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You might not know it, but as a homeowner, it is your responsibility to keep as clean as possible the portion of the sewer line that leads from your house to the main sewer under the street. This means that if any time you have a problem in your sewer line, it is your responsibility to properly address the issue and fix it.

Sewage lines are piping systems used to collect and transport wastewater, industrial and rainwater from a population into a designated area.

Sewage lines are hydraulic structures that work by gravity according to atmospheric pressure from the place where they are installed at your home to the place where they are treated or the natural environment in which they are dumped. Sewage lines rarely use pipes under pressure or vacuum, even when the sections to be constructed are short. Sewer lines are built with circular, oval or compound ducts.

Sewers are an important basic service for cities or developing populations. However, there are cities that give more importance to the lines of potable water pipes than to the sewage systems, generating serious problems of environmental sanitation. Furthermore, there are cities where rulers do not give importance to sewers, postponing those decisions for an indefinite future.

Keeping clean your sewers is the best way to prevent water problems in the future. Also, by checking regularly your sewage lines, you are saving money by not needing to buy new parts or replacements for the entire system.

Sanitation and drainage system

Sewers can be constructed in two ways:

• Unitary lines: they are built to receive in a single conduit the residual waters (urban and industrial) from a territory.

• Separate lines: they are built with two independent sewer channels. A sanitary sewer channel to transport domestic, commercial and industrial wastewater, which goes to a purifying station, and the other sewer channel, which transports rainwater to the reception site that could be a river, a lake or the sea.

Components of a sewerage line

The main components in the construction of a sewer lines, described from the beginning of water circulation, are:

• The connections: they are the set of pieces such as a box, a sewer and a junction, which allow the connection to incorporate into the line the discharged water that comes from buildings, houses, etc. The connections are conductors buried in public roads in a small section, which serve to transport the flow of the connections.

• The collectors: they are the largest pipes, which can be visited to observe the waters that come from the sewers. They drive the water to the main collectors and they are buried under public roads. The main collectors are the ones that cover the biggest load of the collectors of the population, gathering great flows until driving them to their final destination.

• Storm spillways: they are deposits that hold water to prevent flooding due to rain.

• Interceptors: they are components that lead the collected waters to the sewage treatment plants or their natural environment.

Other sewage elements

• The ditches: they collect and concentrate the rainwater from the roads and adjoining land.

• The scupper: they are structures that collect rainwater and wash water.

• Inspection wells: they are vertical chambers that allow access to sewers and collectors for maintenance.

Construction process of sewerage lines

Before starting a construction project, it is necessary to transfer the dimensions and forms indicated in the plans to the terrain in an appropriate and unequivocal manner. This information ensures that the elements in the field that are in the sewer system are correctly located to start the work of excavating and digging in the demarcated areas.

This operation is performed by trained and specialized personnel and the surveyor in charge since the task requires high precision equipment.

Studies prior to design and installation

Hydrological study: it is a study conducted in order to gather information about the new project and determinate if there are rivers, streams or other bodies of water near the construction site.

Topographic study: it is a study carried out by an expert in topography to define the state of the land in order to know the characteristics and the current state of the soil in terms of support capacity and material that composes it.

Sewer Maintenance

The final execution and success of the sewage system is not totally related to the design or installation of the sewer system but the execution of a good control and adequate maintenance to ensure the best functioning of the sewer system.

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