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The bathroom and kitchen are two rooms that can be found in many building. They are intended for people to carry out their personal hygiene, prepare their meals and perform their physiological needs. The most common elements that cannot be missing in those rooms are towels, bulbs, tiles and soap. Generally, they also have a piece of furniture to store products and items used while in those rooms.

Besides those common elements, there is a very special device designed for cleaning and washing purposes. That item is the sink.  Sinks are indispensable pieces of hardware that occupy a specific space in the bathroom and kitchen, respectively. They help people clean, wash and sanitize not only themselves but their meals and kitchen objects too.

A sink is a bowl-shaped plumbing fixture used for washing hands, dishwashing, and other purposes. Depending on where they are installed, sinks receive two names, washbasin and kitchen sink.

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Material used for sinks

Sinks are made from many different materials. These materials include: ceramic, concrete, copper, enamel, over steel or iron, glass, granite, marble, nickel, plastic, polyester, resin, soapstone, stainless steel, stone, terrazzo or wood. Call American Loss Consultant to have an expert in the field by your side. Experts will identify your needs and provide you valuable information in order for you to decide the best material to use.

Even so, most sinks are made of stainless steel since it represents a good trade-off between cost, durability and ease of cleaning.

Types of sinks

Although there are many types of sinks, and American Loss Consultant will help you identify the correct sink for your needs, it is still important to know that there are mainly two types of sinks. Based on the material, purpose and place of installation, sink are divided into washbasins and kitchen sinks:


Washbasins date their origins to ancient times, during the first civilizations of humans. They are commonly located in bathrooms all around the world. Nevertheless, no matter where they are, a washbasin is a container with a drain where you pour water from a tap to wash your hands. They have one or two taps that are connected to the building’s plumbing to provide hot and cold water. At the bottom they have a drainage valve, connected to the sanitation system through which used water is drained.

As far as their placement is concerned, it is usual to fit the washbasins in the worktop so that it is at the height of its upper end. However, there are also exempt basins, i.e., placed on the worktop or other basins that are formed simply as an extension of the worktop, forming a single continuous unit. To correctly fulfill your washbasin necessities, contact American Loss Consultant and we will conduct you to an expert in washbasin.

Repair of washbasins

Washbasins have different parts and elements and, in order to properly repair one, certified personnel will effectively:

  • Look for obstructions: if it is observed that the water in the wash basin is not draining fast enough, the most likely cause is an obstruction in the siphons.
  • Fix the tap: the taps of the washbasins suffer more deterioration and it is advisable to check its condition.
  • Change the washbasin hoses: they connect the tap of the washbasin to the water inlets on the wall they deteriorates them over time.
  • Replace the drain: drains lead the used water to the sewage pipes. Sometimes big pieces of soap or hair obstruct it causing leaks.
  • Replace the silicone seal: over time the silicone seal wears out. It is recommended to remove them when they look old and cracked.
  • Repair a leak on the tap: the sound of a leaking tap implies a deeper problem, it should be fixed as soon as possible.

Kitchen sink

The kitchen sink is a container made of plastic, wood or stainless steel that is used to wash or scrub dishes. They are place in the kitchen and help increase not only the speed while preparing meals but also increasing the sanitation level of the kitchen as a whole.

Well cared for, certain kitchen sinks can last for many years. However, if not cared as needed, eventually, kitchen sinks will require professional repair.

Repair of kitchen sinks

Kitchen sinks repairing usually includes the following duties:

  • Improper cleaning: most sinks are liable to damage due to incorrect cleaning. Using acidic or abrasive cleaners may cause permanent harm to most sinks.
  • Cracked basin: a damaged basin will not improve the appeal of your kitchen. Light cracking may be remedied but major cracks will impact your skin’s ability to hold water.
  • Light stains: light stains may come out if properly worked. Trust our team to deal with stains and leave your sink looking brand-new.
  • Permanent stains: while stains won’t impact your sink’s functionality, blemishes will affect the overall appeal of your home. Sometimes, a replacement may be necessary.
  • Updated decor: if you want to go for a contemporary look, we are the perfect company to help you update your installation and style.
  • Drain repair: the most common type of repair. Drains need at least annual reparation and maintenance in order to work properly.
  • Clogged drain: repairing a clogged drain is a common activity for plumbers, cleaning products will repair your drain in no time.
  • Repairing drips: drips occur when valves are broken or not functioning as intended. This kind of repair is rather usual.
  • Slow flow: when slow flow of water occurs, quick repair and check of internal pieces is highly required to prevent further damage.
  • Erratic pressure: non constant flow of water indicates a major problem. Our crew will deal with the problem and solve it for you.

At American Loss Consultant we will contact firms with the required equipment designed to reach and deal with any type of problem that your sink may present, not only solving your issue but preventing it from happening in the future again. Trust in the people that American Loss Consultant advise you to provide periodic repair to all your facilities.

To keep your sinks working as intended, regular repair is required. External, internal, fixed and movable parts require professional periodic maintenance.

Under no circumstance you should let amateurs take care of your projects in your house, building, office or property. Contact professional experts able to handle your requirements and identify your needs.

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