Shelf Mounting

When you lack space in any room, walls can often become allies for order and decoration. Using walls will help you gain storage space and even improve your style at the same time. If you need more space in your room then installing a shelf mounting is ideal for you now.

A shelf is a box structure made of different materials, widths and heights. Even though they may be used for other reasons, shelves are designed to store objects. The shelves allow you to make the most of any free space on a wall and are a great option to place all kinds of objects, from books to towels and decorations in general.

At the moment you decide to start shelf mounting, you can count with the expert advice from American Loss Consultant. We have been working so long in the field of home restoration advice and we have the knowledge you might need to start this venture. You can consult us in aspects like materials, types and the most important fact: the personnel you need.

Shelves can be made of wood, glass and metal. When talking about materials there is a wide range of possibilities for wall shelves.


Different materials imply different designs and different prices. When choosing for a shelf, you should think about the use that will be given and if the chosen material is the right one for you.

  • Wood: this is the most classic option, although it is not usually the cheapest. It offers you the possibility of being able to paint it to your taste: beech or oak.
  • Stainless steel: these shelves usually add an elegant touch to offices and kitchens.
  • Veneered MDF: a much cheaper option than hardwood, and with a reasonable quality-price ratio.
  • Drywall: they have the advantage of being an economic material, available in many sizes and thicknesses.
  • Glass: due to their elegance, they are usually used in small spaces, since. Their main disadvantage is that they do not support heavy objects.
  • Plastic: a very resistant option, especially suitable for children’s rooms, since you will also find them in a multitude of colors.

Shelves types

There is a vast array of shelves types you could install:

  • Fixed brackets: this type of shelf is installed with individual brackets and fixed to the wall.
  • Built-in shelving: this type of shelving is ideal for use in those corners of rooms where no other type of furniture can be placed.
  • Shelving systems with adjustable slots: this type of shelfs offers the possibility of fixing vertical rails to a wall in which the brackets can be inserted at different heights.

Mistakes to avoid

Regardless of the type of shelf you are using, if not fixed correctly they can bend, fall or break. To avoid this problem American Loss Consultant advices you to hire only professional services. Certified experts take into account the following tips:

  • Choose suitable supports according to the weight that the shelf should support. In order to do this, expert teams will guide you.
  • The fixing screws must be long enough to be properly fixed to the wall. Experts will always pick the appropriate size.
  • The distance between the brackets should not be excessive; specialists will determine the ideal distance to avoid the shelf being flaccid and weak.

It is also recommended to keep an eye on shelf mounting elements such as:


When installing a shelf you must take into account how much weight it should handle, most shelves can hold small or lightweight objects. Manufacturers often provide this information with the product. Contact American Loss Consultant for further information and help on shelf weighting.


Brackets can be divided into two types: brackets and concealed brackets.

The brackets are also divided into those that only have two segments at right angles and those that, in addition to those segments, include a diagonal or curved straight support to reinforce the system.

Concealed brackets are very valuable in terms of design, as they create the appearance of being stuck to the wall. But they have the disadvantage that, due to the very characteristics of their fastening system, they do not hold much weight. For this reason, they are only recommended when they are to be used as a base for decorations or light pieces.

Placing the shelves

The versatility and beauty of the shelves not only make them useful but also decorative for every living room in which they are installed. Your contractor will help you decide and install your new shelves in the following most common locations:

In the living room

Shelves are essential in every home. These elements serve to locate objects and maintain order.  They are very useful and if you can adapt to the construction and match the design of the room. For the room, this accessory is very advantageous since it allows to place pictures, photo frames, and diverse decorative complements.

In the bedroom

When one has little space in the house, it is ideal to make the best use of every corner. Then it is best to opt for simple shelves, especially in the bedrooms where less is more. This type of furniture is easily integrated into the rooms and is part of them in a much more subtle way, optimizing the use of all spaces.

In the bathroom

The shelves in the bathroom are perfect for storing towels or even some decorative elements that help create the tranquility and serenity needed in this space of the house such as candles, incense, some books, and relaxing objects. The model to choose will always have to do with the style that has the rest of the bathroom decoration.

On the desk

Working corners are favored when shelves are installed. They can be used as tables, library, to hold stationery or even work furniture. The idea is that this place is always tidy so that harmony is achieved and is pleasant to the eye.

In the hallway

The aesthetic beauty that adds a ledge to any place makes them ideal for foyers. If you want a minimalist decoration, floating shelves are a good choice. These shelves add elegance and distinction to the living room and by their design that hides the brackets, it looks much more modern.

In the kitchen

Definitely, the best place to use shelves is in the kitchen, no matter how big or small the kitchen, more space is always needed. That’s where shelves make their appearance, shelves can be used to store products or utensils you want to keep handy as everyday cups and plates. Another practical idea, which is perfect for small kitchens, is to use them as a table.

The installation or construction of a shelf for this particular use will require much larger measures than usual, it is best to do it with floating shelves because this way they are perfectly integrated into the structure.

With American Loss Consultant, your shelves will always be mounted with efficiency and elegance. Trust us to assist you and guide you through your shelf mounting process.

We are a professional company with years of experience in our main branch of business. With our learned and skillful partners, American Loss Consultant will provide you enough information so you will be able to finish your entire shelf mounting projects successfully.

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