Have you been with the same kitchen for years? Are you tired of the same style? You are not the same person that you were years ago, why should your kitchen remain the same? Your kitchen is not only a kitchen it shows a huge part of your personality and most important most people will see it. At American Loss Consultant we found you the best choice when you are bored of your kitchen or when it doesn’t represent you properly. We can find a great team of specialists that will meet with you and help your kitchen to go from zero to hero, you will fall in-love with your kitchen one more time. So you will be wondering how we do it, we do it following these steps:

Meeting with a kitchen specialist

The very first thing we do in American Loss Consultant is set a meeting with a kitchen specialist who is going to explain the process and guide you through out of it, the specialist will be hired to help you, if you have no idea into what to do with the colors, materials, style details or anything in that matters you will have a professional assessment to make your kitchen a 10 out of 10 kitchen.

Space measuring

We will find for you will have a licensed kitchen cabinet installer to be part of the team, who will measure the space to work on as perfect as possible, also will take in consideration any kind of detail in the kitchen, and he will give you new ideas you can do that will improve and change your life style to a new level, because we always think what is better to you as our client in American Loss Consultant.

Installation time

After the design is set and the materials are selected, the installation begins; the professional kitchen cabinet installer will start working on. The installer will work according to a schedule so you won’t feel bother during busy hours in the kitchen. Any kind of detail or customization needs to be talked before the process begins or it won’t be possible to get to the due date as planned, this way in American Loss Consultant we ensure that you are receiving just the best treatment.





Q: What do I need to bring the kitchen specialist for the first appointment?

A: Please be able to discuss the layout of your kitchen. If you don’t feel comfortable providing measurements, the independent installers can take measurements for you. The kitchen specialist can discuss this with you.

Q: Does it cost to have a design completed?

A: No, American Loss Consultant will give you the specialist that won’t charge something extra to do the design along with you.

Q: How do I measure my kitchen cabinets?

A: The team hired by American Loss Consultant of independent installers will take measurements during your in-home appointment in order to get precise measurements. The installer will communicate the measurements back to the kitchen specialist to make any adjustments to the design.

Q: How much does a kitchen cabinet project cost?

A: Cost can vary greatly depending on manufacture, door style, pain or stain, and cabinet options. Labor costs will also vary by market, still in American Loss Consultant we look for the best prices for you and your life style.

Q: How long does it take to have new cabinets installed?

A: Depending on whether cabinets are special order items, it would take 12 to 16 weeks approximately from purchase to install completion. American Loss Consultant will try to maximize the process in order to have everything as fast as possible and in the best quality available.

Q: How do I prepare for installation?

A: Remove all the contents from the kitchen, and place them into accessible places that won’t disturb the process. Remove all the antiques, breakables and valuables from the area. At American Loss Consultant our main focus is the wealth of our costumers and their comfort.


Period Style

A brand-new kitchen references long-ago eras with cabinets sporting painted finish in mint green, baby blue, navy blue, peach, pink, white porcelain knobs, and beaded-board accents. Leaded-glass doors on upper cabinets further the vintage vibe and provide breezy countertops to solid base cabinets. A great idea for a romantic person.


Pretty and Practical

Metal-screen inserts that  mirror the gray tones of stainless-steel pro-style appliances and marble countertops brighten dark-finished base cabinet doors. Also you can add antique pie safes also mesh panels that let air circulate through the cabinets to keep produce fresher and musky odors at bay. This would be perfect to some who likes to receive people at the kitchen and like to do some cooking shows for their guests.

Mixed materials

Stainless-steel cabinet drawers add an unexpected contemporary touch to a primarily traditional kitchen. The drawers duplicate the range and hood’s shimmer, standout from gray cabinet frames and sleeky contrast with molding-trimmed upper cabinets. This is awesome for an spontaneous soul who likes to go from modern to traditional.

Finishing touches

Carved legs give the islands a furniture-like profile, while also supporting the island’s overhanging marble top. Simple drawer pulls and a stained finish that lets the wood grain show through further distinguish the island from more formally finished perimeter cabinets.

Fresh ideas

Exposed strap hinges rendered in a high-impact shape and a modern material partner with softly curved chrome pulls to beautifully update white-painted cabinets in a cottage-style kitchen. Note the recessed dual-paneled design that brings a handcrafted look and eye-catching depth to this pair of cabinet doors.

Modern Motifs

Upper cabinet doors equipped with glass panels handily balance lower cabinets’ solid forms, but can be a little too transparent for come tastes. These textured glass panes handily blur cabinet contents, while introducing a subtle undulating pattern to streamlined kitchen.

Beautiful Finish

Layers of glazes, paints and stains create cabinet finishes seemingly worn by time and touched by generations of cooks. In colors black, red and blue finishes stacking up beneath a crackled top coat, creates a glazed finish that allows each color to be seen and appreciated. Bin-style pulls underscore the cabinets’ vintage essence.

European Air

Appearing to have been places pieced together over time, this new kitchen combines different cabinet profiles in various weathered finishes. Skirting and leg elements, distressed finish, and furniture pulls give base cabinets the look of freestanding chests of drawers. Antiquing glaze ages small cabinet doors enclosing the lower section of a corner niche and brings a wall-mounted cabinet into the old-world scheme.

Artistic Accents

Sophisticated shapes and trim treatments boost interest in a mostly monochromatic kitchen. Crisscrossed mountains elegantly embellish glass-paned upper cabinet doors framing a handsomely paneled range hood. The hood’s crown molding details cohesive look. Lattice-style doors beneath the island’s farmhouse sink introduce yet another shapely pattern to the mix.

Grand Treatment

Substantial moldings, a shapely pediment, and strategically positioned carved medallions formalize a run of distressed cabinets. A pair of cabinetry-paneled doors and a paneled lower drawer keeps the contemporary refrigerator accessible but under wraps. Dresser-style drawer pulls stand-in for conventional handles and knobs to further the finely furnished illusion.

Do not waste your time or money, call us and we will send you the best contractor to build your project. You will be fully satisfied with the finish of your kitchen.


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