Toilet repair

Toilets prevent diseases and keep your home comfortable and clean. It is impoerative to have them fixed as soon as damage is discovered. Completing a repair yourself can cause further damage and stop you from filing an insurance claim. Give us a call and we will get that sorted out for you.

To keep your home clean and hygienic, your toilet must function as required. While some people might think that repairing a toilet is an easy task, the truth is that repair work is highly demanding. Homeowners soon find out that a repair process is not as easy as it seems. Tools, specific steps and lack of experience may turn a simple water leak into a toilet damaged beyond repair. To prevent this scenario from happening, you should play safe and call American Loss Consultant to have a professional team go your way.

Types of toilets

Homeowners can choose from a wide range of toilet models with different shapes, materials, colors, and finishes, in order to find the perfect toilet for your home, have American Loss Consultant reach an experienced team to help you select the best type of toilet for you. When it comes to the functionality of the toilet, there are at least four major types of toilets owners can choose from:

Two-piece toilets

The tank and bowl are two separate pieces made individually and then attached before or during installation. Repairing two-piece toilets is usually cheaper as parts are replaceable and easy to install.

One of the main advantages of these toilets is that repairing them is usually cheaper than other toilets, the individual pieces help to only replace whatever part was damaged, avoiding a full replacement when the problem is on a single part. The weight of the two pieces makes these toilets hard to mount if the person who is doing the installation is not a professional.

One-piece toilet

One-piece toilets are easier to install and to clean than two-piece toilets.  One-piece toilets use the same amount of water with every flush than two-piece toilets, so owners should not worry about increases in their water bills. These toilets tend to be a little more expensive, yet they are also more durable.. These toilets take very little space, making them ideal for smaller bathrooms.

Wall-hung toilets

If one-piece toilets still take too much bathroom space, wall hung toilets offer an even smaller installation. These toilets are installed directly on the wall, and have their tanks away from view inside the same wall they are mounted on. With this kind of toilet only the bowl is seen as well as the flush handle. Wall hung toilets offer very modern design choices to match modern bathroom decorations.

However, so many advantages do not come without inconveniences. Wall-hung toilets are generally more expensive than traditional toilets and also require more repairs given that they are more delicate. Also, because the tank is located inside the wall, homeowners cannot inspect it if something gets broken and need to hire professional plumbers to fix them.

Smart Toilets

Finally, smart toilets are a new kind of toilet that definitely offers most amenities when compared to other models, making it ideal for those who want the most comfortable and functional bathroom experience. The numbers of features these toilets have depend on the manufacturer, but usually the buyer can expect heated seats, motion-activated lights, hands-free flushing, self-cleaning wands, deodorizing seats, and many other amenities, as they are under constant development. Nonetheless, smart toilets are several times more complex than other models, so repairs need very specialized plumbers.

Toilet repair

Such a delicate and important piece of the bathroom is not exempt to the passage of time. Over time toilets will need maintenance to continue working as intended, as well as a repair if a piece gets broken or worn-out. And considering how much of a risk to health a damaged toilet is, homeowners should fix them as quickly as possible.

It is important to know that this kind of repairment should not be done by a homeowner, as badly done repair may pose health threats to the residents of the house. To have your toilet repaired by a professional, call American Loss Consultant. We will contact and send a professional and experienced team your way in order to give you a hand with your toilet repair needs.

As professional firm, some of the most common repairs managed by American Loss Consultant are:

Toilet leaks

These leaks are especially dangerous, as they could be waste water leaks. The problem might come from a loose supply valve, badly installed water supply pipes, bad connections between the tank and the bowl, or cracks in the tank. Leaks close to the base of the bowl might include wasted water.

Constant leaks can cause water stains on the ceiling below the bathroom, which means the problem will generate additional expenses if left without repair. Consider calling American Loss Consultant as soon as a leak is found to avoid exposure to waste water inside the house.

Constantly running toilet

This problem originates in the fill tank. If the water level in the tank drops slowly, the most probable culprit is a flapper that is not sealing the flush valve opening. Replacing the flapper should fix the problem, for this task it is recommended to call American Loss Consultant to have the tank inspected to check if a full flush valve replacement is needed or the problem lies somewhere else, like in a dirty or malfunctioning fill valve.

Problems flushing the toilet

If the toilet is not flushing correctly part of the human wastes collected in it will remain in the bowl, causing odors and health problems. The main causes for incomplete flushes are clogged toilets and slow flushes. However, if the toilet is not flushing at all, the problem might be in the flush handle, flush lever lift arm, or lift chain. Another possibility is that something is blocking the holes that drain the water of the tank into the bowl. In any case, a plumber should be called to perform the necessary adjustments, replacements, or repairs needed.

When in need of a toilet repair contact experts at American Loss Consultant we can know about your project and expectations, and we will reach the right professional for your needs. Our unmatched experience will bring your project to a safe end.

To have your toilet repaired, call American Loss Consultant today.