Homes affected by fire damage need restoration in different aspects, like restoration of walls or roof damaged during fire; there is also other long lasting damage which is SMOKE. Smoke “flood” all around your home, get deep in furniture and carpets, causing a hard to live sensation at home. To have a pleasant home with fresh air is ideal for every family living. So if your problem is smoke damage and you have no idea where to start, American Loss Consultant has the perfect solution for you. We can advise you in all the services required to eradicate smoke damage from home.

For every family, a comfortable home is important. Mitigation of smoke damage brings a better environment. Studies have revealed that more people die from smoke effects than fire itself; nearly 75% of home fire victims die because of the effects of the smoke. So to be careful about smoke is extremely important. And removing smoke and it remaining must be a must do for everyone. Just talk to us and we will find together the best choice for smoke removal.


Smoke and smoke at home

Trying to understand a little bit why smoke is so damaging and hard to remove, you must learn something about it. Smoke is formed from the burning of organic or non-organic materials. Perhaps you have ever noticed that not always burning materials leave smoke. So, how come? When materials are completely burned, there is no remaining, just ash. But if materials are not completely burned then smoke shows up. Smoke is made of very tiny unburned particles that last on environment. Those small particles, imperceptible to the eyes, fly around and leave that unpleasant odor; they also stuck on the surfaces and produce damages.

Since we have been talking about smoke damage, maybe you think it is only related to fire, but it is not like that! At home you can find several smoke sources: wood-burning ovens, candles, cigarettes or fireplace. All of them expel smoke in minor or major degree so that smoke damage as well in a minor or major degree. Damages from smoke are of two kinds: one, material damage related to your home and furniture; and health damages. Both of them can be perfectly solved with the accurate assistance of professionals in the field of smoke damage. American Loss Consultant can offer you multiple options to select the personnel that will help you to remove smoke from home.


Smoke Damages for you and for your home

First feeling that indicates something is not right with your home air is the difficulty to breath. At the beginning smoke from fireplace is really pleasant, but after a while, it might become difficult to live with. And you might have experience the same feeling with other smoke sources. Smoke affects deeply the air quality at home. If your spaces are usually close, smoke keeps trap in your house. But it also damages your home, your furniture and some appliances. Let us consider some of smoke sources you might be living with and how they affect your home and your health.

Smoke from burning wood. When wood from wood-burning oven or fireplace burns it releases pollutants like benzene, formaldehyde and acrolein. These pollutants affect respiratory system and might cause on you or your family acute bronchitis or asthma attacks, reducing lung function. People with those respiratory problems, children or pregnant women must limit the exposure to this smoke.

Candles and Incense smoke. Smoke from candles, incense and the matches that light them irritate lungs and produce coughing spasms. Candles and incenses release volatile organic compounds which trigger allergic responses. On the other side, candles pollutants can cause issues for your HVAC.   

Secondhand Smoke. Secondhand smoke releases around 7,000 substances, several of them are harmful to humans and scientifically proved as human lung carcinogen. Talking about second hand smoke damage to your home, it is so invasive that can easily spread all around your home even you smoke inside a room. The smell get cluster in rooms, furniture, drapes and carpets and it is really a nightmare to take it away.  

Corrosion due to smoke. We have been talking for a while about damages of smoke to the air, but we must not forget that smoke is also a corrosive element. The smoke is made of a wide variety of aggressive chemicals. Corrosion is not really harmful for structures at home, but for delicate components, like ones inside electric and electronic devices. When smoke gets trough casing parts, chemicals can corrode circuit boards or tiny microelectronics components. On optoelectronics devices, it can scatter the light beams.

Smoke removal, from the air and surfaces, as you might see, it is extremely important and demanding. American Loss Consultant will guide you along the process so you can hire updated professional that will restore the comfort and hygiene of your home in a short time, guarantying you a healthier and safer environment.  

Tips for Cleaning Smoke from Fire

Of course, when your home has been damaged by fire, smoke from that fire gets really deep all around the spot. FEMA as an official institution has provided some valuable information related to cleaning as a way to mitigate smoke damage. We strongly recommend you to hire professional services which perform all the following procedures more accurately and also it will keep you away and safe. And here are FEMA suggestions.

  • Exterior surfaces like walls, walks, drives, decks, windows and more must be washed and scrubbed.
  • After cleaning outside, inside must be washed and disinfected. Walls, cabinets, drawers and closets must be washed carefully using mild soap or other suitable cleaning solution and rinse it carefully.
  • Household items must be washed, dusted or cleaned in an appropriated manner. Don’t forget that smoke invade any item at home.
  • Be aware that all your carpets, window covering, drapes, and upholstered furniture being properly disinfect and deodorize. Smoke gets deep in cloth, wool, linen, cotton and any other cushioned surface.
  • Pay attention that after previous procedure, your belongings receive a professional deodorization treatment. Some people tend to use odor-masking sprays. Do not do this.
  • Sooth, ash, and smoke residues get easily stuck inside heating, ventilating, and air conditioning unit ducts. Get a professional cleaning. Be sure that filters are changed and repeat the procedure at least once a year.
  • In case of residues of firefighting foam or aerial fire retardant remain in the house, a mild detergent must be scrubbed; dried residues must be diluted and flushed from surfaces. After this procedure, everything must be rinsed with clean water. Scrubbing it is very important. Be sure it is made.
  • If you see that ash and soot remains on the ground and vegetation, this will generate smoke odor and airborne particles will travel inside our home and invade it again. Try to keep everything close (windows and doors) till smoke odor outside leaves; you might have extra help about odor using mechanical air filtration.  

If you want to have a proper, professional, accurate and confident cleaning process, American Loss Consultant will provide you a big number of options of professional services to perform such an important work. Now that you know official suggestions, you know that do that task is enormous and not easy at all. Do not worry about it and let us help you.  


Tips to Keep your Home free from Smoke Odor

If your home is already free from smoke odor, it is better to keep it like that! We provide you some suggestions to avoid disgusting odors go back home.

  • If you really can’t resist having candles at home, you can try shopping for candles free of paraffin wax. Prefer natural options.
  • For enjoying wood-burning oven or fireplaces, install a carbon monoxide detector. Carbon monoxide cannot be seen but it is harmful for you. A detector has an alarm when CO levels increase then you will know when it is not safe to be around.

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