Interior Painting

The beauty of every interior space in your house is determined by the beauty of its walls. The selection of a good quality painting and the approach of a fine design can make the look of your home simply wonderful. Linked to your personal preferences, the timely advice of experts in the world of interior painting will provide the ideal appearance. And if you are thinking about hiring the best skillful professionals in painting, contact American Loss Consultant. As home advisors, we have a solid screening portfolio with people who can take charge of your painting task.

The Process of Selecting the Painting

The selection of paint involves types, color and a new overlook to your environments. The type of painting will depend on the surface you will paint. To select the color, you can use nowadays applications to virtually paint your rooms.

Types of Paintings

The selection of the painting will depend on the desired style, the finishing as well as the type of the surface you are planning to paint. Customers usually expect to get painting with some general qualities like scrubbability, stain resistance, coverage, spatter resistance, and easy touch-up. And you can find several types of painting, depending on the base it is used in manufacturing and the use is intended to give it.

There are two main types of paintings based on manufacturing compounds: latex or oil. Latex paints provide a long-lasting finish with good gloss retention; they dry quickly, are durable and after painting can be cleaned just using soap and water. Oil-based paints are made of synthetic resins and are highly versatile, offering excellent durability and stain resistance which makes them ideal for high traffic rooms like kitchen and bathrooms.

One type of paint for each area

Besides the composition of the paint, the selection of a particular type of painting is also determined by the area of the house you are planning to paint. Then the painting for ceilings might not be so perfect for walls. Let us take a look at some suggestions.

Ceilings. The most frequent used formula to paint ceilings is the flat matte acrylic ceilings. This type of paint hides irregularities is easy to apply with minimal dripping and it dries neatly. Its durability makes it to last for years.

Woodwork. If you want to paint interiors made of wood, we suggest latex or oily paint. Prefer gloss finishes but satin finishes will be also a good choice.

Walls. There are multiple options in the market, from flat to semi-gloss finishes; everything is up to your preferences and pocket. Experts’ top five recommended brands are: Valspar Signature (Lowe’s), BEHR Premium Plus Zero VOC (Home Depot), Glidden Diamond (Home Depot), Rust-Oleum Ultra Matte Chalked (Amazon), Behr Marquee (Home Depot).

Metal. For surfaces made of metal in the interior of your house, after primed iron or steel, latex or oil paint can be used.

Masonry. At the time you need to paint cement, concrete block or bricks, the latex paint will work perfectly.

Painting procedure

A proper preparation is the key of a final nice work. And interior painting is not the exception. A qualified expert team will assure to follow the best practices so you could have wonderful interiors.

First steps

In order you preserve your home, there are some things you must organize before starting any painting procedure. We strongly recommend:

  • To remove draperies, pictures, mirrors, area rugs and any other ornament.
  • To move all the furniture to the center of the rooms and cover them with drop cloths.
  • To wrap plastic around light fixtures or use masking tape to cover hardware.
  • To buy the right amount of paint. The experts will calculate the gallons to be used and not sparing paints.


Before painting, it is important the surface is clean, dry and smooth. The removal of old paints can be necessary, especially if it is scratched. If there were nail holes, joints and cracks, they will be covered with patching paste. The application of a correct prime will be also useful for a nice finishing. Tools like ladders, brushes, paint scrapers and spackling paste will be disposed by your contractors.

Special preparation procedures

New Drywall: latex will be used as prime; panels must be secure, nail or glued safely; after patching material is dried, the experts will sand smooth, wipe away dust and apply prime.

Walls with wallpaper: if you want to paint walls with wallpaper, it must be removed first; the old adhesive will be washed and after walls are clean and dry, the prime will be apply.

New masonry, concrete or cement: these types of walls must be cured and wait about 30 days before the application of any product; rough surfaces must be filled for a smooth service; if you cannot wait those 30 days to paint, experts can apply masonry primer.


Once all is set, it is the time to start painting. Regular works demand people apply two coats. The first coat is applied and then people usually wait until 24 hours to apply the second coat. If it is necessary, touch up baseboards and ceiling trim job will be made. Spots on the wall will be covered.

After painting

Once the project is finished, you have to deal with some little items, like cleaning and storage of leftover paint.

Cleaning of latex paint is considerably easy; only scrub, water and soap is enough to have a neat and clean area, free of paint. Leftover paint must be sealed and stored in a safe place, away from extreme temperatures, sunlight and the reach of children. Some people would prefer to donate the leftover paints; you can find local organizations in need of paint get into But if you hired professionals, cleaning and handle of leftover is part of the services they must provide. American Loss Consultant experts manage those events so you will have at the end a beautiful and clean home.

Painting Costs

For the estimate of painting labor, experts will start measuring the area to calculate the amount of paint they will need and the area that will be painted. Budgets are expressed in square feet and this is calculated sizing the length of the wall and multiplying it by the width of the room from floor to ceiling.

Once the contractor has the measures, he will give you a budget, which must be stated and clear before signing any contract.

Average pricing of interior painting is as follows:

Average cost of paints: between $30 to $6o per gallon.

Average cost of primer: between $7 to $15 per can.

Average size room (10×12): between $380 – $790 (add about 300 to 350 additional square feet if the wall is textured)

Most of the contractor will bring their tools but some might give you the option of providing them the tools; if it is so, then you will have to buy for them: brushes, tape, drop cloth, paint tray, paint rollers, ladder, and small brushes.

Hiring expert to conduct your interior painting will secure that you obtain a neat and well done work. If you are new in town and you do not know who you can call for this job, it is time to contact American Loss Consultant. We will provide for you a list of experts, all of them confident, to commit your project efficiently. Call us now. We provide you free estimate and personalize assistance.

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