Tired of having a mess at home after every storm? We are here to help you! American Loss Company (ALC) is the firm with a vast array of experience in the field of storm damages. We have the most complete team of professionals to assist you during storm damages, plumbing, carpentry, restoration and insurance claims. When storms come, unfortunately it is really impossible to predict when you are going to have damages at home. But if it happens, you can call us to help you. We have a portfolio with different contractors that solve any kind of storm damages.

A smart decision is to count with professionals when you have to face damages at home. Storms left damages at different levels depending on the magnitude of them. Specialists can fit damaged areas of your property and give you the confidence of having experts managing the solutions. Nobody can expect to have an immediate solution to damages provoke by storms; but having specialized help during the fixing and restoration activities provides you a positive vision of the overall drama. Relax a little bit and trust on our suggested specialists.


Common damages from storms

Damages coming from storms vary due to particular characteristics they have. Winds, precipitations and rainstorms are intrinsically connected to storms. The winds have speeds that surpass 55 mph; this speed move objects fiercely and consequently those objects can travel long distances and produce serous damages when they are ejected over homes. Precipitations when we talk about storms are of heavy type; rainstorms combined with hail, thunders and lighting can also come up. In a phrase, storms transform landscapes in destroyed areas. We have seen that the most common damages related to storms are:

  • Flooded areas. Heavy storms bring many gallons of water at the same time. When rains fall for a long period of time, water gathers in areas and run along the street. Streams formed outside can get into your home and flood your garden and home interior. Once the flood invades home interior, carpets, furniture, and appliances get damped. Damped interior will required the hiring of restoration companies to extract water and eliminate humidity. Mold grow is other result of flood. Radical actions to its mitigation and removal must be fulfilled.    
  • Debris left over the landscape. Strong winds blow trees, branches, garbage containers and more. They can be blown for hundreds of meters and left behind that debris. After storm, you have a picture of fragments of materials at the front, at the back and on the roof of your home. At this point, you need the help of professionals to collect debris and clean the area.  
  • Damaged roofs. Strong winds and heavy rainstorms originate damages on your home roof. Tiles and shingles might be loosening by the effect of water and wind. Debris left over the roof can also damage it. And once roof is damaged, water may leak inside your home and starts collateral damages as damped furniture, ceilings, walls and carpets. To fit damaged roof is one of the task that must be executed after storms to prevent the extension of the damages.
  • Electricity problems. Rainstorm and strong winds can make wires out in the street fall down. When wires fall down, there will be risk of shortcuts for pedestrians and for anyone outside; also, your home will have no electricity. This is other reason to avoid staying outside your home during storms. If you notice wires outside your home fell down, call immediately emergency services. Risk of being shortcut are really high; pay attention if any cable is making contact with your home; if it is like that, avoid touching door knobs, windows or outer walls.  

Try to be cautions during storms. They are extremely dangerous and you rather prefer to stay at home or in a safe place. Always ask professional for help after every storm. Call us at ALC and we will recommend you the best for fixing, restoration and cleaning.

American Loss Consultant during Storms

How can you count on American Loss Consultant during storms? Some people feel really nervous at storms. Thunders, lighting and heavy rainstorms, as well as strong winds, might make you feel nervous. Many times the uncertainty of what is next starts your nervousness. If you just live storms, you can call us to start your recovery process. We have at hand plenty of pals whose expert support provides a safe development in terms of short time. As soon as you call us we will compromise:  

  1. To get for you professionals in the areas of restoration and cleaning. As a first step, you need professionals that oversee damages in your property. Storms usually damage homes at different areas and supervisors can find losses. Water, winds or flood probably entered your home and technicians evaluate level of damage, extension and what amendments are required.  They will inform you about the ulterior professionals you will need to work at home.
  2. Once you know how big damages at your property are and what is required to do, it is time to hire people who fix your home. We will provide you of all the information required for hiring plumbers, electricians, restoration services and cleaning services. We have the best team in our portfolio that guarantee a top quality service. We work with the best providers of Florida State.
  3. If water entered your home during storms, its extraction must be performed by restoration services. Water extraction is vital because when it remains stagnant, it stimulate mold growing, mildew and deeper damages on carpets, plywood, wood and other porous materials. When restoration companies extract water, they must also perform dehumidification procedures, mildew odor removal and sanitizing procedures. This step is absolutely necessary because if water is completely clean is not harmful; but if water has been in contact with any type of dirt or has been stagnant for some period of time, bacteria grows in it and it becomes contaminant and hazardous for people.
  4. Besides water extraction, mold diagnosis must be carried out. Among damp and humidity mold grows silently. Mold is made up of fungus that leaves dark spots over walls, ceilings, furniture and carpets. Mold causes respiratory illnesses, asthma and allergies. Although it cannot be remove, it can be contained to avoid spread over other surfaces. It must be controlled and its levels can be balanced in order health problems do not attack the family.
  5. Furniture, carpets and walls damaged must be removed. Restoration companies recommended by ALC are all certified on removal and disposal of damaged stuff. Whatever you need to remove, experts will do it. Accurate work characterized them by using expert techniques and giving to the task a final cleaning touch. Debris and garbage disposal must be carry out by certified companies, following specific steps as the ones our associated companies perform.
  6. Plumbing reparations, electrical fixing and brickwork sometimes must be conducted after storm damages. If it is your situation, during the supervision the specialists will suggest you different options to hire. Amendments will be executed in short time so you can go back to your normal life soon.
  7. Problems with budget? If you have an insurance policy and you have no idea about how to start a claim, ALC encounters the finest public adjusters that will start a claim with your insurance company and you will get enough money to fix everything at home. Public adjusters are well trained and certified people that conduct claims successfully.

When you hire ALC, you must be sure that all professionals that we refer provide only top quality service. All of them know how to of the business. You will have satisfaction guarantee as well as fair prices.

Precautions before Storms

Alc recommends you to follow some simple measures as soon as you hear about storms, you should take into account:

  • Keep in an easy to reach place emergency numbers. Try to have a mobile with fully charged battery or extra battery charged.
  • Store away from water reach appliances, documents, or any other item you considered important and easy to be damaged by water. If you have cabinets in high places, try to store them your values.
  • If you have garden furniture, tie it to avoid they be moved by winds or flood and damage doors or windows.
  • Make regular maintenance of drains and gutters so rainfall can flow easily.
  • Get airbrick covers or flood boards to block doorways.

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