Popcorn ceiling removal

The popcorn ceiling was a very fashionable type of coated texture used to decorate Drywall ceiling in the 60s and 70s, because it was very easy and quick to apply, it hides the imperfections that could have remained after the installation of the Drywall and the best thing was that it did not need to be painted later, so that owners could save money from the application of the paint as a final finish.

Despite all the advantages of this type of texture, the owners find out that it offers many disadvantages: it was very hard to clean; its rough texture catches large amounts of dust and if your house is prone to have spiders, it will be very hard to get rid of spider webs; another problem of popcorn ceiling is the probability of containing asbestos. If your ceiling was installed before the 80s, there is a high probability that the materials used for your ceiling have asbestos and this substance is a well-known cause of lung cancer. Then before you start removing your popcorn ceiling contact your local health department and ask for a sample test. If the result of the test is positive for asbestos, you need to hire a contractor specialized on asbestos abatement.

Contact to American Loss Consultant and we could find this specialized contractor for you. Remember the most important thing is to protect your health and the health of your significant others. Do not try to remove a popcorn ceiling if you suspect that might contain asbestos; during the process of removal, there will be a large quantity of dust that could reach your lungs. Do not take unnecessary risks, call American Loss Consultant, and we will send you a contractor that will give you free advice about the best way to remove your popcorn ceiling.

How to remove Popcorn ceiling?

Once you took a sample of your ceiling to your local health department for a test of asbestos and you got the results you have two choices: if the result is positive it will be better for your health if you hire a specialist to remove it, but if the result is negative and you want to do this job by yourself, we must warn you that maybe it could be a tough scraping job to do and to clean the mess that is left behind the process of removing could be a real headache. If you change your mind and you prefer to hire a constructor to do this job for you, call American Loss Consultant and we will send you a contractor who will gladly take care of all the removal and disposal process. Here we will present some advice to remove popcorn ceiling

Preparing the space

If you are starting a project of popcorn ceiling removal, the first thing you need to do is move out all the furniture of the room; if there is some furniture you cannot move out you need to protect it with plastic and tape. If you have a ceiling fan or other ceiling fixtures, you need to remove it too; these objects will be on your way when you are scraping the ceiling, and you could have electrical hazards if you accidentally wet some electrical fixture during the removal process of the popcorn ceiling.

After that procedure, you need to use plastic to cover the door and windows to seal the space and be sure all the dust will stay inside the room and it will not be flying around the house. If you are not sure that you can protect properly your objects, leave this job to an expert. The contractors that American Loss Consultant can find for you have the best skills on covering the spaces and protecting the objects and spaces from the dust and the debris generated by the removal process.

Scrape testing

Before to start the removal, first try to scraping a little area of the ceiling, some textures are easily removed without water, but if this is not your case then dampen the area with water and try to remove the popcorn. If the water does not soften the texture, it is possible that paint was used to make the texture mix or the ceiling was painted after the application of the popcorn texture; in this case, it will be very difficult to remove the texture by scraping the ceiling, and you may want to consider to cover the ceiling with Drywall or other ceiling material like tongue-and-groove planks. A contractor with experience will advise you over the best way to get rid of the popcorn ceiling. Call American Loss Consultant and we will send you a specialized contractor that will guide you through the removal process.

Removal process

Here we will present some tips that could help you to accomplish the removal of the popcorn ceiling in an easy and neat way.

  • Wet the ceiling: use a garden pump to give a light mist of water to the ceiling and let it rest for 15 minutes. This will make easier the job of scraping and will reduce the dust during the removal process. Be aware to not use much water or you could damage the Drywall; just a light moist will be more than enough.
  • Divide the job into small sections: work on areas of 4×4 ft., just moistening little areas before scraping; if you work on a bigger area the ceiling will dry before you have the time of scrap it.
  • Get the finish you want: after removing all the popcorn texture you may need to sand the ceiling and repair some imperfections to leave it perfectly smooth before painting.
  • Clean-up: this is the final step on a popcorn ceiling removal. You need to use a powerful vac-machine to collect all the dust and remove all the debris that results from the removal process.

Cost of Popcorn ceiling removal

The cost of popcorn ceiling removal in an area of 500 square feet oscillates between 653 and 1298; the amount charged by a contractor may vary depending on the zip code area: if the service includes the supplies, the protection of the job area, debris disposal removal and ceiling painting or any other additional work may increase the cost.

It does not matter if you are removing the popcorn ceiling because you are remodeling your house or because you want to prevent further damages on your health, the most important thing is to do it observing all the buildings regulations codes and that the procedure of removing is certified and approved by the EPA. Do not take an unnecessary risk by managing materials that could be hazardous for your health. Contact American Loss Consultant, and we will send you a certified constructor that could guarantee his labor and the materials used on the removal process. The constructor will work with efficiency and excellence and you will be entirely satisfied with the results

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