Shower Door Installation

The selection of an appropriated door that conveys in one comfort, elegance, and easy –to-clean attributes is a hard job for every home owner. The multiplicity of models, materials, colors and styles in the market, make the options infinite at the time of buying one. American Loss Consultant can advise you and getting to you the information related to companies expert in shower door installation to adore your bathroom transformation.

The Importance of a shower door installation

Once you decide to change the look of your bathroom you must include the replacing of the shower curtain or a shower door replacing; dropping the old plastic curtain or the dull vinyl door and replacing them by a fancy glass door is a must. Glass doors are more visually appealing, easy to install and to clean. There are fashionable styles, colors and design or you can get a custom glass shower door; there is a brand for each customer then you can have the chance of making a fresh new start at shower.

Each door for each style

From the many styles of doors, you can get the one suitable for your bathroom size, style or your pocket. Here we present you some options that can be advisable in choosing your shower door; they can be classified by operation, shape, frame type, glass style, feature, and style.


At deciding the shower enclosure, you have to take care of every detail and sometimes expectations might not be come true. Type of operation of the shower door is determined not only by preferences but by the area, size and shape of the bathroom.

Slide or bypass.

They operate similar to patio sliding doors. They are ideal for small spaces and can stand alone or mounted on a bathtub.  


Even though they are called “doors” they are not really doors. They are glass panels installed to enclose your shower. They do not move and there is an open space on a side where you can enter and exit the bath. Suitable for big spaces or for fancy showers people like to show.


They operate as regular doors at home having spinning hinges that allow the door to swing out and open whenever you want to enter or exit the shower. They are appropriated for large bathroom because some large space to move is required.


These doors are ideal for small bathrooms, like corner bathrooms because the panels of the door fold inside the shower, leaving you space to move.

Shape is determined mainly by the location the shower area has in your bathroom, as well as the size.


If your shower is in the corner of the bathroom and you have plenty space, this is the right door for it! Corner shower doors have five panels: two are the shower surround; the last three are two glass panels and the door panel. Usually the door operates with a hinge so the door swings out, so you need space in the bathroom for it.  


This type of door is ideal for small bathrooms; it operates using hinges and can be very decorative depending on the details you add to it.  


They are classical sliding doors, not flat but curved, making your bathroom more glam.

Frame selection is mainly a matter of preferences of you as a homeowner. Shower doors can be framed, frameless or semi-frameless.


They have a frame all the way around the glass, made of composite material or of aluminum. They require frequent cleaning to prevent mold growing.


This door style makes your shower looks bigger and is really easy to keep clean, comparing with framed doors.  They have towel bars along the door, so this is a good option and provides an elegant look to your shower.


They actually have frames along the structure but the doors do not. They are also easy to keep clean mold free.

Glass style is just a matter of preference although cleaning details may be entangled depending on the style of the glass you select.


  • Most popular
  • Offer a clear view
  • Open up the space in the bathroom
  • Allow light to enter the shower


  • Allow some light to enter the shower
  • Great choice for privacy
  • Must be cleaned regularly


  • Come in different options
  • Great in updating bathrooms
  • Be careful with the kind of soap you clean them because it might obscure the door pattern.


If you like privacy or are afraid someone stares at you while showering, then this is the one for you!

Feature in shower doors, we can mention tempered glass and bathtub doors

If you are in big concern about broken glasses in the bathroom, tempered glass is good for you; on the other hand, if you have bathtub and shower, all-in-one, then a bathtub door is great…they fit on top of the tub and allow entrance and exit of the tub or shower, with a slight closure to avoid water escape out.

(Source: Home DepotR)

Proper Work for Each need

As you have seen, there are multiple of possible combinations that can transform your bathroom in unique. Ask to us, American Loss Consultant…we can contact best restoration services that master shower door installation.

You probably have a general idea about what you expect from experts, but besides some aspects the real professionals consider at the time of advising you for shower door selection are configuration of walls to determine how much weight can be supported with the new fixture. The shower heads height must be measured to avoid water spray out of the shower area. And the last aspect so important to be considered by experts is ventilation because humidity, mold and mildew must always be controlled, especially inside bathrooms.

In every restoration work, always think about hiring professionals. You might think that you can fix everything by watching videos about how to remove shower doors, how to replace a shower door, how to install a frameless shower door but that is not as easy as it seems to be. Investment on professional services makes you save money later. In general, shower door installation cost can range from $250 to $750 (price of the door is not included). So hire professionals to:

Install shower doors

Custom shower

Shower door repair

Custom Shower enclosures