American Loss Consultant is always concern about home comfort and assistance, including removing mold, those horrible black spots on home surfaces. Everyone has seen at least once, black spots with some filaments at home. Maybe you wonder why they appeared, how to eliminate them and how to prevent they appear again…Those black spots are really daunting; the idea of touch them is so disgusting and if it happens, you may feel sick. Probably before you see them at home, you found them in abandoned homes, buildings or in dumped areas; maybe you never thought having them at home but it can happen anytime and to anyone because it is more common than you can imagine.

In professional hands those horrible spots will be vanished. We can connect you with highly qualified professionals that will identify infected areas; they will initiate remediation procedure and restore the ideal conditions of your domestic environment. Damaged walls, ceilings, furniture or carpets can be removed by certified specialists with accurate techniques. As removal of damaged items is really hazardous, professional personnel who perform that task is ideal. Enjoy having a neat and perfect home thanks to the actuation of professionals.

What is mold?

Trying to explain what mold is in simple and plain words, it is just a kind of sickness that surfaces exposed to mildew or dampness can have. Yes, mold is a kind of sickness because it is in fact a fungus that grows on the surfaces, especially over porous ones. It can be not only black, but purple, green, yellowish and more. Color depends on the kind of mold. Depending on the kind of mold, it starts different health problems, so that must be the main reason to remove mold: it is hazardous for you and your family health.

When we say that it appear on surfaces exposed to mildew and dampness is because humidity is the determinant condition for mold growing; so if by any chance you experienced water damage at home, flood event, or you have noticed humidity levels at home or mildew, it is really urgent that you solve those problems because in a matter of really short time, mold will grow and its removal is not an easy task so you rather rush and ask for professional help to attack this problem.

As we mention before, mold causes different health problems. The reason mold fungus provokes health problems strives in the poisonous spores it expels; they travel by the air and can be inhaled by you or they can land over your skin or eyes and trigger health problems. It has been proved by medical tests that mold spores are the causal of respiratory problems which in time transform into asthma; eye allergies and skin allergies. If mold remediation procedures are not conducted efficiently, you will have not only a disgusting environment full of spot, but you will be sick.

The importance of mold remediation

We have been talking about how unpleasant and dangerous for your health mold is. So you have two important facts to start mold remediation soon: aesthetical reasons and health reasons. Both of them are huge significant for your home living.

Aesthetical reasons deal with home beauty. Beauty spots provide you emotional and psychological comfort.  When you are in a beautiful place, you feel happy, you have comfort and everyone in your family can be distress and relaxed; but if your home has mold spots over walls, ceilings, carpets or furniture, neither you nor your loving ones can be good. Your home will look unpleasant; and beyond, mold expels an uncomfortable humidity odor which discomfort and make living tough. Hiring professionals that remediate mold problems will be thanked by all in your family.

On the other hand, and most relevant, are health reasons. Presence of mold at home, trigger different health conditions, all of them are so delicate that you must fight mold briefly to avoid major problems for you and your family that can even lead someone to death. Some kinds of mold fungus spores when inhaled attack respiratory system and this conducts to problems such as asthma; but if the person that inhaled the spores already had asthma condition, he/she might die. Yes, mold growing must be fight quick and efficiently.

Mold Remediation Process?

Up to now, you should be already mindful about the importance of a timely and efficiently mold remediation treatment at home. Now, it is our duty to help you through the development of this goal. American Loss Consultant is a firm that is involved with highly qualified professionals in the field of mold remediation. Our restoration companies provide only the top quality service so the comfort as well at health at home can be reestablished in a safe way. Mold remediation process conducted by restorations services must include:

  1. A deep and comprehensive initial check-up in order to identify the problem. In the check-up, professionals identify mold affected surfaces. Recognition of type of mold is also done because there are different types of mold and each of them requires a different remediation treatment. The extension of the damages must be measured. At this stage, restoration service must decide which elements must be removed before starting any remediation procedure. Materials affected by mold are contaminated so they must be disposed.
  2. Once supervision is done, Restoration Company will meet you. We can accompany you at this process because your complete satisfaction is our goal. It is time to present you the budget and agree about all the procedures required for mold remediation. The professionals have a clear idea of all the activities necessary to restore your areas and you must have no doubt about how skillful they are. So, after both part agree, you and restoration company, the project starts-
  3. Having a complete inform from damages, people you hire will start the work. When mold remediation is involved, some steps are obligatory take: diagnosis, removal, containment, mitigation, cleaning and sanitizing. Every of them safeguard your health. Initial check-up gives professionals the image about mold; but if it is necessary, deeper analysis to find the type of mold that is in your home might be done. Because mold is literally a poisonous element, removal of infected material must be conducted. Handling of wastes is conducted by certified people in the area and disposal is carry out in designed areas.

When we mention containment, we talk about a procedure that consists of the separation of the affected area from healthy one. This separation is made by applying chemical products that will avoid mold spread over non-affected areas. Thanks to this procedure, you can be sure that mold will not invade your entire home.

  1. Mold mitigation. Mold cannot be “removed”. If you have noticed, we have not used the word in removal in any circumstances because mold removal cannot be done. Mold can be effectively “control” at levels in which you can live in its presence without being affected. Chemical procedures are performed, spores are controlled and your home can be healthy.
  2. Cleaning and sanitizing are two processes that must be accurately done after mold remediation. Mold is poisonous and everything in contact with it must be deeply cleaned and sanitized. Restoration companies recommended by us are certified and specialized in this procedure. You can be confident and relief about sanitization and cleaning at home.
  3. Money recovery. Mold remediation is not well stated in insurance policies. But it does not mean you cannot try a claim process to get some money for your mold needs. We advise to contact the best public adjusters who deal with any kind of claims. Ask for our help in any issue.

Trust on the professional assistant of American Loss Consultant. We advise you in every mold problem you might experience at your spot. Our client’s satisfaction are our best advertising.

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