Every remodeling project requires time, effort, creativity and money. But the pleasure of enjoying the beauty of a wonderful bathtub, comfortable shower and miraculous walls when renovating your bathroom is priceless. Usually debris, noise and dirt that restoration works bring home are reasons to stop many homeowners in remodeling. Nowadays there are multiple options to start a new project for your bathroom without such a mess!

Options to remodel your bathroom

Depending on your time, patience and budged, you have multiple options when thinking about a change to your bathrooms. If you do not want to spend too much or you prefer to keep your home neat while restoration works, you have two different methods for the transformation: refinishing or liner. Both are not as expensive as you might think, in fact, they are considerable less expensive than replacing jobs. Bathtubs, showers and walls can be perfectly renovated without spending bunches of money.  Either you prefer bathtub refinishing or tub liner you can transform your bathroom in a short time, avoiding major mess at home. With a proper professional guidance you can commit your desires of pretty bathrooms, so call today American Loss Consultant. They can give you expert advises.

Differences between refinishing and liner

These two processes for remodeling bathrooms are quite different. Both can bring to your tub and shower a very new different appearance. Let us talk a little bit about each procedure.

When restoration services talk about bathtub refinishing, they mean the procedure of repairing chips or cracks in your tub, using chemical procedures to bring back the beauty of worn out bathtubs; experts use a coating specially made for bathtubs which varies depending on what material was used in the original tub to restore the entire surface.

On the other hand, the method of tub liner consists of covering tubs or showers with a top cover made of acrylic which can be absolutely customizable so you can get a perfect fit during installation; the liner is installed right over the old bathtub and surround (ask your contractor about Bath Fitter or BathWraps brands).

Meanwhile in refinish process the professionals will repair your tub or shower, in tub and shower liner installations the surfaces of the bathroom will be literally covered by acrylic. Consult to experts for more detailed information. American Loss Consultant can give you a hand, finding for you the best professionals in restoration.


In terms of finished appearance, many customers think that refinishing creates better results because it maintains the exact contours of the original bathroom. But when tubs or showers are in really bad shape (rusted, cracked, scratched, or dented), a liner will bring better results because liners provide a perfect good appearance. Definitely, at the end of the day, it is a matter of preference. Expert advice is always helpful in this topic.

Mess during remodeling

Even though a good contractor must leave your bathroom neatly after work, refinishing and liner do not involved the same level of “mess”. During the process, refinishing is definitely messier, due to sanding and spray-painting that must be used, which involve dirty and strong smells. Liner is simpler, neat and does not include painting smells or dust. So if you want to avoid mess, liner can be your choice.


In the issue dealing with money, refinishing tends to be less expensive than liner. Of course, costs vary depending on the company, but people estimate pricing of refinishing around $500 meanwhile liner costs are about $800. You must add accessories prices, cabinets or any decoration finishing.


Definitely, if you want to invest in something durable, liner must be your choice. Refinishing is made of a thin coating on your tube that will wear away in time; a liner is more durable and when properly installed, it lasts for many years. Experts estimate that liner can last more than 10 years.

Tub and shower liner installation characteristics

Ready to be installed

Tub and showers installation can be done in just one day and without mess. They are installed over existing tiling so you can get a perfect cover on the surfaces.

Variety and Luxury

Liner provides you of a wide variety of colors, styles, patterns and accessories to have your ideal bathtub and shower styles. You can select the best that suits to your preferences.

Liner Adorable walls

Thanks to this refurbishing system of installing new walls over the existing ones as well as the customization of material, you will have seamless walls without joints and a watertight fit.

Lifetime warranty

Some providers like Bath Fitters You know that you are not spending money but investing in a long term item. Every cent spent in liner is well invested.

About bathtub Remodel costs

Prices of remodeling bathtubs are always less than getting a new one; of course you have to take into account the tub liners, walls, as well as the accessories for your bathroom.

Tub liners: review and pricing

Tub liners are made of molded acrylic cover, measured, cut and fitted over the tub, renovating the look of your bathroom. Prices for tub liners may vary between $800-$1000.

Walls panels and other features

When renovating your bathroom, it is ideal to renovate everything…so you can also make your walls match with the tub, and add other accessories like built-in soap dishes. These changes can add to your budget $1000 to $1200 more, but the final touch is worthy.

Refinishing work characteristics

Other option to renovate tub or showers without making major works is refinishing. Comparing to replacing, refinishing is a good choice, no wonder this procedure has been used in restoration for about 30 years.


The coating applied for refinishing creates a hard durable finishes.

Low cost

Cost saving when refinishing instead of replacement a tub is really significant. Savings can be of 70% comparing to replacement.

Less messy

Since there is no need of tearing out, plumber work or tile setters, mess is not as much as a replacement job.


Refinishing procedure in tub is suitable of being colored to match decoration.

Average pricing for remodeling your bathroom

When taking about expenses for bathroom remodeling, you do not have to worry about how much remodeling cost. Some experts consider that price might be around $2,300 (using Bath Fitter or BathWraps pricing as a reference). This does not include tub liner pricing, matching wall panels, a shower surround with shelves, grab bars or built-in soap dishes, which increases the pricing. Angie´s List estimates the average total cost of a bathroom between $10,000 to $15,000. Prices will always depend on your preferences about styles, materials and company you select for the task.

The final decision will be always up to you as a customer but American Loss Consultant is here to provide you with the list of top restoration services specialists that can transform your tub and shower into a special place. Call us.