TV Mounting

A television is the electronic device that allows you to have family home entertainment and endless hours of fun and relaxing. That machine occupies the central part of many living rooms or bedrooms. And at the time of placing it on the wall, do it with safety is a crucial job. Enjoy the comfort of a neat TV mounting during your entertainment time.

TV flashback

This day’s televisions can be found in almost every single home around the world. But near a century ago, nobody knew what a television was or that it would become an entertainment center for the whole family in the future. In fact, in the middle of century XX, only a few thousand of the mostly wealthy Americans owned televisions.

There’s a big difference between today’s modern ultra-thin and ultra-high-definition TVs and early TVs. But apart from the superior picture and sound quality, an important advancement has been the size of televisions. The most modern televisions look like masterpieces attached to the wall. People mount their TV on their walls for comfort, space and aesthetic reasons.

Mounting a television

Due to advances in the last decades, TV screens left the box and are now thinner and more manageable. That makes mounting a TV on the wall seems like a good idea. It saves space in the room and elevates the screen to where it’s needed, allowing everyone in the room to watch the television easily.

However, if you decide to start a do-it-yourself project, it can quickly turn into a disaster. It’s a good idea to hire specialized personnel to properly install your TV. After you’ve bought the TV for a couple of thousand dollars, risking it to fall and get damaged just by saving a couple of hundred dollars does not seem like a good idea.

Part of the success of TV mounting is to select the right people to do it. At the moment you decide to start TV mounting, you can count with the expert advice from American Loss Consultant. We have been working so long in the field of home restoration advice and we have the knowledge you might need to start this venture. You can consult us in aspects like types of mounting, places to set it, and the most important fact: the personnel you need.

Steps in mounting a television

Choosing the wall

Without a doubt, the most important thing to consider when mounting a television is if your wall can hold it up. It does not matter how modern televisions are, they are still way heavier than framed masterpieces.  So, the location you choose will definitely need a stud or maybe two to anchor the screws.

If the professional informs you that there is no stud, you will have to choose another location that does have a stud where you need it. Once you have chosen the wall is time for the next step.

Choosing the wall-mount

The idea is to choose a support that offers the greatest adjustment capacity for you and that allows you to have clearest images in any situation. Ultimately, if necessary, the TV settings allow you to adjust the quality of the image.

Fixed TV wall mount

Also known flat or low profile TV wall mount. These are one of the most common supports for television. It holds the TV close to the wall. An advantage of this bracket is that they are the cheapest one. As an inconvenience or disadvantage is the problem of moving or rotating the screen. But if you have no problem with having the television in a static position, this bracket is for you.

Tilting TV wall mount

This is like the previous ones, except it allows the screen to tilt up or down while attached to the wall. Some variants even allow the television to move sideways left and right. The tilting angle may vary between models.

If you are unsure about which one to choose between a fixed bracket and a tilting wall mount, go for the tilting mount. It would be a very wise choice. Prices are very similar and tilting wall mount will have the added advantage of being able to tilt if needed.

Articulating TV wall mount

These articulating TV wall mounts are the most versatile on the market. Thanks to its extendable arm you can take full advantage of viewing options from any angle. They range from a simple pivot which allows the screen some movement from left to right to even pulled away from the wall and angled up or down.

These wall mounts have a higher price than the previous ones, but they offer a huge advantage that is worth paying for on many occasions.

TV Mount for Ceilings

This type of bracket is not very common to see. But if you are interested in something other than a more sophisticated, aesthetic and modern air to the TV room, you can consider this type of support as an option.

The three basic designs only differ on how customizable is the position of the TV screen. So, choose the one that best suits your needs. And once you have chosen the TV Mount that you are going to buy, do not forget to check the maximum weight it can handle. You really do not want to buy a wall mount that cannot handle the weight of your new TV. So, if your new TV weighs 50 pounds, buy a bracket that supports a maximum weight way over that like 20 o 30 pounds up. Better to go safe than sorry.

Choosing the angle and height

There is no ideal universal height at which to install your TV. The angle will depend on where you sit. That is why it is recommended to choose an adjustable mount that lets you rotate the TV to different angles and height. Remember, comfort come first.

Once you have chosen the TV mount that best suits your needs, you should consider what you will do with the cables. A real expert will help you decide what option is right for you. Normally, people run the cable through the space behind the panel and hide them; this is an excellent idea for those who prefer not to see the cables hanging on the wall. Another alternative is the use of a conduit for surface mounting; there are a variety of conduits on the market that can give spectacular results.

Adding extra devices

Once the TV mount is installed, you should immediately think about the other equipment you use along with the TV, such as game consoles, and the like. So, you will definitely need a place near your TV for the cables to get to the TV out ports. It is a good idea to install a floating shelf unit under the TV.

TV mounting decision is really important. At American Loss Consultant we wish to give you the peace of mind you deserve. Since the very initial meeting, we can provide you information and contact numbers of highly trained experts that will take the time to evaluate your needs and kindly explain what kind of process is needed to solve mount your TV. Step by step, they will inform you about how the process works and keep you updated about the progress of your TV mounting.

When you hire screening experts you will…

  • Keep expenses to a minimum.
  • Be completely informed.
  • Experts will strive to be always quick , efficient and helpful
  • Get the best material and the best service.
  • Satisfy your requirements.

For a professional TV mounting, contact American Loss Consultant today.

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