In the scale of natural disasters, hurricanes and tornados are the most damaging. Tornados as well as hurricanes are violent storms with a mixture of wind and thunderstorm clouds. They are more dangerous than hurricanes, in fact they are the most destructive and powerful atmospheric phenomena. They are really common in the United States, particularly on the East Coast where they leave many home devastated and flattened. If you need assistant before, during and after tornados in Florida State, call American Loss Consultant. We can provide you a vast number of experts that can protect, assist and help in restoration of damages.

Tornado usually occurs from mid-day to early evening. They have the particular characteristic of spinning winds ranging from 5 to 60 mph and covering an area of approximately 300 – 400 yards for a travel of 5 up to 80 miles. There is a type of tornado named supercell tornados which bring powerful updrafts.


Types of Tornados

Not all tornados that arrive produce the same extension of damages. Damages are determined by the type of tornado because there are six different categories of tornados, each of them with specific characteristics that destroy in a minor or major level everything on its way. Tornados are measured using the Fujita Tornado Damage Scale which is measured from F0- Light to F5- incredible. F-0 Light is characterized by winds that blow light objects like trash cans; 60% or tornados are of this type. F1 are moderate and cause minor damage to landscape, little trees, windows glass and blow heavy objects.

F2 causes considerable damages, breaking branches of trees and bend them; they occasion airborne debris and mobilize garden shed. On its side, F3 tornados are severe, including building wall break and roof ripping. F4 are named devastating because destruction they leave behind; really heavy objects like cars can be blown, tree roots are uprooted; strong homes are damaged and in a word, devastate. Finally, F5 are absolutely devastating and they are called “incredible” because they flat almost everything on its path; if you have seen cars blow meters away, big trees flying, then you saw an F5 tornado.


Preparation for Tornados

As soon as you hear about tornado is coming, it would be pretty much wise to take some precaution measures; yes, sometimes there is not enough time before it arrives, but be ready and follow some simple instructions.

  • Stay inside safe places. If your home has a basement, refuge there; if it doesn’t, go to a safe place to shelter yourself and your family. Usually schools, hospital and business buildings have shelter areas.
  • Always have at hand an emergency bag with first aid items and medicine that you or your family might need; also keep water, food, and clothes you can use for a couple of days just in case you need to stay away from home.
  • Have a cellphone for emergencies with a fully charged battery. Also have a radio with charged batteries. To be informed during emergency is pretty much important.
  • Avoid driving during tornado alarms. If you are driving, try to dry to a safe place quickly. If there isn’t any around, stay in your car and cover your head with your arms or pillow if you had one.

Recovery Actions after Tornados

After a tornado lots of damages, losses and injuries occur. Once you hear tornado has gone and you can leave the shelter, it is the time to re start. Take some precaution measures like wear safety garments and shoes to walk over debris or broken glasses that may hurt you. If there are power lines hanging, never touch them. Once you get to your home, do not supervise the area alone. It is time to call specialist to do it for you; American Loss Consultant can get you the perfect specialists that can take the situation in their hands: they will supervise, evaluate and restore damages at your home.

How do specialists conduct tornado restoration and How American Loss Consultant will help you?

To start an appropriated recovery process, we lead you to follow well planned steps.   

  1. Hire American Loss Consultant to accompany you during restoration process. We will inform you about different professionals in all the areas you might need to restore your home. We will be at your side in every step and advice you appropriately.
  2. Once you make contact with us, we will provide you a set of restoration companies that can conduct a safe and successful restoration. After you select and hire the company that you prefer, they will conduct a deep supervision at your property to find out all damages that encounter your home. If you haven’t entered your home before, it is a good time to do it because they will accompany you in a safe way. This is also a good time to take pictures that can be used later during insurance claim.
  3. Next step from Restoration Company will be providing you with a comprehensive inform about damages, fixtures required and a budget. If you approve the plan presented, restoration works will start. Some of the actions will be tarp installation (if your roof was damaged), plumbing reparations (in case plumbing or pipes were damaged), electrical repairs and any other restoration required.
  4. At this stage we also recommend to hire a public adjuster. You probably do not have a safe place to stay. Some insurance policies include hotel accommodation during emergencies and a public adjuster can get for you all those benefits and more. Public adjusters represent you in front of the insurance company and get for you the best settlement or agreement from the insurance company. You are in need and professional and experienced help in insurance claim are the perfect companion. You also require money to cover damages and public adjusters can get a fair budget to satisfy your demands.
  5. Debris at home will be collected and disposed accurately at proper place and using the actual maneuver. Leave this task in professional hands. Debris manipulation is hazardous and must be performed only by certified people. Restoration of roof, walls, windows and doors must be done. Electrical failures will be fit. And plumbing problems will be solved. No worries about it.
  6. Finally, cleaning and sanitizing procedure must be approach in order you go back to a safe and neat place.

You will never regret hiring us to accompany you during the process. We help you to take the best decision during hard times. We are American Loss Consultant.


Tornados in Numbers

As we said before, tornados are the most damaging natural phenomena. Losses from them are countless, in destruction of homes, properties and cause many deaths; they are really fierce and impossible to control or predict. Maybe that increase the damaging effect they have. As a matter of example, here we have some numbers related to tornados in USA:  

  • In average 800 tornados hit a year. They kill around 100 people and injure around 2,000.  
  • Tornados cause every year losses of about 400 million dollars in USA.
  • 2017 has been the year with the highest number of tornados, 1,400 in total. There were 425 between January and March.  In 2018 average amount stayed the same.
  • The worst tornado in America has been on May, 2011 in Joplin, Missouri. It cost $2.8 billion and 161 people were killed. More than 500 businesses were damaged.
  • The worst tornado season was in April 2011. From April 25th to 27th, 305 twisters hit the Southeast. Damages were reported as much as $5 billion.
  • In 2011, 15 tornados F5 hit Mississippi, Central and Northern Alabama, Eastern Tennessee, Southwestern Virginia and Northern Georgia, resulting in 316 deaths.

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