Plumbing Installation Services

The services that a plumber or a plumbing installation service company provides include the installation, repairing and maintenance of the systems moving fluids along the house. Certified professionals in plumbing take care of pipe leakage, dripping of water, fungal damage, damped walls and more. These eventualities are usually difficult to find so its solution must be left in hands of the experts who detect leakage spot, repair it and stop further damages.

Plumbing services provided by plumbers and companies

Some plumbing services that can be provided by particular professionals or plumbing companies are:

Commercial and residential plumbing

Residential or domestic plumbing services deal with the installation and repairing of faulty taps, geysers, broken toilets, leaking pipes on household appliances like washing machines, dishwasher and tumble dryers, faulty shower, etc. while commercial plumbing usually are related to toilets and sinks clogged, bursting pipes or leaks.

Leak detection and repair

This is perhaps the most frequent service plumbers do. Leaking or piping troubles are usually common at home and they require skillful professionals to handle them. Fixing leaks in tubing system or a complete replacement of pipes demands training and equipment to perform a perfect job.

Sewer repair

A tough problem at home deals with sewer. Water moving slowly in the draining, noises from drainage or unpleasant smells are indicators of a possible blockage in sewer lines. At the very first moment you notice any of these signs, call the plumber for a deep inspection and the subsequent fixing.

Water heater services

To have warm water for early morning showers or late night bathing is very pleasing and when having issues at this matter that face you to the chilly water, calling a plumber means the solution; plumbers and plumbing companies in American Loss Consultant directory offer water heater repair as well as installation services. From bulky tanks water heaters to tankless high-powered burner water heaters, experts will bring you the comfort of hot water.

Toilet repair

A clogged toilet is a really huge mess! It collapses your en-suit bathroom! Plumbers can manage perfectly with flushing problems, toilet overflow or clogging. The can detect if problems are related to a wrong installation, cement leftovers or toilet misused. Solution will be accurate and fast.

Drain cleaning

Daily use of sinks, showers and tubs drains away water and debris. Soap remaining, hair and dirt clog easily those tools, being required the repairing or cleaning for a perfect functioning. Plumbers know how and have the tools to keep sinks, shower and tub drainage working smoothly.

Garbage disposal repair

Noises, jams or leaks coming from your garbage disposal during functioning are signs of something wrong. Sometimes you can fix it by yourself just taking out the stuff that jams the garbage disposal; but if you can’t, hire plumbing services to repair it.

Plumbing service costs

Before hiring the plumbing services, some daredevil homeowners prefer trying plunging it first. They can check out troubleshooting steps in manuals or DYE ideas; but if the problem was not solved and you have to call plumbing services anyway, it is significant to have an estimated cost of services you might need. American Loss Consultant does not provide directly plumbing services but as a home advisor company we can provide you some costs of those services in order you prepare your budget in advance.

Inspection charges: plumbing inspectors charge an average of $165

For average plumbing jobs (repairing faucets, toilets or sinks): from $175 to $450; if the services are offered hourly, from $45 to $200 per hour.

Fix leaking or burst pipes: from $150 to $350 (inspection an additional $100). Major damages like pipe burst from $1,000 to $4,000.

Water heater installation: the cost will vary depending on the type of water heater you choose:

Standard: from $750 to $1,400

Solar: from $2,000 to $5,200

Tankless: $1,000 to $1,800

Average water heater fixing: $550

Fixing main line leak:

Average: from $300 to $4,000

Main leak repair cost: $700

New main water line cost: $1,500

Average clearing drain clogs cost: $200

Replacing a bathtub cost: between $1,000 to $5,000

Shower installation pricing: from $1,200 to $5,500

Tub or shower liners installation: from $1,500 to $4,100

Average toilet repair: from $140 to $300

Toilet installation: from $200 to $525

New sink installation cost: from $200 to $525

New faucets installation cost: from $150 to $350

Sewer main installation: about $3,000

Cleaning prices: average $300

Main line repair average: $2,500

Septic tanks pumping: about $400

Repairing septic tanks: around $1,500

New septic system cost: average $5,500

Whole house rough in plumbing: average cost for a 2,300 square foot home with 2.5 baths, from $11,500 to $14,500

Advices at the moment you hire plumbing services

If you are ready to hire a plumber or a plumber company, it is good to take some measures before starting the labors. All personnel in our advisory lists have approved the screening process but we consider important you take some extra recommendations.

  1. Hire a plumber as soon the problem start. Do not wait till it gets worse.
  2. Get a firm estimate in writing and be apprised of any ulterior problem.
  3. Take into account factors that might affect cost as fixture quality, time, location and day of the week. Emergencies during weekends are always more expensive.
  4. Pay attention to first-hour and trip fees because some companies charge fees just for being around your home.
  5. Be aware of lower prices companies because they might charge you extra money for equipment and tools use and at the end you will pay more.
  6. Ask for licenses. A licensed plumber will be more skillful at the moment he performed the job.
  7. Ask for free plumbing quotes to your plumbers because some offer them on large jobs.
  8. Make all fixtures at the same time if it is possible then you don’t have to call plumber every week.

Any extra precaution will save you time, money and bad experiences in time. Call American Loss Consultant if you need plumbing services. We can contact certified people for you.