Residential Roof Inspection

One of the requirements of banks or insurance companies to buy or sell a house is to have an inspection of the condition of the roof; before making any negotiation it is important to verify that the roof of the property you are buying has no leaks that may cause serious damage to your property. If the electrical installations of your house are not properly insulated, the risk of a fire caused by a short circuit increases when there are leaks in the house, in addition to the structural damage that the water can cause to the floors and walls, the leaks can propitiate the growth of mold and mildew that can seriously affect the health of the inhabitants of the house.

A roof inspector is a highly qualified professional who is responsible for verifying if the roof of your house is at perfect condition, if it has leaks, or determines the potential risk of leaks due to some damage that perhaps an untrained eye can escape. A roof inspector of a serious and responsible company must do annual training courses in order to provide a better service and update with respect to the new roofing materials that exist in the market and what are the possible failures that they may present.

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What to expect from a roofing inspection?

The roof inspector will inspect your house to determine the integrity of the roof : This professional could find some potential damages on the roof that could affect the structure of the house or if the roof does not meet the buildings regulation codes of the country. A roof inspector will tell you when you need to change the roof entirely or partially and if it is necessary to do structural changes to the foundations of your house to give a better support for the roof. Here is a list of aspects of your roof that a roof inspector will study.

Structure of the roof

The first thing a roof inspector will verify is the integrity of the structure of your roof, he will determine if there is a sagging on the roof and it will also study the conditions of the soffit, fascia and gutter system, he will check for possible damages or crackings on the chimneys and will verify if the venting on your attic is leading to humidity that can reduce the lifespan of your roof.


The inspection over the materials will depend on the type of roof you have, for example, if you have an Asphalt Shingle Roof, the inspector will look for missing, loose or curling shingles, fiberglass shingle will be inspected for cracks, if your house has a Metal Roof the inspector will study if your roof has denting, rust or if the screws are not properly installed, if your house has Clay tile roof the inspector will look for loosing or cracked tiles, other things to examine during the inspection are the growth of mold, stains on the ceilings, loosing fasteners, and the isolation and the seals of the vent pipes.

Interior Inspection

A good roof inspection will also search for leaking signs inside your house. The roof inspector will check your ceilings, your attic, and the interior or the walls. He will search for stains, mold or other signs of water damage inside your house. Most of the times to make the interior inspections, the roof inspector specialist will use infrared rays to locate parts of the roof with higher or lower temperatures. A change in the temperature of the roof may indicate that the heat is escaping and the house could have a ventilation problem. At the end this type of problems could cause humidity and mold growth that may produce the roof decay.

When to do a Roof Inspection?

Replacing a roof is a big investment, and you do not want to deal with a major reparation of your house roof during the winter, if you want to protect your house and get the maximum profit of the lifespan of your roof, you must be sure that your roof it is in optimum condition, is good to do a roof inspection at least once a year, before the rainy season, roof inspections are not so expensive, by knowing that your roof meets all the buildings regulation codes, it will give you a peace of mind when your roof is under a foot of snow. Do not try to do the inspection by yourself, you do not have the training or the equipment to do a proper inspection. If you want to hire a highly qualified roof inspector near your house, contact American Loss Consultant we have a a directory with the best roof specialists of the area.

Cost of a Roof Inspection

After a roof inspection you will receive a detail report over the integrity of your roof. If you need to make some repairs the inspector will advise you with the best options to fix the broken things or replace the missing shingles or tiles, the national average cost of a roof inspection is 203$, but the price may vary depending on the area you are living. If the contractor you hire will return to your house to do some repairs, this will increase the price of the inspection. Some contractors may offer a free roof inspection if you hire them to make the reparations of your roof.

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