Changing the look of your kitchen can be a project that adds value to your property. But beyond thinking about the profit you can get in the future if you think of selling your house, it is so much better to think about the benefit of using a neat kitchen, that has an environment in which you feel comfortable, with colors and a decoration that suits your style and budget.

You do not have to spend thousands of dollars to have the kitchen of your dreams. There are several projects that can give a different look to your kitchen according to your budget. , at American Loss Consultant we have experts who will advise you what are the kitchen remodeling you need to do to achieve a makeover of your kitchen. We can adjust to all styles and budgets, from a simple change of the painting in the kitchen cabinets to design and installation of custom cabinets.


You do not have to empty your pockets to remodel an outdated kitchen, call us for a free advice, at American Loss Consultant can present you several options that you can choose, with some simple changes you will be able to give a new air to your space.

  • One way to renovate your kitchen is by changing the colors of the paint in the cabinets We have hundreds of colors available for the renovation of your cabinets, if you are looking for new trends in decoration of your kitchen we have the staff that can help you choose the color palette that best suits your space and personality and and later our professional cabinet painters can offer you a kitchen cabinet painting services so you just have to worry about choosing the style and color, our staff will provide the best finish for your kitchen cabinets.
  • If you are looking for a modern look, you can dress-up the kitchen cabinets, call American Loss Consultant, and you can get a free kitchen cabinet design consultation. You can convert cheap kitchen cabinet into a modern an expensive look-a-like kitchen cabinet by dressing up with sleek hardware. we have different knobs and handles available that can be adapted to your kitchen style, once you have selected the style and shape for your hardware, you can choose between the different finishes, the most common finishes are gold, nickel, silver, black, bronze, copper and  stainless steel, but if you want a different color finish we can find the staff that provides the color you are looking for.
  • Add cabinet liners, it does not matter if the wood of your kitchen cabinets is new or used, by placing cabinet liners you can protect the wood from stains and you can extend the life of your kitchen. we can offer you the cabinets liners that matches to the color and style of your kitchen, call American Loss Consultant for a free consultation with our experts.
  • Another project you can do at your kitchen is customize the space, you can improve the storage capacity by adding some features, like pull-out trays and a half moon lazy Susan to use properly the blind corners of the kitchen cabinets.


If you need to design a personalized kitchen, we are here to make your dream come true, no matter how big the space is or how ambitious is the project, we have a team that will provide you  a free design for your kitchen, no matter If you are building a new kitchen or you are remodeling the one you already had, we have a staff that can build, remodel, paint, restore, refinish kitchen cabinets, we can guarantee you that you will have non-toxic kitchen cabinets. Come to American Loss Consultant we can advice you about new kitchen and remodeling kitchen prices. So you can decide which option suits your budget.


There are other services that American Loss Consultant can offer you, if you are not interested in renovating your kitchen but in doing minor repairs like changing a door cabinet, or replace worn-out drawer slides we have the staff that can take care of making these repairs or changes for you, we have Georgia hardwoods cabinets doors, kitchen cabinet drawers and  non-toxic kitchen cabinets ready to install we also have professional cabinets painters that will apply refinishers warehouse to give a neat finish to your project.

tarting a kitchen renovation project can be a challenge for a handyperson. If you enjoy to do home improvements maybe you will like to build or repair things for your kitchen. But you must be sure to build shelves that do not sag or use the apropiated materials to make your renovations, the use of an inappropriate material in the kitchen can influence the proliferation of mold that could affect your health. American Loss Consultant have the professional to advice you about the type of materials you will need for your project. Contact us and we gladly give you a free consult. Here we are a few advices that will hep you to repair and paint your kitchen.


  • If you want yo build a shelf that do not sag you must use a 3/4” plywood shelf with 1×2 rails in the front and the back, that will give you extra support and it will not sag.
  • When you have a damage drawer slide, do not use lubricant, this will not fix the problem, you need to replace the slide.
  • Do you have problems with a door that does not close properly? Maybe you need to adjust the hinges, it is a trial-error process, you must adjust one hinge with your screwdriver, then close the door if does not adjust properly maybe you need to adjust the other hinge, and repeat this operation until your door is aligned.


  • Protect your countertop with plastic or Brown’s builder paper.
  • Remove doors, drawers doors, knobs and handles.
  • Get rid of the grease on your cabinets.
  • Sand the cabinets before painting and use a prime to filling the open grain of the wood.
  • Sand lightly your cabinet to remove the dust.
  • Now you are ready to paint your cabinet.

Remember, if you think it is very complicated to make these repairs at American Loss Consultant we have the qualified staffvto do it for you, do not suffer and worry, we guarantee you the best finish for your kitchen, you will have a neat and professional results. contact American Loss Consultant, we are here to serve you, remember that you can request a free advice for your project, call us and we will gladly assist you.

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