Shingle Roof

The most common material used in America for roofing is Asphalt Roofing Shingles, because Shingle Roof is one of the least expensive material and they are available in a wide variety of colors. If you want to replace the roof of your house and your budget is short, Shingle Roof could be the perfect option for your construction project.

Although there are different types of Shingle Roof, the cost-effective relationship makes 70% of American homes use Asphalt Shingle Roof. This type of roof is generally used in single-family homes, sloped roofs and in small-scale roofing projects. While it is true that the durability is not as long as other types of high quality roof, the replacement of it is not so expensive; also, it makes people think that it is cheaper to build twice a Shingle Roof than installing a roof made of clay tiles or metal. If you need advice on your construction project, contact American Loss Consultant, we have the most qualified Contractors directory to install the Shingle Roof for your house.

Types of Asphalt Shingles.

You can find in the market two types of asphalt shingles to carry out your construction project:

Fiberglass Shingles

This type of shingle is manufactured using raw materials like a fiberglass mat to reinforce the shingle, an asphalt coating applied to the top and the bottom of the fiberglass coating; the asphalt provides the water-resistance characteristic to the shingle, stone granules to provide the coloration to the shingle and thermally-activated asphalt sealant to bond the shingles together on the roof. Fiberglass shingles are very used in the construction market, because they are affordable and offer an excellent fire protection.

Organic Shingles

This shingle uses a waste paper to reinforce the shingle instead fiberglass; the paper is coated with asphalt on the top and the bottom too, to make it water resistant; finally the shingle is coated with stone granules to give it color and sealant to bond the shingles to the roof. Organic shingles are more durable than the fiberglass ones, also are more environmentally friendly than the fiberglass shingles but they are flammable and a potential hazard for your house.

Advantages of Shingle Roof

If you are planning to build a new roof for your house you must study all the options available in the market. Here is a list of the advantages of shingle roofing.


Shingle roofing is the most affordable option of roofing in the short term, if the Asphalt Shingle Roof is properly installed it can give to your house protection with a lifespan of 12- 17 year.

Easy Installation

This type of roof can be installed in two or three days and does not required specialized training to do it. But if you want to be sure that your roof is properly installed, contact American Loss Consultant, we can find a contractor near your house to install the roof for you.

Variety of colors and styles

There are several options in the market, regarding the materials of the shingle you can buy organic shingles or fiberglass shingles, but also you can choose from the most inexpensive and basic 3-tab shingles to the architectural shingles with different styles and patterns, this premium shingle can offer a 3D effect that imitate wood shingles that will give a unique look to the roof of your house.

Disadvantages of Shingle Roof

If with the installation of a Shingle Roof you could save a certain amount of money on your construction project, you need to be prepared to deal with some problems that this type of roof can have.

Short Lifespan

Cheap Asphalt Shingle Roof could have a 10-12 years lifespan if you live in sunny city with hot weather conditions.

Shingle Loss

If you live in an area with hazard of tornadoes or hurricanes you must know that 3-tab shingles are susceptible to wind uplift.

Shingle Cracking

Extreme weather conditions can cause expansion and contraction of the single and subsequent cracking.

Color fading

Very hot temperatures conditions could crack the shingles or make it loose the color of them.

High Maintenance

Shingle Roof may require regular maintenance and repairs to prevent further damages done by rains or snow.

Mold problems

If you do not use an anti-alga, anti-stain product, you could have mold or algae problems in shady areas of your roof.


Shingle roof are not environmentally friendly material.

After reading the possible disadvantages that this type of roof has, if you finally decide to install a Shingle Roof, at American Loss Consultant we have a directory of contractors to provide the inspection and maintenance service that your roof needs, contact us and we will put it in contact with a highly qualified staff that can give you free advice on the options you have to maintain your roof in optimal conditions.

Cost of Shingle Roof

The cost of installing a Shingle roof can vary depending on the choice of material and the style of the shingle. The best thing about Shingle Roof is that due to its light weight, you will not have to spend additional money to strengthen the foundations of your house; There are different materials prices, a 3-tab shingle will cost much less than an architectural shingle; the cost will also depend on whether your roof has several levels or if you have a pitched roof, the more area you need to cover, the more materials you will need to buy to cover the entire roof.

If your house has an area of 2000 square feet and you want to install a Shingle Roof, you will spend the following amount of money, the initial installation cost is between 2 and 4.5 dollars per square foot, and the materials cost are 1-3 dollars per square foot, then the total cost of installation of a Shingle Roof is between 6000 and 15000 dollars.

How to find the roofing contractor to build or replace your roof?

Finding a roofing contractor that suits your needs could be a trickier thing, if you rely on web searches, you may be disappointed, sometimes the services of the contractors located on top rankings in Google are not equivalent to a high quality service. Unscrupulous and inexperienced Contractors could write fake reviews on their website and you could be scammed.

If you want to be sure about the durability of your roof is important to hire a contractor company with experience who could offer a great quality service. Do not waste your time searching on-line for the best contractor. Contact American Loss Consultant and we can find the best contractor for your project, we guarantee the contractor will provide a professional installation service and you do not have to worry about anything.

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