A house gives its residents protection against the rain, sun, harsh winds, and other weather-related threats while providing a sense of security and privacy to those who live in it. Nevertheless, being constantly exposed to the effects of the elements takes toll on the outer appearance of any building. When this happens owners must apply new layers of paint on the walls and other outer surfaces to try to recover its original beauty. Also, owners with a deck, porch, or any wooden furniture must cover them with wood stain to protect them against moisture and UV rays bleaching.

Knowing a little about painting and staining

Paint is mostly applied to large surfaces as walls and ceilings, but can be applied virtually on any surface. On the other hand, wood stain only applies to wooden surfaces. Staining and painting are two ways to protect wooden belongings, and each one has different benefits and disadvantages.

Staining tends to be preferred as it keeps the natural beauty of the wood, gives the owner the choice about how much of the color, grain, and texture will be retained, penetrates the wood protecting it against moisture, and is less slippery than paint. Unfortunately, it last for less than five years, some types of wood do not absorb it well, and cannot be used to hide flaws in the wood.

Be patient when you want to give a fresh look to your home

Painting wooden surfaces is not so popular because it keeps moisture in the wood, conceals its natural beauty, and is a permanent choice as the wood will keep some of the color no matter what. However, some owners prefer it as it is easier to maintain, last longer, has several color choices, and can hide the flaws in the wood or cover an already old and nasty looking wood.

When it comes to buildings, paint color is one of the first things people see and it becomes an important factor in the memory of the viewer. Equally important is the quality of the painting job that building received, as it also speaks about the attention and care the owner gives to whatever we might find inside, be it a business or a house. More often than not, a visitor can perceive how thoughtful is the maintenance of a structure only by details like the quality of the paint on walls, columns or the ceiling.

The job to find a good painter

Homeowners might paint their homes by themselves spending several days trying to get it perfect, yet never accomplish it. Even more, all of this consumes precious time that some owners might not have, not mentioning that paint and wood stain have a strong smell that easily cause allergies on kids and on some adults.

Still, some may argue that professional companies have charge too much, and in order to save money they can hire any neighbor or painter close to their homes with a low fee and still get a good result. There are those who may even go as far as looking for someone without any experience in the use of painting tools, under the argument that anyone can paint as it is not something difficult. Such homeowners will face the consequences of their choice when the project does not come off as expected and will have to deal with issues like:

  • Veined walls, where the course of the roller or brush is clearly seen. This is caused because the painter does not have the experience or does not know the techniques to avoid this.
  • Stained floors and carpets result of a messy and irresponsible painter that did not take the time to cover the floor in the area where he was working.
  • Parts of the walls are darker or lighter than others. This irregularity is quite common among non-professional painters that add water to the paint to make it last longer.
  • Clearly visible parts of the old paint. This happens when the worker did not remove the old paint because he decided to simply paint over it. It is a mark of a lazy work that was done thinking that the owner would not notice it. Also, if an unwashed surface is painted, the new paint will come off easily costing more in the end.
  • Walls with visible paint drips caused for painting with a roller or brush that had too much paint when it was applied. This happens for a lack of experience, and probably because the painter thought that the work would be done in less time this way.
  • Poorly painted high areas for a lack of the required tools. This shows a lack of professionalism and responsibility for accepting a project without having the tools to deliver a proper result.
  • Workers who ask for upfront payment for buying tools that they should own and then disappear leaving the project midway.
  • Surplus materials because the painter is inexperienced and is unable to perform a proper budget.

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Benefits of painting at home

Painting is not just a routinely activity to perform from time to time…it involves huge benefits to your home:

  • Favors aesthetic at home.
  • When applied by experts, you can enjoy a color combinations related to the purpose of the area.
  • It actually protects the exterior of the house against UV rays and moisture, as well as walls and floors.

Considering so many factors that need a thoughtful choice, one can see why it is so important to hire a professional service to take care of any internal or external paint project. Sadly, it is not always easy to find a good painting service that offers and delivers a professional service. For all your paint needs contact ALC. We will take care of your project while you rest and will deliver the result you so much desire.

We know it is not easy to let strangers into your house close to your family and possessions. Because we value your safety, our experts pass through an extensive screening process to guarantee only the best professionals are able to work for you and your family. The processes our professionals go through include but are not limited to licensing, search for criminal records, and identity verification.

American Loss Consultant is a company easy to identify and locate with several communication channels. We promise fluid communication during the whole project. If you have any concern or complain, get in contact with us and we will give you a quick response.

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