A leak is a way for fluids or liquids to escape or pass through a breach or flaw. Leaks are unintended an undesired. Therefore, a plumbing leak refers to the gradual or sudden loss of water in plumbing.  This accidental flow of water may occur through a hole or opening.

Plumbing leaks have proven to be one of the most difficult domestic issues for the homeowner, especially if this leak comes from a pipe behind a wall or under the floor. Plumbing leaks are really troublesome, they might happen anytime. Even after years of installing the plumbing, plumbing leaks may appear, taking the owner by surprise. Furthermore, plumbing leaks are usually detected after days, weeks or months following their first appearance, producing visible mold, humidity and stains all around your home.

There are many ways for a plumbing leak to be produced. Most of the time, plumbing leaks are related to old plumbing systems, defective connections, and use of mixed old and new plumbing. The mixing of old and new plumbing causes water pressure not to be efficiently distributed along the system, this variation of water pressure may lead to a leak where older material gets weakened over time. A plumbing leak may cause a whole new set of problems for the owner of the affected house. Significant economic losses are also to be expected, if not corrected in time, a plumbing leak could lead to more serious and costly problems. When dealing with plumbing leaks, you should always bear in mind:

  1. Plumbing leaks could greatly increase your monthly expenses. The water company charges you for the consumption of water that appears in their records and not for the quantity you really use. Depending on the size of the plumbing leak, you could be losing up to 60% of the water you are charged for. If you notice a significant increase in your water bill, you might want to check for plumbing leaks all around your house.
  2. Plumbing leaks could be very dangerous. Plumbing leaks represent one of the main causes for mold to take place on the walls of your home. Dealing with mold sets your home-problem to a whole new level. Mold looks disgusting, gives a bad image to your property and could even bring diseases into your home and community. Additionally, a plumbing leak may create puddles where people might slip, for children or elders at home, it becomes a major risk.
  3. Plumbing leaks can affect the structure of your home. If given enough time, small leaks may damage your walls, floor, ceiling, carpet and structure of your property. It could even directly endanger your life if close to electronics.

American Loss Consultant tips to avoid a plumbing leak

Even when most plumbing leaks are inevitable and come by surprise, prevention helps to alleviate their effects, to increase your chances of avoiding a plumbing leak, follow these short tips:

  1. Install filters in your plumbing. Frequently and silently, elements such as hair, soap chunks, plastic envelopes, food waste, and other small solids fall down the drain and hinder the passage of water in your plumbing, causing obstructions and perforations in the pipes that eventually lead to leaks.
  2. Avoid pouring grease and other chemicals down the pipes. When washing a frying pan with accumulated fat, remove it before washing it in the sink with a bit of kitchen paper and toss it in the garbage bin, this will avoid fat related obstructions. Likewise, try not to pour thick wastewater or chemicals like paint thinners that are not designed specifically for cleaning the pipes down the drains.
  3. Keep the drains of your house clean. Establish a routine of washing once per week all the drains of your home and their respective plugs. Pour boiling water through them to remove all grease that may be accumulated in the plumbing system.

The best way to deal with a plumbing leak is to prevent it from happening. Periodic maintenance of the pipes of your house and your community, with the help of your neighbors, can save you headaches and prevent the problem from growing when it has already started.

Signs of a plumbing leak at home

While there is no specific technique to apply at home to find a plumbing leak, you can easily identify them by following some parameters and signs for leak detection:

  1. Watch for weird decolored spots in your floor, it might be due to underground water accumulation caused by a plumbing leak.
  2. Look for dripping water or water flow sounds when no one is using the bathroom or other water taps in the house.
  3. Be aware of hot water coming from a cold-water faucet, or vice versa, this might be a sign of a leak on your water heater.
  4. Look closely for water stains on the walls, ceiling or other surfaces in your home.
  5. Check your plumbing if you feel a moist smell around your home.
  6. Watch over the water heater, due to a plumbing leak, it might not turn off when required, wasting energy and water for many hours a day.
  7. Search for lumps on your walls, if your walls feel cold and moist when in touch with them, there might be a major plumbing leak going on behind your walls, if not fixed in time, a plumbing leak could lead to wall repairments.
  8. Keep a track of your water bills, if they suddenly surpass the fixed budget you expect from them, a plumbing leak is the most likely cause.

You might also check other possible sources of leaks inside your property. The irrigation system of your garden, the pipes that fill and drain your pool, small fountains or even taps in your yard could be the responsible for a continuous and steady plumbing leak.

In case you suspect that a water leak exists in your property, conduct the following test:

  1. Close every water tap in your home.
  2. Take note of the information shown on your water register.
  3. Do not open you plumbing during a couple of hours. Wait until nobody is at home to prevent the test for failing.
  4. After a long-enough period of time, take note of your water register again.
  5. Analyze your readings.
  6. If there is a difference, no matter how small it is, you are suffering a leak somewhere in your plumbing system.

A plumbing leak is one of the most frequent problems a home-owner can face. Discovering that you suffer a plumbing leak is the first step to take towards fixing it. You should work towards eliminating water leaks from your home to ensure the safety of your property and family members.

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