowers the temperature inside a room or office. In addition to serving people, it also helps the environment, since it uses low energy. American Loss Consultant is able to inform you on detail about the use and objective of an HVAC system.

Types of HVAC

There are three main types of HVAC:

  • Minisplit: the Mini split equipment allows to cool and heat the air by means of components connected by pipes and an electric circuit that through the remote control controls the desired temperature in the installation, regulating the internal unit or evaporator so that this cuts the signal when reaching the environment that we want turning off the compressor, thus obtaining a comfortable and reliable environment. The Minisplits are equipments adaptable to small spaces for its easy handling and adaptation are used mainly in offices, houses and schools.
  • Chillers: they are air conditioning equipment used in large installations. They come in different sizes and shapes, depending on the needs of the customer or industry, they may have capacities that reach several 2000 tons of refrigeration. Different types of compressors are used. The evaporators are designed depending on the application and need that has to be covered so that the client is satisfied.
  • Air handling units: they are unavoidable components in the air conditioning system, since they are in charge of circulating and filtering the air when it has a low content of suspended particles. The basic operation of unit is to take air from the outside or mixed, which passes through them to be filtered, depending on the specific conditions of the area, can go through a humidity control, be cooled or heated by a coil.

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Processes of the HVAC

Because the system controls many things at once, there are several processes involved that ensure effective work. The process of heating the system is primarily used to increase the temperature of a specific space through the use of thermal energy. The ventilation process starts when external air is introduced and the cooling process, in short, assures that the temperature decreases by removing thermal energy from a space when needed.

In addition to these processes, the system uses numerous others, such as cleaning and dehumidification. With cleaning, any dirt such as dust, smoke and toxins are efficiently disposed and the dehumidification process removes any unnecessary water remnant or moisture.

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HVAC repair

Air conditioning service usually stops when you need it most. When a problem strikes your home’s central air system, you may be tempted to fix it yourself. Before you do that, find out what the problem is based on the system’s symptoms. Then seek the help of American Loss Consultant and our HVAC specialist to avoid future damage.

To address any possible problem, you should notice:

If the air conditioning is not blowing air

The motor pulley may need a new strap. When the strap has worn out and is too loose, it fails to get the blower motors moving and although the system is technically running, it will not provide an air supply.  When this happens, turn off the air conditioner to save energy. With a bad engine strap, there will be no air conditioning in your home.

If the external fan does not work

Different engines within the central air system help drive air in and out throughout the house. When the external fan is not running, only hot air will be trapped inside the central air system causing it to overheat.

There may be a variable number of repairs that the air conditioner may need, but to focus on a specific solution, contact American Loss Consultant for help. The technician will be able to restart the fan, release the air from the accumulated heat load and test whether the entire system is working properly. Usually, even a poor performance signal is a clue to a fundamental problem.

If your utility bill is unusually high

Whether due to frozen coils in the evaporator or a dirty filter, negligence and lack of maintenance lead to low efficiency performance, causing increased energy consumption.

Air conditioning maintenance is a good start to remove any type of obstruction within the system itself. If an air conditioning repair is necessary, your air conditioning contractor can service any repair needed, restoring the health, sanitation, safety and efficiency of the system.

If there is too much water collecting inside the unit

The condensate line is probably clogged with debris, causing the water to back up and flood the drip pan. This can be a potentially dangerous situation. You can clean the drip pan yourself but leave the rest to American Loss Consultant. Depending on the severity of the problem, you may also need a plumber we can provide.

To keep your HVAC system working as expected, regular assistance is needed. External, internal, fixed and movable parts require professional periodic repair.

Our company possess the required equipment designed to reach and deal with any type of problem that your HVAC system may present, not only solving your issue but preventing it in the future from happening. Trust American Loss Consultant to provide periodic repair to all your facilities.

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