Metal Roof

In construction industry there will always be innovations and improvements in existing materials to build houses: the desire of humanity is to have a safe place that can protect it from environmental inclemency. For this reason, humans have tried to create materials more resistant to high winds, snow loads, and extreme temperature variability but at the same time, constructors want to use roofing material light enough that they do not need to make structural reforms of the bases of the constructions.

Metal Roof is energy efficient, low maintenance roofing material of great strength and durability by using a Metal Roof you could reduce your electricity bill and you will get an instant return of your investment. The resistant of this roofing material improves the protection of your home to harsh environmental conditions like wind, hail, snow and fire.

Advantages of Metal Roof

If you have in mind a project to build your house or simply want to replace your roof because it is continuously leaking, Metal Roof may be the definitive option for your house so you do not have to worry about changing it anymore, and it will always have the same look and the same resistant characteristics for many years. Here are several reasons to select a Metal Roof.


Metal Roof is the long-lasting roofing material on the market. If the roof is properly installed, the homeowner does not has to worry about re-roofing again, High-metal roof have a lifespan of 50-60 years and roofs made of zinc or cooper can last over 100 years. The most important step in Metal Roofing is the proper installation of the roof to avoid leaks. Be sure to hire the best contractors in the industry, contact American Loss Consultant; we have a large directory of contractors with highly qualified personnel who will gladly assist and advise you during the installation of your metal roof.

Low Maintenance

If you live in a heavily wooded area, one of the common afflictions on roofs is the growth of mildew, algae or fungus. This growth not only gives an undesirable look to your house it could also dramatically shorten the lifespan of an Asphalt Shingle Roof, but you can rest assure that Metal Roof will not get affected by mold or fungus growth or will not be damaged by rodent or raccoons, so you will save the money of reparations and anti-algae, anti-stain products that you will spend if you have a Shingle Roof.


Using Metal Roof is a sustainable and more ecological way of construction. You will only use one Metal Roof for the entire lifespan of your house instead of the three replacement of Asphalt Shingles Roof you could need, between 30-100 % of all the Metal Roof available on the market is made with recycled materials. Other important advantage of Metal Roof is they could help you to regulate the temperature inside your house. Metal Roofs can stay cool in a hot sunny day because the metal reflects the heat during the day and any heat absorbed is released during the night. You can save money on your electricity bill.

Extreme weather resistant

Installing Fire resistant roof is important in areas that are prone to wildfires because Metal Roof could protect your house from external fires. Other benefits of this roofing material is that it can resist hailstorms with minimum damages to its structure, and can stand up winds strong as 130 mph, this mean the Metal Roof exceed all the buildings requirements codes of the country. You can be sure that your roof can protect your home and all the inhabitants of it.

Metal Roofing Drawbacks

Despite all the benefits of installing a Metal Roof for your house, the principal disadvantage of metal roofing is the considerable initial investment to buy this roofing material. If you are planning to live on your actual house just for a few years, and you will not be there to make a replacement of the roof in 12 years or less, you could choose a cheaper option such as Asphalt Shingle Roof, but is you are constructing your dream house and you plan to live there your entire life, you probably want to install a long-lasting roof that protect your home and your significant others from the environmental hazards. Here are a few other drawbacks of Metal roofing:

  • Noise: Living under a Metal Roof could be noisier than living under any other type of roof, during a hailstorm or a rainstorm you could feel you are living inside of a drum, nevertheless, this can be fix by installing structural barriers and insulation to minimize the drumming effect.
  • Leaking: An improper installation of the Metal Roof can cause leaks that may damage the objects inside your house, if the screws are placed in the wrong place the water can be seep through the holes leaved by the screws when it rains, so it is important that the installation be made by experts. American Loss Consultant can help you to find the experts on Installation of Metal Roof, the contractors of our directory could guarantee you a perfect installation of your roof.
  • Denting: There are some types of Metal Roof like aluminum and cooper that are prone to denting, if you need to walk over your roof to repair your chimney or a pipe, your roof could suffer a denting. To be sure this incident does not happen to your roof call American Loss Consultant, we can find a contractor to advise you on the materials you need to buy to avoid futures denting on your roof.

Cost of Metal Roofing

The installation prices of a metal roof depend on several factors, the cost of the material, the slope of the roof, or the cost of labor in the area where you live; if you desire to install a stone coated steel shingle or tile, the cost is 7.00 to 12.50$ per square foot installed, so if your house has a roof area of 2000 square feet, the total cost of installation is 14000 to 25000 Dollars. But if you want to install a cooper roof with a lifespan over 100 years, the cost is 14$ per square foot installed; if your house has an area of 2000 square feet, then the cost of installation of this long-lasting roof is 28000 Dollars.

If you are planning to change your roof or have a construction project, contact American Loss Consultant, we will put you in contact with our contractors specialized in Metal Roof installation, they will guarantee you a quality work and you will have a roof that will protect you and your family for many years besides you can be sure that your roof meets all the buildings requirement codes to resist extreme weather conditions.

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